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  1. You should be able to craft this in the tek replicator. According to my calculations it only fills about 471 stacks out of the 600 stacks available in the tek replicator.
  2. Yes you can but you will have to have someone join your tribe and make it for you. The tek skiff can only be made at the tek replicator ad once it is crafted it automatically spawns in right next to it. You can not unclaim the tek skiff so this is the only way to get it without unlocking the tekgram.
  3. You should be fine. My squid had the same thing happen to it and it had zero oxygen. It had the suffocating icon on the top right but did not receive any damage from it. I used it all the time so should be good. If it is bugging you perhaps uploading it and downloading it could fix it?
  4. Wait a second: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/377499-how-many-level-can-i-put-in-melee-before-it-gets-nerfed/#
  5. Hmm okay I believe you guys are right with the 254 being the cap, I just watched a video in which a guy on pve official had mutated his lines to 254 for both his theri and baryonyx lines. https://youtu.be/dx4a9lyr0Tg
  6. Also is it 255 or 254 that is the cap?
  7. Okay so domesticated levels don't affect the stat cap? Like I could go for 254 levels into melee and then pump 73 levels into it once it's got max xp and it would be fine?
  8. Hey I have a question regarding the stat cap in the game for official servers. So I heard that the cap in the game for stats is 255 and that it can't go beyond this or the stat will break. I was wondering if this 255 stat cap includes the domesticated levels you put into your dinos when you get experience for them? Like for instance if you bred for 255 stat points into melee and pumped all of your 73 domesticated levels into melee would it break the stat or would it be okay after server restart? I was confused about this because Ive seen different answers to this subject. I would like to know
  9. I use a combination of dododex and ARK Smart Breeding to check and see now many points each stat got. Dododex for before taming and ARK Smart Breeding for once tamed. If you you are looking to see how many points your dino has in each stat and don't have access to Ark Smart Breeding you can also check in singleplayer with the identify tool on the admin rifle. Type the admin command gcm in single player and it should give the admin rifle to you. Once you have it start spawning in tamed dinos such as perfect tame level 150s and check ther stats out. It should tell you how the points were distri
  10. Also take into account that flyers have zero points into movement speed and aquatic creatures have a hidden oxygen stat which still get points put into even though you can't see it. Only way to view it is to cryo the dino or upload it at an obelisk, supply drop, or terminal.
  11. Stats such as oxygen and movement speed should be bred down to remove wasteful levels, unless you want oxygen on something like a spelunking spino.
  12. Yes try to go for 50 points in each stat. I would also try to tame x-varients of dinos you plan on breeding because they can be leveled up more than normal dinos and their max level cap is 500 instead of 450.
  13. I did this in order to level up to level 125 on the island.
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