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  1. Good point, definitely something that would need considering. Maybe it could take knockback from tek turrets too.
  2. There are a couple of issues with the beetle this time. One is that a flying insect only just won the last vote. And another issue is that the guy who posted it this time wasn't the original artist, and he kind of messed things up.
  3. You make some good points, thanks, I will think about them. But I'm hesitant to change too much with the post at this stage. If it does end up winning, I'm pretty sure they will read through these comments and take into consideration the things that you and others have said.
  4. Yup, it's a very good point. I will update the post to make that clear before we get to the next phase of voting. Glad you like it, thanks.
  5. Yup, especially with wyvern eggs that need a lot of air cons! I don't want to give it too many abilities because I know if it wins, it will get nerfed. We've seen it happen every time an OP creature wins the vote.
  6. Thanks. If you think about the maewing though, that's in the same situation, it can be used for breeding sat at base, or it can be used as a fast travel mount. It's not great on the offence, but that's ok, that's game balance, it shouldn't be good at everything.
  7. Looking back now, I wish I had. Out of the current top 10, mine was the last to be posted, which meant I had to catch up on a lot of votes, so I took advantage of my platform to do so. I had no idea at the time how well it was going to be received. Once I realised I was quickly rising to the top of the list I stopped promoting it. It's difficult to say how much of an impact it's had, but what I do know is that it's still gaining the most votes even though I'm not bringing any traffic in any more, I don't think that's because of my name, I think people just like the idea. Anyway, if I ever do another one in the future I will do so completely anonymously
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