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  1. Will we need a night cycle for the event?
  2. Lemonz

    Surf's Up!!!

    well i didn't mean to post that, how do you remove quotes? I think that saddle looks silly the poor guy dosnt look too happy about it, Something like the ichy saddle would be more fitting for him.
  3. Lemonz

    The Titanic

    by the sounds of it you cant solo it but it dose take tranqs, so team play will be needed.
  4. Lemonz

    The Titanic

    new taming style? sick! cant wait.
  5. Lemonz

    The Titanic

    wonder how many tranqs it'll take lol
  6. Lemonz

    The Titanic

    OMG i didn't realize the size of it that things crazy big! But im more interested in the meteors in the background :3
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