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Surf's Up!!!


Hang in there, v239 is on the way!!!

From the album:

Mysterious Mysteries

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Dino ride for the Elderly?

I was imagining something a little more streamlined!?

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I also want to surf ;-) it looks funny

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11 hours ago, Thylacoleo said:

That saddle is atrocious 

Completely agree.

Who on earth thought of this terrible design?  

Please tell me there's a reason because this just isn't pretty. 

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well i didn't mean to post that, how do you remove quotes? I think that saddle looks silly the poor guy dosnt look too happy about it, Something like the ichy saddle would be more fitting for him.

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I'm normally supportive of you ARK Devs, because i'm taking SGD classes in college myself, so I know developing a game isn't easy. But, as many have said, this saddle is atrocious, and to be honest, I think it's an act of laziness.

From the picture it appears that once again, like Castoroides, you have strayed away from what the Dossier has said. Yet, with Castoroides it was a good stray away. In the original idea the animal would become quickly encumbered by the wood it gathered for you. With it's size it made sense that it could be mountable, and that special inventory item weight and the ability to use it's saddle as a portable smithy were very inginuitive, as beavers are "natural smithies" themselves, in many regards.

Now I think I know what you were trying to strive for. Those type of hover or underwater transports which I can best describe as an "underwater Segway", with a pole and handlebars you grab and you ride in a standing position. Yet, realize those are commonly in old-fashioned cartoons, and in modern ones, you commonly see it in aerial transports. ACTUAL, real-life "Water scooters" (as best as I can call them) are actually shaped like torpedos, with a fan on the back end, where the diver rides in a similar manner to the Angler of ARK.

Yet, again, I think this is just plain out old laziness. It LITERALLY looks like a manta with a crutch strapped to it's back. What would have been best would to simply have it be a bearback mount *cough cough* like the dossier said *cough*, although make it have two simple stances that can be shifted between with the press of a key or right click. You could ride it like an Angler, lying against it and holding on via it's tentacles in a stance more built for speed, but when you shift stances, you ride it like a surfboard. Less hydrodynamic when underwater, but it gives you that pleasure of being able to surf if you want, at the surface.

In general, love the animal's model, but that saddle is atrocious and lazy. It's illogical, and nonsensical. It's not hydrodynamic in the slightest, especially in comparison to the other normal saddles (leaving Mosa's and Elasmo's platform saddles out of the mix). I do hope this is either patched out/in, or the modding community does something with this. I think, personally, you struck out on this one, guys. Terrible saddle design or not, I still think i'll have fun with this mount.

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Seriously, the drag that the saddle would cause underwater would be tremendous. Why not have straps and have the riders lay down flat on its back?

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I think that looks awesome... to be able to stand and bounce about surfer style hell yeah :):) but these updates on xbox one are few and far between :/:/ we need fortnightly updates id be more keen to play constantly knowing every other week a new animal is out to tame :)

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