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  1. Hey anyone know what the damage cap is on the mining drill for official servers? Highest I have is a 171.3%.
  2. Looks like my wish has been granted.
  3. You can try a bloodstalker, rockdrake, thyla, megalania, enforcer, or a tek skiff if you have access to one.
  4. Today I spent my time refreshing servers today. Also helped out a dude who got tribe grieved by offering him an anky to help with the metal grind. Then I logged off in my tek sleeping pod to get some of that juicy 2x experience.
  5. Hello I would like to report an issue in which bee hives are not spawning on the Island map. I only observed this on an official Island server but I have also heard from various people that this problem is not exclusive to the Island.
  6. Hey just wondering when the next Genesis chronicles is coming out? It's been over a month since we last got a drop. Would like to complete the tek federation suit
  7. I have found beehives on genesis but not on the island.
  8. Let's go woots.. So hyped for that tv series.
  9. Hey did you guys check out the ark 2 teaser! Look at the planets and moons at the end of the trailer. This is not on earth or even in our solar system!
  10. Omg I called it! Ark tv series here we go!!!
  11. Perhaps its some sort of ark novels or cross platform?
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