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  1. Am I the only one who's noted the only mods they've bothered to "review" on these biweekly streams so far are sponsored mods? Like, if you already enjoy them enough and think that they are good enough to become sponsored, Why "review" them?
  2. Thank you so much. I really love this game.
  3. ARK devs, I'm normally a huge supporter, but I've been ticked off with this reveal. Yes, Tek teir is AWESOME, but did you see some of the comments? like this one: "I am in an alpha tribe on PvP official and we already are trying to wipe out every tribe and make the server only for us. With this new armor we're going to be able to kill everyone and they can't do anything to stop us. The sensor vision is going to be so useful against anyone trying to hide or avoid being killed. It's sort of annoying when you go to raid a noob and they get away because in reality they shouldn't have a chance anyway because that isn't what I find fun. This armor looks godly and when i get my hands on it all you butthurt cry babies are going to cry some more as I destroy every single thing you own. People seem to forget this is a shooter not hide and seek simulator. I am fed up of the survival aspect of the game anyway and would like to see better ways for the alpha tribes to be rewarded. Although i think this armor is amazing, i still want more power and know the game is going to deliver me that. You people seem to forget this game is for the people who actually are good at it and matter such as alpha tribes. That's why ark devs give us amazing armor like this and all you get is pointy sticks. Anyone who's butthurt should just kill themselves because at the end of the day you're bad and the weak don't deserve to have as much fun as people like me. We worked hard and deserve to be top tier and that's why we are going to use this tek tier armor to ruin the game for you scrubs because you're poop and don't deserve to be playing the game in the first place. Get good or gtfo losers" I understand you strive to make ark "Fair and competitive", but look at what you're doing in the reveal trailer. Do you not realize this is what dumb-minded, egotistical alpha tribes are going to be doing on public PvP servers? Wiping everybody else off the map? I love the idea, Ark Devs, but PLEASE, for the sake of your fanbase and for balancing: make this gear and weapons RIDICULOUSLY AND PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLY HARD TO GET AND UPKEEP. I mean, come on ark devs. Please, think of your fanbase. I don't want this game ending up like The Isle.
  4. They cited 12 EST. It's 12 in EST, and I would know: I'm in EST! Regardless, who knows what will happen. I'm confident If I go to bed tonight, i'll wake up to an ark update
  5. Another great crunch, love seeing the creative side of this community. Sadly these are the last of my friend Mega's dossiers. He's quitting the dossier-making community actually, due to me. He has a habit of either making his animals incredibly overpowered, sound like the best thing since sliced bread, or have some insane or outrageous gimmick. That's not how you make a dossier at all, and whenever he asked me for input on his dossiers, and they weren't the best, I told him as such, and why they didn't really stack up or make logical sense. In example, for those who don't know the Jaggi species in his dossier, they're from the same game as Monoblos, Diablos, and Sand Barioth. the Jaggi species are actually not "apex predators" at all, and are actually at the bottom of the carnivorous food chain in Monster Hunter. In fact Great Jaggi is one of the many punching bags of monster hunter. He also did make a Monoblos and Diablos dossier, but there was literally no difference between the two (in game they also have similar attack patterns, but Monoblos has more above-ground based charge attacks, compared to Diablos who digs and ambushes from all over the damn place, reflected in my dossiers), so I made Monoblos and Diablos to show him how to differentiate between two similar animals. Finally getting tired of "Everybody stoops to the king of dossiers (me)", and "Mine are never any good to yours!", he ragequit this community, rather than keep trying, due to the fact he made outrages dossiers again and again and refused my friendly advice, which he kept asking for. Regardless, i'm still game for taking up any other "apprentices" and teaching them how to make dossiers. I've been trying to make an ark dossier tutorial video for a while now, and I think I might have something worked out....
  6. I've been defending ark. I don't feel betrayed at all. I haven't throughout any and all of this. So, there goes another argument. Although, indeed, I feel a majority of Salt is unnecessary...then again, it appears this community is far more toxic than i'd expect.
