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  1. Hi. I am in the Hurricane hit area. We just got power back on here, but the internet won't be back on for weeks in the south east United States. After 4,000 hrs, I would hate people to lose everything in ARK, because of a Hurricane. Please extend timers for building and animals! Thanks for everything!
  2. Xbox Controller support for Masses {{Borks}}everyones Custom PC Controllers KB Mouse Config =PC gamers((Steam Controller))- the Best Controller ever made by PC God GabeSaitek X 52 Joysticks,Logitech, ETC use Keyboard and Mouse Config.When You add Support for Xbox,ARK picks up Our Custom PC Controllers KB Mouse Config and then add Xbox buttons too! It Fires Multiple buttons from both Configs Examples,(config conflicts)-Two buttons pop off!Hit fire button, its hits Fire and scope, Hit transfer all, it drops an item, etcPlus who wants to look at hit Y for this, or X wen you are using K/B mouseI have even seen a Disable all Xbox Controls in some Games. Battlefield games all Configs/Buttons are Erasable! (((((Ark Needs to have one button (On/OFF) disable Xbox Controls in Bindings, atleast!)))))
  3. I am having this problem as well on official se 759, timeout everytime I try to join it! PLEASE FIX!