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  1. Not so sure about the Parasaur scarring a Raptor, maybe if it only effects a single lone raptor and not a pack of them? I was also hoping they would get at least a slight texture upgrade. ;_; I hope that you all do a TLC #3 in the future, have been super impressed with what you all have done so far!
  2. Nivea

    Happy Holidays: Community Crunch 113!

    Why can single players not get events anymore? We always got them in the past just fine. ):
  3. Nivea

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Phiomia: Prolly the worst looking dino in the whole game, and since they are common I see them a ton. Spino: Horrible mesh and textures, these need a major overhaul. Raptor: Those feathers are just horrible and as your "flag ship" dino it should look amazing. Paracer: The textures are really really bad. Parasaur: Models and textures both could use some work. Trike: Same as above. Sarco: the mesh is pretty sad looking. Pteranodon: Please it looks horrible next to the nice Tapejara. Basically any dino that was there at a minimum before the dire wolf was added could use alot of love, but really any dino that was in the release at 2015 is in need of a major overhaul mesh, texture and skills.
  4. Nivea

    Nivea's WIPs

    My WIP content for ARK.
  5. Kinda sad you all put the Season Pass up on a major sale after changing the DLC release date, after we bought it early to play the new DLC. ):
  6. Nivea

    ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    Really sad it got delayed as I was looking forward to getting it this month (as I am sure a ton where) but I really hope its more amazing because of the delay in the end. Gah wish I had that kind of extra money for the collector addition, I want it so bad lol. Ah well.
  7. I thought I was the only person who watched Beast Wars lol.
  8. Hope everyone stays safe, having lived in FL most my life hurricanes really can be very bad! Can not wait for the new DLC I love the setting, also my saddles made it on here sweeeet.