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  1. Just happened to us on PVE 507. this is stupid, fix it !!!
  2. same happened to us, we tested this with and without dinos. all gone. tested on ragnarok, no issue there. Not good WC not good. more ways to prevent us from enjoying the game.
  3. serveral players tested. on dino or on foot, if you touch the world boarder now you get respawned, dino gone, gear gone. tested 3 times, tribe members tested. official server PVE UP 705 island https://streamable.com/k1tlo4
  4. Update: several players on the same server has tested this, World boarder now kills players are deletes your dinos and gear....
  5. Swiming on our sever PVE EU 705 and grazed the world boarder under water, this id say is hard not to do as under water is very close and its tight all over the place, when the image froze for 2 sec, me and my dino vanished and i was prompted with the respawn screen. i heard some ppl say they lost skiffs going into it but didnt think to much of it. tried this not 1 not 2 but 3 more times and every time the same issue. char gone. dino gone. This cant be right. please exctintion kill boarder is enough. this is stupid....
  6. Server EU PVE-Official-Genone640 full alpha group 10 ppl DCed one MC, everything lost and everything dead.
  7. id rather call someone out for not doing their jobs. still, good effort tho
  8. 3 times now in one hour. EU-PVE-OFFICIAL-EXTINCTION507
  9. lets talk about it. The server save lags are horrible by themselves, this is utter rubbish and needs attention.
  10. Been back on this server for 3 days now and im greeted by the usual lags + some shorter ones wich is fine BUT talking to the players on 507 the server has been booting all players every 30-90 mins.' This is imho gamebreaking and i hope to god this is not "just how it is" Please look into this. no one can do drops nor vains while this madness persists. Helios. (Timedout)
  11. same here, still an issue 4 months later. Devs please.
  12. still not fixed. This is silly, devs should look at this problem, storage, wiring is a nightmare on these platoforms
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