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    I doubt there is any way to protect against it other than build walls around containers with no doors. However we don't know the extent of these admin exploits other than victim stories. So far we only know they are able to get into bases (it is unknown if they glitch/clip through walls or if they bypass locks on doors) There are many glitches the average player can use to get into a base, but to break into a locked container with or without a pin code, thats pretty FUBAR. Its game breaking to have players who know how to exploit into any container/fridge/base they want on official PVE. This has been going on for months now and still no fix in sight. If I wanted random people stealing my hard earned items/dinos I'd play official PVP. @Cedric
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    There's definitely something wrong with you, mate.
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    One guy I know in my island server left his giga on top of his private and not powered tp. He found it the next day in another private tp of one of those guilds with [][][][] in its name, that make them almost untraceable. If they can open locked structures from others I think a wall wont stop them. If you go into paranoid security I believe the safest way to save goods is to store the important stuff in the inventory of a buried dino.
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    Manticore is a bugged boss 100% guarantee. Manticore usually only lands like 2 times, tries to land a lot more, but just doesnt. Sometimes it stays in the air for 10mins straight without even moving and doing nothing. We tried spacing them out alot, but that just does not work. Sad that players have to have bad experience and lose armies cause of a boss which needs a fix, but doesnt get fixed..
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    If your trying to be funny you failed if your being serious your an idiot.
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    Wipe PVP servers or atleast Remove clusters Arks losing tons of players on xbox due to all the duping, your capped turret towers can be drained in like a hour by someone throwing duped clusters at them. Tribes have unlimited endgame items that they use to wipe legit tribes. No one even uses dinos for pvp anymore they just fly around with duped tek suits clustering or suiciding duped meks into your base untill your wiped. When are wildcard going to do something about it?
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    Why does manticore have to be such a pain? I know this has been said a thousand times but I just don't get it. Every other boss goes down easy if you have the stats or you can just go to ext with 1 good rex or giga and get 500 element from one vein. I tried playing valguero but whats the point of having main base here if ele is gonna be such a pain. There is players doing alpha drake in the island with literally 5 mounted deinonychus with average stats and nothing else, and then there's me dying to g a m m a valguero arena with stat capped rexes bc manticore doesn't want to land. I took the first 2 bosses in around 1 min each and then waited without moving for it to land, but nothing. Btw this was in Official PVE and solo.
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    On official the only building thing I can think of that’s explicitly banned is building under the mesh. If the game let you stack foundations or u found a way for that to happen. I can’t see it violating the CoC.
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    When it comes to online gaming, everyone is a dude even if they say they're not. The only way ill even entertain the thought that someone might be female is once i get voice confirmation, and even then they are suspect. WAY too many creepy guys claiming to be females so they can get free stuff.
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    The Lio is a temporary tame that only lasts 30 minutes, ut during that time, it increase the quality of every drop you loot. Tame one, teleport to swamp cave and you will get awesome stuff!
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    "Uh, sir, how are we supposed to get through this lava?" >"Why can't you just go through it?" "Well, it's pretty hot you see" >"Well then just bring a fan with you and stop complaining already." Makes sense if you ask me. Magic. More realistically, there'll probably be wells like on scorched earth. Possibly also a new electrical/tek machine which gathers water from the air.
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    You mean proper stacking intended by devs or glitch of building system found by players?
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    Okay thanks for all the advice everyone
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    They go to candy mountain...with Charlie. ..
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    I beat the Beta Monkey for the first time yesterday. Went in with 18 rexes and 1 Yuty. I lost my two worst rexes. One was unsaddled and died quite quickly, the other had a saddle and died half way through. All the other rexes had a few thousand HP left, which left me to wonder .. what if the two rexes that died had a (better) saddle? The gamma broodmother was more difficult and the beta broodmother beat my ass the other day (I tried that out when I backed up my savegame just to make sure - my rexes are nowhere near the suggested levels in health/melee), so I think I have some more leveling up to do before I can take on the Dragon, which is next on my list. Gamma Ascension is good enough for me, I kind of just want to get off the Island now to continue my adventures on Scorched Earth.
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    I did a test by hovering next to a stuck manticore up in the sky, and it still didnt react or do anything.
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    They are aggressive, but the problem is that this boss was implemented for Scorched Earth, was reused by modders on their maps and I believe they forgot to override some critical data. From memory, the Manticore will attempt a landing attack every 40 seconds and will remains landed for a maximum of 20. Now here is where it gets tricky; it first need a target to perform an attack and it won't scan and aggro targets that are further than 10,000 units. That works on Scorched Earth, because the arena is only approximately 8200 units high. However, on maps such as Ragnarok, where the arena is 20,000 units high, the Manticore will wander higher than its scan distance and will consequently not attempt to land anymore until its randomized AI brings it back closer. Bring an Ape to throw yourself, or bring a Roo to jump wuthin its scan distance and it will start its landing cycle again.
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    Maybe that is the porpuse of the one that is calling the people "whiney noobs", talking about skills, etc without contributing at all after 3 posts... I've done alpha manticore multiple times in the different maps, never wiped at it. It just requires the players to be prepared with shotguns just in case, as it randomly bugs and refuses to land. Manticore always lands well the first time, no matter if the tames stay packed or around the map but after that it behaves erratically randomly fixing on tames that can in some situations make it stay static in the air. We usually do alpha valguero with 3 ppl and when I whistle the tames sometimes I feel like Im able to make it land by moving the tames in groups to different locations, but then in the next run I repeat the same strategy and it does not work so I firmly believe there is a high part of RNG on its landing. @Destrian, dont do it alone. I dont feel safe doing this boss in alpha with less than 3 ppl. One of my teammates did some runs of gamma solo by using a combination of deynos and rexes (not op rexes btw, the ones we had before transfers opened were 11800hp/431dmg base) but despite he did it a lot of times he also had some wipes.
