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  1. Turtle seems like it'd be cool but useless if the oceans on the new map aren't alot bigger and with more to do, and more creature types. I for one would like to see them do more with underwater because unlike alot of other games underwater in ark is decent.
  2. Did you mean North East? Carnivore Island is in the North East
  3. All the info I could find on google said build in this location because PvP raiders have a hard time attacking the location because there's only one way in, not because they are good areas for making a nice base and in a good location for the resources. Not sure if your implying single player game has PvP raiders lol or if you just said that to be a sausage?
  4. Base location? Are there recommended base locations on The Island for single player mode?
  5. All seem powered and I don't think anyone refilled the generators while I was afk Yeah i'm thinking this maybe
  6. I believe I heard tell that artefacts are commonly inside the caves which are dotted around the map and can be found on the wiki or by exploring though it would take a long while. The caves are hard places though. Was the one you found inside a cave?
  7. OMG I was in a tek pod afk and I got kicked for being idle which has never happened before and I log back in and it's at the respawn screen... No loot bag anywhere so I just lost the quality hazmat suit I was wearing, a bunch of purples and yellow flak armour pieces and maybe a primative hazmat too that was in my inventory as well as my imprinted spino and a featherlight and one other dino in a cryo that I can't recall what it was along with 100 longneck ammo and 100 tranq darts and a couple of yellow longneck rifles and a yellow sword. Can't recall what else but you get the idea... I've been afk overnight before without being kicked and it's certainly never killed me the few times I did DC while afk...
  8. i7-8700k ASUS ROG motherboard 32GB RAM 1TB SSD with ark on it ASUS ROG GTX 1080Ti Seriously if game game runs this poop on a system like this and it's because my $4000 tower isn't up to it i'd hate to see how people barely above minimum specs find it lol. Yeah if I do fall through floor I can wait at the bottom for 5 minutes or longer for it to load and teleport me back up all because they apparently load all the dinos before the floors and ceilings.
  9. Are there wild dinos out there with 149 level up points in one stat? Or are wild dinos limited to a certain maximum? And when they tame can all the bonus levels go in one stat so you get a Dino with like 220 or more in one stat after taming?
  10. Have they said if the patch today will stop us falling through the floor when we use a tek teleporter to enter a large base with alot of stuff because the floor hasn't loaded in? What about when we teleport out bases and end up inside the teleporter? What about when we walk past a giant collection of 100 or 200 female dinos when trying for mutations and there's at least 300 dinos on that floor and the fps drops to single digits?
  11. Because you can't play on PvE servers? There is this little issue of a billion F'ing pillars built every few steps across the whole map which can't be destroyed in PvE and they stop you even dropping a campfire to cook meat to eat let alone a whole base...
  12. Wouldn't that just be every dino in the area? If I do need my key stats at 45 or more than these raptors don't help at all right? since their highest in the key stats are in the 30's
  13. How do I tell if something is a good dino tame to start breeding with? Can't find a max level wild Raptor or Tek Raptor to save my life but I have found some high level Tek Raptors at least Managed to breed my 2 tames together and got a baby female level 230 with HP 30, Stam 36, Oxy 36, Food 32, Weight 30, Melee 30 and Speed 35 and I also have a male with Melee 35 I could breed into it.
  14. Breeding I wouldn't mind but really it's just one OP stud male screwing lines of females that are already setup no actual making of a breeding line. initially I tried to join a PvE oceanic tribe but none seem to exist so I ended up joining a US PvP one not knowing what I was getting into. Being fairly new I have no idea what Arkpocalypse is/was until you just mentioned it lol. I heard about server wipes yet I initially thought that was every server.
  15. So games meant to turn into boring junk at the end where you do nothing but endlessly slot cap metal and berrys and wood and meat which makes it no longer a game but rather a job more boring than a real life job?
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