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Sunken Scoop (Special Edition): TSW Additions has Ascended!


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Hang on, today isn't a Wednesday...

Welcome to a very special edition of the Sunken Scoop! Let's cut right to the chase, we're out on ASA on all platforms! You can find us here: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/the-sunken-world-additions! Read on to find out what's included in the mod's initial release!

If this is your first time diving into the deep end, we are a dedicated team of individuals who are looking to spruce up the ocean biome in the same way that Scorched Earth offered a unique, biome specific challenge to survival. New creatures, resources, structures, items and more, all set on a huge custom map, we're looking to give ARK's oceans the TLC they deserve! The main goal is to bridge that huge gap between early and late game ocean exploration, and make it much more viable and more fun to live a life beneath the waves! This is unofficial content and is only related to our mod. It is in no way related with the official game and its content releases.


First things first, a massive thank you to snappin for all the work he's done getting TSW Additions ready for release! The guy has been a one man army when it comes to coding for the mod, so he deserves all the praise. The TSW Team wouldn't be the same without you dude! 

Onto the creatures though! As we've been teasing over the past few weeks, the current version of the mod contains Ambulocetus, Anomalocaris and Henodus! Until the TSW map releases, all our creatures will spawn in temporary areas on the Island. We've made a couple changes to some of the mechanics of these creatures compared to ASE, so read on to find out more!



Talk about a whale with a pep in its step! This blubbery boy can commonly be found lounging around, but it's not as lazy as it appears! Its unique metabolism allows it to kick its systems into overdrive, moving at greater speeds at the cost of its food reserves! And much like any other dog with a dolphin tail, they love a bit of affection from their owners! Petting this loveable lug gives your nearby creatures a bonus to their experience gain, and it's able to keep up with your pack far better than a Lystrosaurus!

We're planning on adding an oxygen stat to Ambulocetus later down the line. We have a lot of speedsters in the mod, and we want to have a way to ensure each has their own pros and cons. Think Andrewsarchus/Casteroides base level of oxygen. Enough to last them a good amount of time underwater at high levels, but they'll still have to come up for air every now and then. To get yourself your own whale-wolf, knock it out and feed it meat! They're quite partial to Regular Kibble too. Ambulocetus can be found all over the snow biome!



SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Anomalocaris, right? This little parasite is more than just a nuisance, as its unique choice of a blood based diet means it has some adaptations a survivor can exploit! Humans are well known for their inability to breathe underwater, but with an Anomalocaris on your back, you'll find that you'll never run out of O2! These Cambrian-era predators seem to have an uncanny ability to regulate blood oxygen levels as they feed, making them the perfect primitive SCUBA tanks! In addition, these adorable little bugs have the perfect sized heads to wear man made hats. This, coupled with the lifesteal that their attacks have, makes a swarm of Anomalocaris a decently powerful addition to your underwater arsenal!

Anomalocaris' taming mechanic is temporarily changed from its ASE version. Previously, to tame yourself a scuba shrimp, you'd have to weaken it to the point where it would latch onto you, put narcotics in your last hotbar slot, then allow it to slurp up your torpor-laced blood to get it to knock itself out.

In ASA, the latching and unique KO mechanics worked completely fine in testing, but after the fact Anomalocaris would become completely unable to be interacted with. This certainly made feeding it difficult, in addition to the fact that they'd just exist in stasis forever. For now, Anomalocaris is a conventional KO tame until a fix can be found. They love to eat anything blood-based! Ammonite Bile, Leech Blood and Blood Packs are their preferred food, in that order. Anomalocaris can be found in the ocean.



Now that's what I call a houseboat! Henodus is more than just a giant pancake, this early game creature is the perfect way to explore the waves from the comfort of your own home!

Functioning just like a raft that doesn't draw the attention of the boat-munching Leedsichthys, you can safely sail the seas on this turtle-lookalike's shell. In addition, it can use its giant flippers for more than just swimming, as it's also very proficient at digging! By burrowing into the ground, your Henodus takes drastically reduced damage and produces air bubbles in an area around itself if underwater! This allows you and your tames to breathe in your house below the waves. Even more useful is the fact that this property also extends to any tames-to-be that decided to wander into the water in the middle of getting KO'd!

This peaceful plesiosaur relative is an herbivorous passive tame, feed it any kind of berry to convince it to be your friend. I've heard that they really flip out for Regular Kibble too! Henodus can be found in rivers and lakes.

Henodus was perfect as it was, no balance changes to this loveable placodont!

As we are still a heavy WIP, please make sure to report any bugs you might find! We did our best to stomp out all the ones we could find, but this is ARK. Some are bound to pop up when we least expect!


So, what's next? We still need to upscale the models for all our ASE creatures, including these 3, but after that it's time for some new creatures! You've seen our WIPs of what we have in store, so we hope you're just as excited as we are for the future of TSW in ASA!

During the upscaling process, we are planning on having some small visual TLCs as well! We'll keep you posted as things develop!

YEAHHH WE'RE FINALLY OUT ON ASA!!! Thanks for all your support and understanding as we've worked on the port! Have fun with the newly released creatures, we've got a ton more planned (as you can probably tell by all the previous scoops) so keep sticking around to see what's in store! Also, come to our discord to share in the ASA experience of TSW. We want to see what you guys get up to with our creatures (and maybe feature it in our community corner too)!

Have a wonderful timezone!

If this is your first time seeing TSW, check out the links below to find out more! Please note that if you want to play our mod, you need both the map and creature mod active.
Discord: https://discord.gg/BAkvgc7
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArkSunken
Map Mod (ASE): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182740759
Creature Mod (ASE): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2182770728
Creature Mod (ASA): https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/the-sunken-world-additions

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