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  1. Hey anyone know what the damage cap is on the mining drill for official servers? Highest I have is a 171.3%.
  2. Hello I would like to report a bug in which your character can loose their implant. When you die and transfer all items from your dead characters inventory to your own it will delete your implant. It seems to me that the deactivated specimen implant messes something up because when I transfer all from the dead character without the deactivated implant inside it doesn't delete my implant. When transferring between servers sometimes your implant will also disappear. Also when your implant is no longer on your character weird things start to happen such as stacks automatically splitting when you
  3. Looks like my wish has been granted.
  4. You can try a bloodstalker, rockdrake, thyla, megalania, enforcer, or a tek skiff if you have access to one.
  5. Today I spent my time refreshing servers today. Also helped out a dude who got tribe grieved by offering him an anky to help with the metal grind. Then I logged off in my tek sleeping pod to get some of that juicy 2x experience.
  6. Hello I would like to report an issue in which bee hives are not spawning on the Island map. I only observed this on an official Island server but I have also heard from various people that this problem is not exclusive to the Island.
  7. Hey just wondering when the next Genesis chronicles is coming out? It's been over a month since we last got a drop. Would like to complete the tek federation suit
  8. I have found beehives on genesis but not on the island.
  9. Yeah that update last night was messed up man. Didn't get any notification and lost my baby magmasaur I was raising because I go booted out and had to download an 8GB update. Let's just say I was not a happy camper .
  10. Yeah I'm also confused. I don't see the carno retexture on the patch notes for xbox either.
  11. Let's go woots.. So hyped for that tv series.
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