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  1. LordVargar

    Thank you for continued disappointment

    Wow A public "dear Ark dev im buthurt and mad post." we never seen one of these before!..... *rolls eyes* How many more of these posts are we gonna see? I normally ignore these flaming posts but I'm seriously tired of them. If you don't like the game,then just stop playing. whining just irritates the players that do like the game!
  2. LordVargar

    Describe Aberration in 3 words or less

    Very well made.
  3. LordVargar

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Q&A Digest Question. Since Dino Riders is one of the things that brought ark to life any thought to adding a primitive weapon system to dinos like the Balista Ankilo ora net gun on a petra in pvp?
  4. *kicks dead horse* Um its not just beating a dead horse at this point we all turned it to glue. *stops following post*
  5. @PuffyPony has made a finer point (with better grammer) than i ever could. well done. Every game has issues but ARK has made records with both PC and Console and has made its mark. no ammount of flamming or praise can change that. Well said Pony.
  6. While i agree 100% with you i feel the OP is just venting for "reason" as the responce he gave to me is "tell all" My counter was that Toxic responce is not the answer to get the devs attention. That a more reasonable approach might be taken and implied to be taught to younger generations. We are talking to people with real lives after all. but my hatred for propper grammer and sentence structure forced his attention to me instead of what ever point he was making.
  7. No tank you Zenox. Good day
  8. The fact is the Devs do care. If they suck so bad at making the game than Make a better one and quit being so toxic and bringing the community down.If you Rally Want to be heard Don't support the game anymor Stop talking about it stop whining and speak from your wallet. You hate what ARK has become? then STOP poisioning the others aginst it and let your wallet do the talking! making threads of "THE DEVS DONT CARE OR LISTEN" is NOT going to change anything except Tick off thiose that Like the game and have taken time to understand its development I love Ark I know what kind of BS people have put up with behind the making of this game because i care about the people who made this game not the game itself! Threads like this is nothing more than toxic whining to say how they want their ideas in the game and are mad that. a bug was found. you know what? I want a Viking long house in the game because I think it would be awsome but then again im a 40 year old youtuber that plays with puppets as my critics are quick to point out. So want to make the game Better ? Than i sincerely suggest yo all start making helpful criticisim. like Telling Jesse or Jat the sheep seem to be acting like they have mad cow desease and give them time to go thru the Trillions of lines of cade to fix it and refrain from crying on social media and stalking them on their private accounts to get your oppinions to them. Honestly this post was the straw that broke the Titans back for me personally. We all have right to our oppinion but we need to ask ourselves what does it accomplish? At the end of the day in the "real world" Any game devs are just like you and I, and they may have a Dying Mother or a sick child at home or somones getting forclosed on wich most 18 and younger gamers dont understand. Wild Card, 505, Mojang, and EA All know there are critical problems with their games and they ARE listening. That is why ark has come so far what we Really need is a less toxic community of self entitlement.
  9. Community Crunch Video Submission. This is a short sketch of what would happen if Sl1pg8er's famous carno Brian Got lost and Mangled in a Ark transfer. I have Sl1p' permission to use the Character. hope it makes you laugh. (Sketch was Edited for time)
  10. Thanks for the correction your right about the servers, But i do know for a fact some of WC team live in Flordia. Not to long ago a family member of WC tweeted .. "no power" so that might make working difficult. as a fellow Ark fan i commend your dedication to the game but frankly if you really cared you would care about the WC team in Flordia more than a fantasy game. And since you called me "friend" i mean that with the utmost respect. and thanks for the constructive criticism.
  11. LordVargar

    Food is Ark Art

    Wow i have been away a while i'm grateful you like it i love your writings need to go back and vote up them. we all love ARK and i look forward to befriending more of the positive community come Abboratins release and now that the Review is done. maybe i can talk about your writing in a future video?
  12. you do realize part of Studio WC is in Flordia right?You know that place with all the flooding and power outages and people loosing their homes? just thought i'ed point that out. Somtimes the thing called reality has to jump in and remind us that even servers can go underwater. whats more important at the end of the day WC making sure their friends and family are safe or you playing your video game?
  13. LordVargar

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I woke up feed my heard. harvested my crops then saddled up my Bear Sky Took her out hunting fenced our parimiter with spike walls to keep out those Glowing eyed critters then made Dye and went fishing. it was a goos day on the ARK.
  14. LordVargar

    Community Crunch 92!

    I agree 100% as far as Creativity we have the most amazing community of any game. I personally love Wolfangus submission of "Plantation" it embodies what i think ark is. Make the best of a island of blood thirsty critters. The unique thing about Ark is until Jer shares the Actual Cannon Facts ARK is what ever we make it to be. and with upcoming mods and new content we have a varible sandbox of things to do. I enjoy Xbox and making my own server with Villages where i have seen others Build a fudel system. I seen one ark where only Herbavores can be tamed. Ark is truely a Game where people can meet and Bring their culture out in a creative way.
  15. WELL DONE! what are APEX items i wonder? did i miss it in the article? So excited! all aboard the HYPE TRAIN!