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  1. 7m ago: " We're looking at 15 minutes for PC redeployment and you guys getting your hands on that juicy Genesis download. " https://twitter.com/NotDollie/status/1232502071024160769?s=20
  2. Why can't I change Inventory Ranks? Why can't I change Inventory Ranks? I can change activation ranks just fine but it's the inventory ranks that I am really needing to adjust!
  3. Snow Owls: Is there diminshing returns on the heal/owl HP? Someone told me that at a cerain point, pumping HP does nothing anymore in regards to the heal. Fact or fiction?
  4. NO ROLLBACK? SERIOUSLY? What the hell is going on over there? You put us in a broken game where we cant do a single thing, then dont take the servers down for 20 minutes. AND THEN DONT ROLL BACK????????? Guess you all need to get home early for thanksgiving and dont gaf abt your players. GG WC
  5. If everything was frozen why was I getting red death messages?
  6. This ^^ dunno how many times i get back and half my poop isnt podded
  7. I couldnt. I have differnet areas with different dinos. I got the 35 gachas podded and that was about all.
  8. What do you raise like 3 dinos at once? 15 minutes is not nearky enough time to pod up MID EVENT. FFS.
  9. NA servers came down at midnight pst this morning, that's all I know.
  10. All the messages I saw warned about EU servers. I was on and the only message I saw was the ".." before the server came down.
  11. Did they really just pull down all NA servers w/o any warning? Kinda in disbelief at this.
  12. The second part... why this on pve?
  13. Feed them seeds.I get MC stuff all the time and the occasional asendent item. I've logged thousands of crystals from different food sources and see no real statistical variation in output as a function of input. Other than with feeding them their own crystals, that is (which is horrible output).
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