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Server Instability & Crashes - Mega Thread


Message added by Joebl0w13,

Please report official server outages or other issues using this form: https://ark.gg/outage

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Server 5230 crashed 5 and a half hours ago and never came back up. We had a patch since then where the other servers got restarted but a few servers that were already crashed before the patch never came back up. It's not just me because the unofficial 5230 discord server all are talking and none of us have seen the server reappear.


The pinned thread in this forum section that lists current outages lists nothing and the maintenance announcements thread says there's no upcoming/current maintenance. 


I submitted a support ticket on Nitrado's website since they are the official server hosts xD telling them that 5230 has been down over 5 hours though it says it might take 24 hours to process the ticket lol.

At this point it looks like noone at Wildcard/Snail Games/Nitrado has any idea the server has been offline for 5 and a half hours since they haven't acknowledged it in any place...

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Well you can now add 5250 to the list, offline, ticketed by many people, still not up- only an hour currently so not as long as others, but clearly not coming online atm

Clearly we are seeing an increase in servers offline for longer periods, I guess we wait for the US team to be awake, and hope that some of them are working this weekend


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I bought the game, scanned local files, then proceeded to start it up and after it appeared to begin loading I got 2 seperate error pages & then a popup saying to update my graphics driver (which was already updated to the latest version). I did a series up checks and reinstalls of my drivers, scanned and checked the directories for security permissions, the usual extensive checks and have hit a wall on what to do. My second reinstall and still staying optimistic hoping for a patch fix or hoping there's an instruction on how I can manually fix this.

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Rolled back into the sea only to drown loosing all my stuff for the 324124 time and my tame since it was stuck swimming in circles instead to me!!
Almost all servers have alpha tribes that have blocked off all places like artifact caves and loot caves.

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Да вы издеваетесь. Сервер 5200 проработал пару часов и хватит или что? 

Когда будет решена проблема с с ерверами?

Как можно играть если каждые 2 часа сервер вылетает, а потом вообще пропадает из списка. 

Разработчики, ну емае. 

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