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  1. Island 23 is down I'm wondering if there's any explanation for why my official pve island server is down it's been going down constantly over the past 4 days and this is the second time its been down today that I know of. I know i cant do anything but is wildcard working on fixing this?
  2. I dont think there was a bag I was just saying that I had no way to get my stuff back. Though since those times I have fallen in mesh holes and my jumpy chickens (dont remember the name) were marked in tribe log as anti mesh killing them but then I died with no reason given (instant black death screen) went back and didnt have my characters bag on the ground
  3. I believe the ways bees work is they do not spawn during gameplay they spawn during server resets or at least very very slowly I would ay for a week and check again after that time period
  4. Yeah this has been an ongoing bug when I first joined Abberation almost two years ago (I'm on xbox pve official), I was still early in the game I used wooden elevator thinking it would be a good stand in till I got electric ones. With how it was set up I had to use climbing picks to get to the top about 1 every 5 times I when i get to the top i would teleport to below the map and sit there for a whole 5 minutes before I finally died (since then lots of anti mesh updates have come out so I think that may be why your screen went black. Edit I didnt die from dehydration or starving or
  5. This is a good general count but just a side note there are places where you dont need as many I live in the SE side in a relatively warm part of arctic and I only needed 18 to hatch my magmasaur eggs
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