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  1. Excited to the max !! Bring on the updates and new map :):) 

  2. Looking for more players on 109, trying to bump server back up so if ur interested try us pve/pvp 109

    1. Co2


      Do u play on a pvp?

    2. Bing1N0nly


      Did :/ moving to new servers when update hits later :)

  3. Bing1N0nly

    The Titanic

    Knock out by catapult will be interesting to do but ive herd there will only be one per server? If this is true im going to have bring my A grade taming skills to get it first, it'll fit nicely next to my 10 giga's 109 4eva ??
  4. Bing1N0nly

    Surf's Up!!!

    I think that looks awesome... to be able to stand and bounce about surfer style hell yeah but these updates on xbox one are few and far between we need fortnightly updates id be more keen to play constantly knowing every other week a new animal is out to tame
  5. Bing1N0nly

    The Bare Necessities!

    When will the bears be coming to xbox one though?? I want one
  6. Is owning 7 giga's just too much power lol thank you ark gods 4 this wonderfull bounty u have provided me with :):):)

  7. Sup people ?

    Highest giga on server 109 ;) best take care bear out for a morning stroll hes still hungry even after a broodmother breakfast :P hahaa

    Savages no 1 4 the win yo ✌

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