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    I heard the secret is teaming up against the beast. Let's all band together and fight the Manticore instead of each other! If this can't be achieved, and the bickering/name calling continues in this thread, then it will have to be closed so let's please have a civil discussion. Thanks!
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    Smells like a troll post to me. Honestly, if people want to play unofficial, they go over to unofficial. I switched from official, to unofficial, to singleplayer, and there was nothing stopping me. There's no "inconvenience" with it, aside from having to start over, but that shouldn't be a problem if rates are higher. If you are having so much trouble with Bobs lagging up the servers, why don't you switch to unofficial?
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    Can confirm 100%. I've lost 76 rexes and 4 yutis, so i decided to be smart and move to island
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    Please dont insult @MostSpy as he may have some kind of problem. I put a facepalm in the same post you are referring to and the result is a bit.. illuminating
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    Yeah, im small time solo, so no wyverns and i dont want to risk the one giga I have ever caught. I found them near the tundra/forest in the north
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    Ok, thanks for the help
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    I remember way back when ARK came to the PS4. Back then I had to walk 9 miles to and 10 miles back, just to turn on my PS4. In 3 feet of snow! The only source of power was to ride a stationary bicycle, and we only had AOL dial up 56K internet. Of course, that didn't matter, as we were just excited to be playing a dinosaur game, as we huddled together in front of the TV, mostly for warmth, but also because we only had a 12" screen B & W television. Oh man, I mess those good old days! Dang Millennials ruin everything!
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    It won't be fixed, none of these issues that have been around for years will be.
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    If only people didnt build bases the size of 3 football fields and display the 100s of dinos everyone else also owns..
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    Recently we launched a new initiative, Classic PvP, which aimed to bring back the original days of PvP. These early days were full of fun and engaging battles with limited technology and an emphasis on the primitive aspects of PvP. Recent feedback from the community suggests that Classic PvP is a good start to reimagining early PvP but there's still more you'd like to see. When we originally launched Classic PvP, we launched it with a seasonal-based concept in mind. The idea of implementing a seasonal-based approach in an ARK game-mode was as enticing to us as it was to the community. On Friday 10:00 AM PDT, we'll be taking steps to get closer to the initial concept that inspired the game mode by implementing a few changes that have been requested by the community. In addition to these changes, Friday we will be wiping Classic PvP and preparing for Season 2. SEASON 2 CHANGES Cryopods are now craftable in obelisk terminals While we've heard feedback that you don't want TEK items like the TEK replicator, you do want items like cryopods for quality of life improvements. Cave building is disabled This change is one of the core requests from the community and a shift in the meta that we agreed on implementing for Classic PvP. We are excited to see how this change impacts Season 2 and we will adjust as necessary for future seasons. We’re anxious to get Season 2 underway but it's important to introduce changes slowly to monitor how they impact the current meta and gameplay. We’ll be looking forward to your suggestions and feedback for future seasons!
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    This is seriously limited to The Island? Who the hell plays that map anymore? Why is it not on every map? Oh, and first reports of broken spawns are already in. WC seems to be only able to fukc things up now.
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    There's multiple things to do for this boss, and multiple things NOT to do. on average I run the alpha in around 5 minutes on official, and have done it "hundreds" of times. No exaggeration. If done right you have no issues. It's mechanics are a bit more complicated and it's not really suitable for beginners imo. But to be fair you do get rewarded with some of the best engrams so the balance is right. Tek teleporter for example. Good ele and easy tribute requirements. Players having trouble are best sticking to an easier boss that is less rewarding. Not everything in the game is click and win and I'm glad, if they took the fun out of this boss it would be boring for experienced players. The boss isn't buggy, it just takes skill.
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    All I see is lots of posts by whiney noobs who don't know how to do the manticore. Like I said earlier, try an easier boss that's more suited to your skill levels.
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    The dodorex can not be cryod or uploaded, just tested
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    Nothing wrong with it, if its not landing your doing it wrong. Try an easier boss for beginners like the gamma brood, might be more suited to your skill level.
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    Need help not sure what to do Last night I was trying to transfer cryopod with snow owl inside and a few other belongings to scorched earth so I can collect wyvern eggs. And when I put my stuff in a care package and as soon as I click transfer I believe the care package expired!! And have been searching different packages and obliques to get my stuff back. Any thoughts???
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    Simply put: Rounding. Longer answer: Both of the displayed percentages that pop up when you cuddle and on a dino's stat-page are rounded up or down to the nearest whole-value. 3% does not mean 3%, but rather think of it as 2.5% to 3.4%. In the case of Gigas and this example, you can find out a rough but closer estimate of a Giga's actual imprint with division. imprint amount currently is 17%. That of course means 16.5% to 17.4%. -total imprint amount divided by number of imprints for low number ---> 16.5/6= 2.75% -total imprint amount divided by number of imprints for high number ---> 17.4/6= 2.9% So the imprint amount for Gigas is 2.75 to 2.9%. Averaging them for a mean value, we get 2.825% from your numbers roughly, per imprint. Only your provided numbers though, that isn't the actual amount, just the amount here with the numbers you provided.
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