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  1. The End of Ark Development Whats next? So this is the end of the line for Ark development so Whats the next project? is it Ark 2 and a better engine? are you guys gonna make Atlas Great again? WHAT DOSE THE FUTURE LOOK LIKE!
  2. Baby blood sucker wyvren stops growing at 79.4 % Baby blood sucker wyvren stops growing at 79.4 % its been like that for 8 hrs wont grow past adolecant
  3. kill alpha squids get fishing rods then fish = BP's
  4. Furfox Still Untamable last patch eats element dosent register it eats my element, hulks out, and taming stays at 0%
  5. Megalith

    Ferrox Bug

    yep its not taming wasted 30 element tryna tame a lvl 20
  6. Crops dissapear in BOG crops keep dissapearing in the bog biom
  7. Water at east teleport Center has A lake with holes in ice
  8. Ocean Teleports NW/NE/N/S/SE/SW Broken / Mining tool The ocean Teleports are broken they all teleport to one island Also the mining tool when you put it away the sound of it running keeps looping it dont turn off
  9. Megalith

    boxed bioms

    boxed bioms hey wild card all the bioms are in a sheilded box ..... really DILO fire the guy who thought this up its stupid to its core im regreting buyin the season pass.
  10. well even tho noone can play the game im glad i was right when the game was released on 2/26/2020 i called that in december
  11. same here it just puts up my steam menu before going back to main menu.
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