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  1. They don't need balancing, your level 80 giga would die to them and rightly so? If they nerf this there will be just another way to exploit the mechanics. Mutations don't need a nerf, it literally takes months and months to get to that point
  2. Sick of the lag, honestly, and I am not exaggerating, all OC servers I am on constantly hit 255 ping, but one in particular hits it legitimately every minute, for a minute. Game should be relaxing, not torture, all because you won't consider region locking for some weird reason. What's the point in having different region servers if we are going to get lag anyway? Just chuck us all on NA while you are at it. And before it's said: - Yes, i've submitted server outage report after report - Yes, I have posted to Reddit, and pinged the devs on twitter multiple times - no response - I have the fastest internet available in Aus (which, is bad, but still, it's not my connection)
  3. Maybe on PvP, but don't do this or you will burn a large player base. I live to breed, and a lot of others do too. If you nerf this, it takes away my incentive to even bother with breeding. What fuels me is the fact that I can made a super dino, and the more time I sink into it, the more powerful it can become with no limitation. If you cap or limit it, I just go 'what's the point, it can only get X powerful anyway'. It would also affect trading, due to the fact that everyone gets to the 20/20 point and all dinos are the same, so what does one breeder have over another? The competitive aspect for trading is then gone. I hate being restricted or capped on things, it seriously limits and dampens things. OP dinos is probably the least of your worries anyway, as any old alpha can still wipe you regardless. They did it before mutations, they will continue to do it. The issue you are suggesting a band aid fix for will not go away, you'll still get wiped by a 50 man alpha tribe that will just raise 20million 20/20 tankers and tank your turrets and wipe you.
  4. Actually, enterprises do this all the time, through apps like LiquidPlanner, Trello etc. It's roadmapping and project planning/management. It's literally management 101. They could have a place where they consolidate all these 'plans' and we can track their progress, as it will double as KPI/project completions for them as well. I work IT in a large company, and DevOps live in LiquidPlanner. Not saying that Game Development is 100% like that, but at the same time, it would certainly reduce workload and increase both productivity and transparency long term. Easier for them to communicate to us and show progress, and link back to the planner.
  5. I agree, however, that stuff needs to be communicated better. If a plan gets put on the back burner. then say that. They don't need to give definitives or times, just say that they are focusing on other things and they might reevaluate it in the future. To be honest, Scorched does feel unfinished to a degree, and needs some more things in it. But if they haven't got plans for it, they should at least specify that so some of us aren't waiting around for it and pin it on 'broken promises' That being said, Devs are being a lot more open lately which is great to see. Especially Ced. Really good stuff. Been a long journey but Ark is going to start getting a lot better. The solar panels sound awesome though!
  6. What about a compromise then? Still have them under debuff, but don't give them the full torpor effect? That's the main thing I have an issue with. I don't really care if my babies take 80% damage or not, just annoying to have a few in pods ready to go, and then they are all knocked out so can't move them or anything
  7. Sure, but that proves my point, while they are hatching and raising that many babies, it creates server lag and caps as well. They should kill them instantly if they are not needed, and not bother with cryo. A simple shotgun to the face or a decent sword will kill them fast enough
  8. I feel like having cryo sickness penalizes raising babies, and is counter their purpose. They were created, if I am not mistaken, to attempt to fix the issue of server caps and tamed dino induced lag. Having babies affected by cryo sickness discourages people from freezing them and thus reducing server load. Suggestion for how it should work - Cryo sickness debuff still occurs even when releasing a baby - babies are immune to the effects of the debuff
  9. 255 ping every minute, it's too much. Unofficial doesn't have this issue, so it has to be with the hosting provider, not dedicating enough hardware resourcing.
  10. awesome stuff! The steam connect is below, and it's got the IP for you =] steam://connect/
  11. Hey all! Server Name: OC-PVE-Unofficial-Ragnarok101 Steam Connect/IP steam://connect/ Starting up a new cluster with the idea of being the first unofficial mirroring of the official cluster. Unfortunately, the performance of official is not up to par, with constant 255 ping and terrible connectivity issues. So I am starting an unofficial cluster with similar rates and rules as official, with only slight QOL adjustments. Below is more about this cluster. If you have any questions hit me up. The first server is Ragnarok. Once we have around 10 people I will immediately launch another server (Aberration or Extinction), and once we hit 20 total I will launch the other. After we get some more population I will look at launching The Island, The Center and Scorched Earth to make a full server cluster. This is MOD free, except for the WBUI mod, which just allows us to have an in game UI communication tool for info about the server and useful links. ***More About This Initiative*** Our Mission is to create the World's first unofficial-official mirror. Besides some QOL improvements and slightly improved rates, the idea will be to stick to the laws of official as much as possible, to provide a vanilla Ark experience for all; without the lag and performance issues plaguing official! We are starting small, 3 servers, OC/Aus/NZ region. The more numbers we get, the more servers will be opened. If any one map gains great popularity, and the server fills up or begins to buckle under pressure, then another server with the same map will be created and joined to the cluster, and so on. Although we are beginning with the OC region, my vision is to become a place for all players over the world, to enjoy Ark hassle free. In order to stay true to that vision, if the demand is created for US, EU, Asia etc servers, then these servers will be created and likewise joined to the cluster! So, why play our cluster over official? - You will be heard and listened to. I will be on discord at least a few times a week for communications. I am not unreachable like most of the Ark developers (which is fair enough, they don't have time for 100k+ players) and can be reached through many different communication methods. - This is optimal vanilla, and will be tweaked slightly according to the communities desires, so long as the changes align with the mission - Will scale to meet demand. If the population grows, the servers began to struggle with demand, then new servers will be opened up to ensure balancing and lag free play! - Will not be limited by official limitations. This is part of the QOL improvements we have made. No cooldown on transfers and items, no waiting to transfer. When it becomes available, Cryo Sickness will be turned off too - admin logging will be on, and all tickets being fulfilled will have a record kept, viewable by all for transparency
  12. Please find some way to put the Rex roar from Jurassic Park into the game. If there is any way that won't either infringe on copyright or cost out the butt, would be an awesome little Easter egg
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