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  1. I woke up feed my heard. harvested my crops then saddled up my Bear Sky Took her out hunting fenced our parimiter with spike walls to keep out those Glowing eyed critters then made Dye and went fishing. it was a goos day on the ARK.
  2. I agree 100% as far as Creativity we have the most amazing community of any game. I personally love Wolfangus submission of "Plantation" it embodies what i think ark is. Make the best of a island of blood thirsty critters. The unique thing about Ark is until Jer shares the Actual Cannon Facts ARK is what ever we make it to be. and with upcoming mods and new content we have a varible sandbox of things to do. I enjoy Xbox and making my own server with Villages where i have seen others Build a fudel system. I seen one ark where only Herbavores can be tamed. Ark is truely a Game where people
  3. WELL DONE! what are APEX items i wonder? did i miss it in the article? So excited! all aboard the HYPE TRAIN!
  4. LordVargar

    Chalico Sunrise

    Please Jen may we have some more? Calacotherium is so cute.
  5. I had 3 lines translated before somone got it. Congrats to @Kaynide for translating it. It was a clever challenge.I had to look at some old things called books that were in my house I kept from a thing called a school back in the day. made me realize how much I missed the study of culture. Hope they challenge us more like that. It was a great dossier entry and beautiful artwork on the tablet. 10/10 ! Clever Devs. wonder who's idea it was.
  6. im tired of quoting the "I want it now and fixed crybabies"... look if you like ark support them with positive feedback. if not then sit and stew and dont play the game. The point is Team WC didnt reach in your pockets and take your money. grow up people there a great game in development with a hard working staff. Again if you dont like giving money for a dlc fine. Read the the print on development games. It clearly states they can stop development at any time all your whining is doing is pointing out how self entitled you all are. my 7 year old is more patient than the few of you and he has b
  7. so do you have the DLC? simple question. and as for your PC..... my DLC,s both work fine for the 2 Xbox One's I bought my Wife and kids. Im sorry your so Salty but, honestly and sincerly i dont see anything constructive or positive a Dev can take from this. except you want it to work now and you want free DLC for a game still in development. sorry if i misunderstand but I call jaded and biased on your 2 last posts. Please understand i am not trying to pick a fight just asking you and the others to listen to yourselves for a second. And for the record i would have paid 30 Dollars easily. for a
  8. you know i think a simple primative horse would be cool just for choice like a level 5 tame sadle engram
  9. our family bought 2 copies one for each xbox! what a Great DLC! the sky is the limit for you Team WC I give Scorched Earth DLC a 20 out of 10!
  10. that is definately a nest but of what?........ i have love how team WC is teasing a little at a time feels like christmas with one day to go.
  11. good video! makes me wish icould still do youtube. In reguards to the statue.. i had a thought 1st i hope Jen gets the Parasaur shes a nice gal that deserves it for all the hard work she does. 2nd wouldnt it be cool if a dodo was made with a saddle the little ones like my son could ride? lol makes me chuckle to think about it ....we need to make that happen.
  12. My family is as well GP! I will give you what my house hold is guessing. We beleive the big friend will be a Quetz ride to go with the rex statue. as far at the other reveal i bet all the mysterious mysteries Assets have been added to the core game with a new Ark. Im gonna call it a Bug Vs Dino update. what do you think GP?
  13. Figured out how to pass time till Prim plus. Build Tortuga!


  14. well...... your preception of my post made you feel the need to respond... that says a lot about your character.. I was pointing out the facts as politely as i could i agree with you and i have high hopes for this game. I find it laughable and sad that you precieved me as saying Team WC is "godly" but they never once did i say that and i don,t feel like i need to rejustify my post. your responce is honest and you have a right to say how you feel about it. but dont for a second think that you "told me off" all you did is reinforce my last sentence. and for that i sincerly thank you Sc
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