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  1. Alright end the argument. We don't need a cow or a tiger nor any other creature that is alive today, becaus every small carnivore is a tiger and every medium/small herbivore is a cow Dont suggest a modern day creature unless it could have some implication to they game other than the old "silica pearl/prime meat harvester"
  2. Introducing the Yutyrannus!

  3. Ayo Boys better adhere to my request Ambulocetus Koolasuchus Prionosuchus Gigantoraptor
  4. Look at the patch notes buddy
  5. Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    Rep this post if you like this dossier
  6. Introducing the Yutyrannus!

    Sweet baby jesus
  7. Ayo Boys better adhered my request Ambulocetus Koolasuchus Prionosuchus Gigantoraptor Ichtyoventor Brachiosaurus Amargosaurus' Yutyrannus Inostrancevia Helicoprion Nasutoceratops
  8. As you can see, I like how wonderfully powerful and useful the Thyla is. Thank you for making me the apex mammal of the game.
  9. Thylacoleo Devkit Coverage

    The Thylacoleo is almost here, and the devkit has updated with its animations Videos of animation will continue to be posted