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  1. I hecking hate the invisable defense units on Lunnar. Spent a good 15 minutes using magmasur lava spit to try and find and kill it.
  2. The Mammoth, Quetzal, Carno, megalodon, and plesiosaur are in dire need of at least a visual tlc update.
  3. Yeah they have been glitched for a while. You have to destroy a bunch of the fake hives to get new hives with queens to spawn.
  4. I always pod right after I get an imprint on the day increased breeding rate end. This way you get a head start when it switches to normal rates and doesn't screw up your imprinting.
  5. This means you can only breed up to level 362 before you hit the level cap.
  6. In my opinion they should raise it because they also raised the amount of experience levels dinosaurs can get. It went from 73 levels to about 88 levels when genesis came out.
  7. Ferox not taming with element Ferox do not tame with element. When fed element the taming bar does not go up. Fed it 7 element and it never tames
  8. Ferox Insulation buff Hello I would like to make it known that the Ferox insulation buff is not working at the moment. It does show the buff image on the bottom right corner of the screen but does not change your hypo and hyperthermal insulation. This is with a ferox on your shoulder, haven’t tested it in it’s big form.
  9. Unable to login to server Hey so I am unable to login to the server. I can hear my character in game for a split second on a black screen but then it automatically kicks me out of the game saying Host connection timeout.
  10. Okay thank you, hoping to do beta overseer.
  11. Overseer timer question So I have a question about the overseer boss timer. I’ve heard people say that even when the timer goes down to 0 it doesn’t kill you and you can still do the boss fight. Is this true on official servers?
  12. GerBear

    Music Samples?

    Omg raptor Jesus has heard my prayers!
  13. I would like to see what new music they bring into the game. Gareth Coker is a boss when it comes to Ark music.
  14. GerBear

    Music Samples?

    Music Samples? Hey I was wondering if we could get music samples for the new music in Genesis, that would be so dope. I remember when they did the music overhaul for vanilla ark back in 2017 they gave us little music samples before the release of the update.
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