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  1. Hey guys, right now my pc is armed with an RX 550, and I'm not sure if it will fit the bill for ark. Can you tell me what fps I can expect at what settings?
  2. That question was about fortnite. Not ark.
  3. On what settings? I hope that we can get around 50-100 fps on max settings.
  4. So how much do you think that I will get at low?
  5. What video card would you reccomend? I am not even a teen yet, so please try so be kinda simple.
  6. Also, will it run games like fortnite or minecraft java?
  7. Sorry, I'm not too good with computers. By no mention you mean? Also, what graphics cards would you reccomend?
  8. Hello. I am getting a PC. I wanted to know if it will run ark, and if so, at what FPS on what setting. Specs: Intel Core i7 8 core 10th gen 10700 Radeon RX 550 2.9 Ghz The monitor is 1920x1080 at 144hz
  9. Don't worry. I have 8 core intel i7 10th gen 10700, 16GB ram, and the graphics card I told you about. I think that it fits the bill.
  10. Guys real quick question. The graphics card on my PC is gonna be AMD Raedon 550. Is that good?
  11. Does it have all the same features? And does it also have its own platforms + thing?
  12. I know that. I have seen modded games and all from Mr. Meola. Lol
  13. Ill go with upgrade station. Im pretty new to mods, so I guess I'll just choose one.
  14. I think that im gonna get S+, Platforms+, the stack mod, and Ark Additions. Randomly colored dinos will take the fun out of mutating.
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