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  1. Hi all, I am trying to see if Eggcellent adventures is like the others where you download a mod as I want to play it on my SP for longer than the event will run. I havent been able to find it and I am not sure if I am looking for the right thing. I have tried all the community crunches and I am just not finding any info on it! Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  2. Thank you! I am going to add the easter event now because I have always loved the colors lol
  3. I missed the turkey trials so I installed the mod (single player) to play it for a bit but I havent seen any turkeys spawn. I have seen colored animals but I havent found any event recipes in the cooking pot either. It SAYS turkey trials somewhere though (I think its when I pause the game). I am just not sure if it will keep spawning the turkeys since the actual event is over. Thanks for any input!
  4. At least now you can unalive with your specimen implant (in case you don't know you hover over it for 5 seconds then I think press E I cant remember exactly but the instructions are on the implant hover)
  5. Yep, I had 7 different characters for 7 different servers, never lost one.
  6. I once saw someone do a big battle between all mele animals and all HP animals (leveled fully on their designated stat) and the HP animals won, I would go for the higher HP.
  7. If it makes you feel any better I have been playing Ark since 2015, had over 7k hours in ASE and I didnt know that! But I had never had it I dont think.
  8. They can be a good item cache on PVP because you can put stuff in their inventory and bury them
  9. I have had like 6 or 7 just die for no reason so check your tribe log but do keep in mind that I play single player modded so that might be why.
  10. I know years ago when I was on a private server sometimes the "rules" would change when the server restarted. One time I accidentally ruined someone's water tank because the PVE got changed to PVPVE and we didnt realize till after.
  11. And you can pull more onto one and they will stack almost spoiled and you can split all again
  12. Does it also raise when you are off the saddle? Sometimes if you tame something and you had put too many narcs into it before the tame the torp continues to rise after its tamed but it will still raise when youre not on it.
  13. That must be either new or a glitch, it sucks!
  14. Better to do it anyway, if you dont they may not be there when you want to tame them because of server restart. If you KO them and it goes down and it saves they should still be where you dropped them.
  15. Which bug is that? Is it the one where you cant interact with anything unless a tribey picks you up with a bird or you die?
  16. Oh yes, I have been playing single player and the difference is amazing. I hope they get the lag/delay sorted out, it took my tribe on official (almpst) 2 hours to tame a tame that should have taken 46 mins!
  17. Yes, I dont know if its all official servers (I suspect it is) but the one I am on there is a delay so bad that you can click 30 times and only attack like 8 times, plus like you said the unridden one (in this case a rex) attacked a lot slower.
  18. I watched a heckin wild titan walk specifically between a behe gate and a rock wall to fall on my dinos, I watched a wild therizino walk around to walk up the land bridge from around the red obby to the red obby platform area and I watched a boss (modded on a stream) walk along a cliff to the bridge to chase the guy that was streaming. However, as soon as it comes time to lead a tame anywhere theyre walking through the trees instead of the clear beach (getting hung up on trees) and literally running back and forth between two trees instead of walking between them to get to me 🤣🤣
  19. I was on single player and I KOd a zino right by my base, tossed some kibble in and went to do some stuff (also gave it some narcs) and then when I came back it was gone. I didnt find anything about it in my log and it was not walking around so I dont think it stood up. I have heard some tames are being ported to 50, 50 so you might check there for your giga.
  20. They posted an hour ago on FB that "We've just launched a set of new Official Servers to coincide with the Xbox launch (with boosted rates)!"
  21. On PC its been out since last Wednesday if I remember right.
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