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  1. Yeah that update last night was messed up man. Didn't get any notification and lost my baby magmasaur I was raising because I go booted out and had to download an 8GB update. Let's just say I was not a happy camper .
  2. Yeah I'm also confused. I don't see the carno retexture on the patch notes for xbox either.
  3. Let's go woots.. So hyped for that tv series.
  4. Hey did you guys check out the ark 2 teaser! Look at the planets and moons at the end of the trailer. This is not on earth or even in our solar system!
  5. Omg I called it! Ark tv series here we go!!!
  6. Perhaps its some sort of ark novels or cross platform?
  7. Ark tv show series or movie? Maybe they finally left snail games and are independent now? Scorched earth ending lol.
  8. GerBear

    Skiff bug list

    Can confirm that the above mentioned element glitch is still occurring. Lost 100 element the other day when I transferred all into the tek skiff. Also the dinos still teleport sometimes when you pick them up with the tractor beam.
  9. Hey so I got a question thats's been bothering me. Does anyone know if the survivor in genesis is the same survivor from island to extinction? Also how did Rockwell get on the ship? Didn't he crash land on earth at the end of extinction along with the aberration ark? Did he perhaps go to Arat Prime and upload himself into the genesis simulation?
  10. I don't know what pve servers your playing but I've never had issues and I play on multiple pve servers. If your talking about the lag and disconnects thats just ARK in general. The official pve servers can be a bit crowded but you can find land if you look hard enough.
  11. Yup I had this happen to me recently. Scared the poop out of me when I heard a reaper roar but couldn't see anything.
  12. Oh my god yes breedable wyverns and insects. This definitely made my day, thank you guys!
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