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  1. iDash

    Tames eating order seems fishy

    Fish and Meat should be the same food value! 1 pound of fish=1 pound of meat This is an issue that needs to be addressed, we waste so many fish stacks with the way it is currently!
  2. " There was also a undernwater terminal at one point but it's gone. " Water Dinos transfer terminal on ARK should come back if this is true " For ragnarok I've heard both red and blue obelisk" Anyone sucessfully transfer water dinos to red, or blue on Rag?
  3. Maybe, Wildcard can make it so (ONLY the servers who are being Shutdown) and they have to TRANSFER to have the official [Suitcases]! But, I would like one to transfer to RAG, once, I finish island in a 100 years! After looking around base, I believe, after years of playing, the suitcase needs to be unlimited, or 100,000 slots no weight. 10,000 slots isn't enough!
  4. I believe, Wildcard should make a [suit case] for Official Server movers before the (Official Servers Shutdowns). 10,000 slots- no weight!
  5. The mouse pad setting not being a mouse definitely blows the most. The Steam Controller Software "Big Picture link button" is Disable too!
  6. (Solved- Steam was not running as Admin, so Unreal games didn't allow it)Click on Steam Properties and click run as Administrator! --------------------------- I know its complicated mix, but steam controllers and PS4 controllers no longer function like they use to. (Not recognized) Last week, 11/13 Ark game input settings on Monday worked for all Controllers and then by Friday it didnt! ------- Steam Controllers are Amazing Game Controllers Steam/H-L legend Gabe made them. It's Software is the best ever for a game controller and Valve keep it updated like their games. I will release/update an advanced 2.0 steam controller config to replacing the current very sad xbox only wildcard default one. but it will still sux compared to how SController worked before. It basically cut out 70% of what the steam controller can do, I could talk for days but advanced stuff like Gyro, Keyboard, Mouse, etc Ps- I think Wildcard should sell ARK with the Steam controller Bundle on PC, Gabe is basically giving them away! It's the best way to play ARK, 5000+hrs here, I should know I used them all, it's better than Keyboard and mouse even and Saitek X-52! Now, you can even use Steam controller with XBOX. Steam advanced Software is the most advanced in the History of Controllers. You can change anything you want. Like I always flip left/right trigger for instance dual levels for triggers, Rapid fire, etc Thanks below for responses!
  7. Hi. I am in the Hurricane hit area. We just got power back on here, but the internet won't be back on for weeks in the south east United States. After 4,000 hrs, I would hate people to lose everything in ARK, because of a Hurricane. Please extend timers for building and animals! Thanks for everything!