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  1. Okay thank you, hoping to do beta overseer.
  2. Overseer timer question So I have a question about the overseer boss timer. I’ve heard people say that even when the timer goes down to 0 it doesn’t kill you and you can still do the boss fight. Is this true on official servers?
  3. GerBear

    Music Samples?

    Omg raptor Jesus has heard my prayers!
  4. I would like to see what new music they bring into the game. Gareth Coker is a boss when it comes to Ark music.
  5. GerBear

    Music Samples?

    Music Samples? Hey I was wondering if we could get music samples for the new music in Genesis, that would be so dope. I remember when they did the music overhaul for vanilla ark back in 2017 they gave us little music samples before the release of the update.
  6. Joining Failed: Could not retrieve address Hello I would like to report the official pve servers are down again on Xbox. I get the “Could not retrieve address” message on every server I attempt to join. What is going on? This is like the third time this past week
  7. Yeah I get same message when I try to join servers. The same thing happened last week. I believe the servers have crashed again.
  8. You guys having problems with pillars? If so you have to go at it with every angle, try getting up higher and lower to see if it helps. Also try cycling through the snap points and rotating them. Some times you can get it to place but just takes a long *** time.
  9. Yeah I believe transferring eggs from valguero to other servers is good but when you transfer them in cryopods they just break.
  10. Yeah it's not just ice wyverns but all Valgero exclusive dinos such as the golem variants and polar bear are affected. This glitch has been going on for about three months and I have gotten no word on whether they'll do anything about it. I wish Wildcard would at least say that they have acknowledged it or something instead of leaving us in the dark.
  11. I believe it’s affecting all official servers. I can’t join Island either. Might be a crash.
  12. Same here, i think servers are crashing.
  13. Do you have access to cryopods?
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