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  1. Dragon on Valg is different, it has massively reduced difficulty setting compared to Island Dragon. I would suggest Changing tactics. My method works very well.
  2. yeah since genesis came out its been wierd I heard. Not bothered doing reapers since halloween time personally but I've always used rads to abort n never transferred while prego.
  3. easy way to abort is jst take hazmat off or run into rad naked. rad dmg kills gestation
  4. PC-EU663 Gensis is really bad too. Crashes every 5-30 mins all day long. Can't even play and We've tweeted devs and filed reports and all we get in return is silence not even a 'Hey guys, really sorry we are aware and are working to resolve it' I mean c'mon look at this metrics data its disgusting. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/5827800 I love ark and make allowances for issues all the time and had alot of respect for the hard work the devs put in but I'm really not happy right now being stuck in on quarantine and unable to play the one game that takes my mind of the messed up situation with 1,000's of people all over the world dying everyday.
  5. today so far our server EU663 has crashed over 30 times LITERALLY. Ping is ALWAYS below 100 but yet just after almost every server save the server crashes and theres under 40 players online minimal big bases on the map not loads of tames in each base not loads of bbys out (we cant raise bbys cause every time server rolls bk the egg tiners obv roll bk with it). my actual time that has passed (registered as passing by the server between rollbacks) is maybe 4hrs instead of 12 like it should have been. And despite loads of people on the server placing reports and tweeting devs for over 36hrs now still not a peep from anyone at WC. Happy easter to you too guys
  6. Since the event started EU GEN 663 PC has been crshing constantly (its a player intentionally doing it to dupe eggs from new creatures not a server issue) I have reported, tweeted every dev I can think of and no response or actions have been taken so we are all stuck in a groundhog day situation with constant rollbacks and not able to breed or tame anything due to this issue. I love this game and me and my wife have been having fun on Genesis until now, I am losing respect for WC as the complete lack of any form of response is disrespectful and shows that the customer care is non existant atm. We are all pretty much trapped indoors atm and having to miss out on the easter event is really getting us down our Magmasaurs were finally grown just before the event started but we cant even use them and have fun with them cause every 5-20 mins server crashes and rolls bk to the most recent save point so you are losing everything you did in that time and you start back off at the same point you were when you logged in the first time. thanks @WildCard for looking after your players that are struggling. @Cedric any chance you can kick someone up the butt for us and get the problem sorted please please please.
  7. It was in the community crunch. The one before conquest announcement I think it was crunch 220. Scroll down it says about caves specifically.
  9. Also KEEP the junky loot in a vault next to a grinder and grind it down for free mats. Save the Riot and Fabricated stuff for when you need to craft something that requires poly
  10. Best way to feed gachas is have a bunch of mejoberry crop plots and an iguanodon. Fill the Iggy with berries and keep seeding them then use the seeds for the gachas. Absolutely the easiest method to use
  11. Honestly I always found the best way to do bosses etc first time is to Download Ark Server Manager, Run the server and then use a program called Ark Commander by SparcMX to spawn stuff in and practice/test various methods to see which will work best and also get your tactics on point without actually losing anything you worked hard for if you fail. You can also do it in single player but if I remember right its a different difficulty so wont give you an accurate answer to the outcome compared to doing it on a dedicated server via ASM
  12. Nope wont wipe. Honestly if your solo try PVE as you'll get blasted on PVP and rage quit through being raided daily.
  13. go to an obelisk or supply crate and select the server transfer option then you can select a server from the drop down list.
  14. The beginner servers are lvl capped very low. In order to lvl more you will need to transfer into one of the main servers. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRANSFER BACK ONCE YOU TRANSFER OUT THOUGH!! Those are servers designed for very new players to learn the game without extremely advanced players present, The Beginner servers are also periodically wiped (warning is always given first) to encourage people to move on to the main cluster once they have got a grasp on the game. ***I did just notice you said you'd already tried transferring, my apologies. I would advise uploading anything you want to keep then start a fresh character on the main cluster and hit as many Explorer notes as poss and that will get you a hell of a start on lvls you'll hit 50+ in no time that way. Another good way to lvl is to build a trap near an alpha raptor and hit it with arrows when your super low level, it'll give you a nice boost when you're under lvl 50
  15. 100% Transfers will not be open from day 1 for dinos/items/structures. Every DLC is character transfer only to begin with.
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