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  1. don't forget when you're saying that to do it in the ridiculously over-exaggerated Australian accent or else it doesn't sell
  2. seems to be, idk how it'd make sense that it takes that long to slap some chitin on some cementing paste with some polymer and make a suit
  3. bro I'm not that dumb I don't think tek rexes can breed with tek raptors
  4. ah haha right I thought it was some strange skin
  5. either watch the trailers (idk how to get to them on pc anymore since the thingy is gone) or die literally I did not watch the trailers on xbox yet I got the cosmetics when I died
  6. hello all, just have a few questions about how to approach my first exploration of the ocean; - I'm level 74, so no oxygen tank yet, how greatly will this impact me? Just saying not look for deep diving mainly just get to oil rocks and stuff - where should I look for ichthyosaurs? I am at hidden lake and I can't find many of them in the sea near there. - first few water tames should be? I really have no clue what is considered easy or hard in the ocean I do not like going there, don't have to much equipment to use btw - is there anything else I should be diving for besides
  7. you certainly not the first to report this it has going on for a good few weeks, quite disturbing if you ask me honey is crucial in many recipes
  8. speaking of how the hell do you get on top of those things?
  9. I've always wondered how this works, is it 1. Tek dinos can't breed 2. Tek dinos can breed with their respective dino species or 3. Tek dinos can only breed with other tek dinos?
  10. this has been a problem bruh you should've seen my non ded server on the center it was horriblé with the accent. same with water and dino riding we couldn't do it. that fact is, and I hate this fact btw, unless you rent a private server, join a rando's server, or play singleplayer, you'll never experience a well-tethered game, it's sad but true. (I suggest private server btw it's much better than joining a random server) I don't know how many people you play with but it isn't gonna be fun with tethers, tore my old ark group apart
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