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  1. Community Crunch Video Submission. This is a short sketch of what would happen if Sl1pg8er's famous carno Brian Got lost and Mangled in a Ark transfer. I have Sl1p' permission to use the Character. hope it makes you laugh. (Sketch was Edited for time)
  2. Thanks for the correction your right about the servers, But i do know for a fact some of WC team live in Flordia. Not to long ago a family member of WC tweeted .. "no power" so that might make working difficult. as a fellow Ark fan i commend your dedication to the game but frankly if you really cared you would care about the WC team in Flordia more than a fantasy game. And since you called me "friend" i mean that with the utmost respect. and thanks for the constructive criticism.
  3. Food is Ark Art

    Wow i have been away a while i'm grateful you like it i love your writings need to go back and vote up them. we all love ARK and i look forward to befriending more of the positive community come Abboratins release and now that the Review is done. maybe i can talk about your writing in a future video?
  4. you do realize part of Studio WC is in Flordia right?You know that place with all the flooding and power outages and people loosing their homes? just thought i'ed point that out. Somtimes the thing called reality has to jump in and remind us that even servers can go underwater. whats more important at the end of the day WC making sure their friends and family are safe or you playing your video game?
  5. Ground Tames Falling from the Sky

    I can't answer that but I would love to see that LOL! if it is a bug it is a one for the books along with the Colored Mamoths and floating fish *chuckles*
  6. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I woke up feed my heard. harvested my crops then saddled up my Bear Sky Took her out hunting fenced our parimiter with spike walls to keep out those Glowing eyed critters then made Dye and went fishing. it was a goos day on the ARK.
  7. Falldrop prisoning someone

    Sorry I misunderstood. I apologize Mj.
  8. Falldrop prisoning someone

    you know that leads to a perma-ban right? In no world do the Devs want you ddosing the Server much less ive never seen it done on console . Either way Do not ddos unless you want WC to Bann Hammer your IP to the Stone Age.
  9. Community Crunch 92!

    I agree 100% as far as Creativity we have the most amazing community of any game. I personally love Wolfangus submission of "Plantation" it embodies what i think ark is. Make the best of a island of blood thirsty critters. The unique thing about Ark is until Jer shares the Actual Cannon Facts ARK is what ever we make it to be. and with upcoming mods and new content we have a varible sandbox of things to do. I enjoy Xbox and making my own server with Villages where i have seen others Build a fudel system. I seen one ark where only Herbavores can be tamed. Ark is truely a Game where people can meet and Bring their culture out in a creative way.
  10. WELL DONE! what are APEX items i wonder? did i miss it in the article? So excited! all aboard the HYPE TRAIN!
  11. Cool New Items Added to ARK

    I still would liketo see some Dino armor other than tek and for my sweet herbavores spacificly the pachyrihno
  12. Cool New Items Added to ARK

    i stand corrected. its hard to remember who is working on what Lol everyone in WC are amazingly talented be it Damien, Chris ,Naven,Jessie or Jant and Jeremy Everyone has a great role in this great game.
  13. Cool New Items Added to ARK

    i seen @Complexminded working on a Auction house and mail system. really looking forward to that. I would love to see primitive armor sets for the Herbavores.
  14. Where is the Ark Digest Q&A ?

    I am a console player. I have a neat mod called Primitive Plus. and i can safely bet the mods will indeed be on Xbox If Fallout can do mods, so will WC. They actually do listen to us. As far as the Q&A they dont have to technically do anything or answer anything. Here is the big picture as I see it, WC is a group of people just like you and I that are making a form of entertainment for us in the shape of a video game where in they chose to grant early access to its fanbase to produce the product. I feel strongly the player base is getting a little demanding to WC for all they let us in on. I hear this Arguement over and over in the forums. I believe in giving feedback but doing so in a Demanding manner is "to me like a child demanding a Sucker from a parent" the child can scream and throw a fit but the parent is ultimately in control of the situation and can choose to deny the child. Is it right for WC not to do a Q&A? Who can say but the fans can ask. I think people should be more aware "how" they ask. I actually like how you approach WC with a calm well spoken tone Lewiatan but, what example do we set for everyone to begin with when we do get demanding? WC is in no way like other companies that take a year to update the game like other games IE Terraria. In closing i suggest with Respect we be patient and see how awsome the game is when its done.
  15. Genuine Feedback on Flver V3 from console players

    And rep points for keeping the positivity flowing Volcano (no pun intended) Way to be a positive role model That is what we need more of. Well done indeed