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  1. Hi Trenrifus. I really really like your picture. Congrats on winning the day twice back in 2016. 

  2. I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am with being mentioned in the Community Crunch #49! I would like to thank the people who have assisted me on my journey, you know who you are. I will be writing a poem this very day in appreciation for being mentioned.
  3. Trentifus


    I love it @Fin! Well done!
  4. Trentifus


    Haha, cheers mate! Keep up the good work, I'm curious to see that you have in store next
  5. Trentifus


    Do i get an award sir? Very well done too!
  6. Hey @Rippy,

    Cant see your about me, whats up with that?

  7. Trentifus


    Lol, is this a Breaking Bad recreation?
  8. Trentifus

    Redwood Biome

    Wonderful picture! I cant wait to explore the Redwood forest, those trees look massive in comparisson to that Dinosaur! Have you had a chance to view my poems? I can feel the creative juices flowing at the sight of this picture! @Jat
  9. @DeltaCharlie00 If you are asking for reputation, we have a situation such as the one that occurred early last month. People were handing out false 100 Rep point awards and were caught. That kind of behaviour can severely damage the credibility of everyone’s forum experience. Good luck with the Mosa @Rippy. The name is brilliant, I hope there isnt too much... Interferrence... while taming him.
  10. Charles Manta? Like the famous baseball player? @Rippy
  11. Holy cow, did you know that our birthdays were only a little over a month apart! I am older though by just a lil' bit, as you could probably tell LOLLLLLLL

  12. I'll get back to you later on that one @Rippy. I plan on taming on this evening and will take a few flyers with me to test it out.
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