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  1. Xbox one 20 GB + update Hey anyone just get a huge update for Ark? I can't find any info about it so i'm thinking its the QOL patch?
  2. Try seeing if your character is still on island 333.
  3. Hey my server also has this same exact structure design that appeared out of no where, weird...
  4. For servers I would build out of tek or metal for the long auto-decay timer.
  5. Babies not maturing and egg timers reseting Hey I would like to report a glitch that has been happening since they changed the tick rate for babies and eggs. Baby dinos will randomly stop maturing and fertilized eggs will not hatch. Picking up the egg resets the timer at x amount of minutes. The imprint timer will continue to go down when the baby is not maturing so this can hinder people from getting 100% imprinting. This doesn't happen all the time but randomly happens to some dinos being raised.
  6. This dude is spamming aggressive tames on wander Hey we have a guy on an official pve server who is spamming aggressive argies on wander around the map. I was wondering if anything can be done about this since it's messing with meat runs, dino spawns, and the tame cap. Does anyone know if this against the code of conduct since he is intentionally doing it. Tried talking to the guy but he wouldn't give a reason why he was doing it and kept avoiding the question.
  7. Hey are we able to transfer yet? I ave a base on another server that needs to be refreshed.
  8. Just crashed. Looks like it still needs to be fixed.
  9. Well my character model is now fixed, skins are back, and character is no longer doing a t-pose when on a flyer. Not sure the crashes have been fixed yet though.
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