  7. so my pal on skype discovered something [4:21:38 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: So I just found out something [4:22:02 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: Theres a reason why Scorched Earth was released when it was [4:22:15 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: And it has nothing to do with the Lawsuit [4:22:48 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: IT WAS ANNOUNCED TO BE RELEASED IN SEPTEMBER MONTHS AGO [4:23:18 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: It was pushed into the EA timeline because the main game got pished back [4:23:41 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: Arks full release was supposed to be back in June [4:24:06 AM] Straw Hat Luffy: It got pushed back to November due to additional connent being added double checked my friend's (Frost's) findings. He's absolutely right. We were TOLD about Scorched Earth a long while ago.
  8. I'm going to clarify a few things from my ARK experiences on Scorched Earth. Ok, to the dumbfarse who said Scorched Earth will cut your server playerbase if added: well surprise surprise, technically, EVERY server has Scorched Earth. I have an ark server with SurvivalServers, I didn't even DO anything, and it's compatable with scorched earth. For those that want an explanation, I can best describe the experience the people on my server need to go through is strange. Being a dedicated server through Nintrado, take into mind Scorched Earth is it's own map. It's not a map within the map like the broodmother arena: it's an entirely new map, like the Center. So if I wanted to have people go from my ark to Scorched Earth, I'd have to buy my own Scorched Earth server: not really something i'm game on. Having Scorched Earth myself, I can spawn in SE animals into the Island, but I made the server rules that you have to import the animals from Singleplayer via the obelisk (with admin permission). Buying Scorched Earth does not effect dedicated-server gameplay at all. It simply allows people to bring in powerful, unique animals from singleplayer or other server worlds. It doesn't affect server or standard gameplay at all. To be frank, I see nothing wrong with Scorched Earth being paid-for. The game itself is NOWHERE near truly early access games like The Isle: ARK is MUCH more fleshed out, and is a game in and of itself already. So what if it's for release date? Pretty sure release date only means a little more update and a jack in price. I don't think people understand how FRIGGIN POWERFUL these animals are. The mantis I have completely obliterates many adversaries, and it's ability to dual-wield melee weapons makes it incredibly adaptable; the Rock Golems are absolute tanks immune to most damage, save for certain attacks and explosives; and the Wyverns are incredibly powerful: the 153 when-wild lightning wyvern I have, Maleficent, is a freaking beast. A single well-placed lightning beam, and she's got most creatures like brontos or paracers, at either half health or completely dead. These animals are incredibly powerful, and to me, it makes sense Scorched Earth is paid DLC because of the items within, and the animals themselves are so damn powerful. To be frank, I feel this isn't really a case of "we're getting paid DLC before the game releases!" gripe. I feel like this gripe is more of "We have to pay to get our cool and overpowered animals!!". That's absolutely infantile, and I didn't think the community was that toxic. This isn't The Isle, guys. Come on. Regardless, Jat, Wildcard Team, this expansion is amazing, very nice job working on it in secret, it's totally worth the $20 dollars, especially since I think you'll be updating that one too as you go along, right? I don't think you're quite done with scorched earth, knowing you guys. Thanks for the great work on a great game. Again, taking Game Dev classes in college, I know the process is frustrating. I completely understand how much work you had to do to make this happen, and i'm in awe of it. Nicely done. 10/10 would get chased down on my mantis by a deathworm again (we got away :D). Thanks a lot you guys, and keep it up!
  9. RIP you did it again, Jat. My Psuedalerus and Bramatherium were in the last crunch. Still, nice entries from everybody once again!
  10. *Ahem* A slight beef with this. CiTyS's dossiers have been featured before in an earlier crunch. In other words, you've only shown one new fanmade dossier, excluding the Mysterious Mysteries, props to him for figuring that out. Also I could go off on a certain rant about CiTyS's dossiers, but I wont.
  11. Shadlos

    Baby Allosaurus

    That's just the perfect mix of adorable and freaky.
  12. Shadlos

    The Babies of ARK

    That baby mammoth tho looks like something straight outta some chibi thing.
  13. Well again, ARK is a science fiction game. It's not meant to be accurate, and I actually like Castoroides as it is now more than the dossier. It's much more useful. Titanosaur, I also completely understand. That thing would be overpowered, and I think the devs realized that. People need to stop griping on ark for a lot of things, but it probably won't happen.
  14. I think you've hit the nail on the head there, partner. Interesting concept, anyway. Loving these mysterious mysteries, but i'd like a good ol fashioned normal dossier reveal, ya know?
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