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  1. I did this in order to level up to level 125 on the island.
  2. If you have access to a op shotgun and decent melee giga I advise killing titanosaurs for xp. First gather 2x or 4x xp notes, then craft broth of enlightenments. Then go find a titanosaur and bring its health down with the giga so it's really bloody. Once its hp is low cryo giga and start wailing at it with the shotgun. If you have access to tek suit or griffin this will help a lot. Once in the air and blasting him it will eventually die and you should recieve 328,440 xp. The reason you kill with shotgun is because if you were to kill it with your giga the xp would be halfed as half would go t
  3. I have a moschops on official 2x rates with 66 levels into organic poly and it gives me around 50 poly for every adult penguin. Keep in mind babies, juveniles, and adolescents give more poly than adults.
  4. I have done testing on single player and it seems leveling up melee on a moschops does not do anything for gathering more resources, at least for organic polymer from penguins. Just level up weight and hp. Also what are your rates? I believe penguins have a soft cap for the amount of poly they give so that might be why your argent is getting more poly.
  5. I can’t join any server and Extinction 1110 is gone.
  6. Xbox one 20 GB + update Hey anyone just get a huge update for Ark? I can't find any info about it so i'm thinking its the QOL patch?
  7. Try seeing if your character is still on island 333.
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