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The Rant (Gotta let it out):

Very surprised that there has still been no official implementation on ORP. Took a big break around the time the new game came out, due to a lack of faith in both the company this community. Now I know this game is a remaster, but I honestly expected ORP to be in it, even though it has it's flaws.

At this point anything is better than nothing. The old system may have been plagued with exploiters who had nothing better to do than to troll you, but for the most part you had the opportunity to actually build up some defenses and have a proper battle, before your base fell.

We aren't looking for a streamlined ORP anymore. We just want to be enjoy a bit of PvP while still working a full time job and spend time with our family. People always respond to this and say that you just need to join a decent tribe, but this is not true. Decent tribes require daily activity which is just not possible for most people.

I even tried to build up a large competitive tribe on official PvP servers specifically for people like us and the majority of the old tribe members I've become friends with had already left the community due to burnout...games aren't supposed to be a chore!


The Point:

I got some people at work interested in the game, but once they learned that you can be attacked without even playing it became a joke and they refused to buy into it.  I would love for Ark to become the next game that we all hit up after a day of work and unwind. Think of potential customers that could get into the game. 

In a time where other competitive PvP games demand total focus and concentration from the player, Ark was my retreat. I see modern games with all of these daily log ins and other trash to keep you coming on each day and I hate it.

Ark is demanding more time from their players and removing our only PvP option is a slap in the face to all the players who have a life. It was at the very least a clear message to me. They do not want players like us in their game. 

Message received...guess I won't be seeing you guys in either of the new games. What a bummer. 

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6 hours ago, Tapejara411 said:

Ok so what is the utility of this "suggestions" forum ?

What the utility of this if the most popular topic in this section, by far, was ignore ? Can you explain me ?

And its not difficult to put ORP server, they already exist in ASE, they just have to add a cluster of this.


We want it NOW, we want play it with the actual meta (no cryo, only island) and not in 2 years when all map are here, and cryo back.



Perfectly put, I actualy feel like WC has long lost it's customer focus and actually despise the playerbase, ya know the paying customer?

Sounds like an entitled view? Well yes I feel entitled to have a server choice I was enjoying in a game I paid for, which I have now re-paid for and not getting the service I paid for.

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I imagine that at the moment the developers are trying to make the already existing and already broken servers work and don't want to open new types of servers so as not to have other problems, I think we won't see our orp pvp servers again very soon. Guys, I say goodbye, I'm leaving Ark behind me and I'm moving forward. If the ORP ever comes back, send me a signal. Until we meet again 

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Dear developers!
Once again I would like to ask you to open an official cluster of Offline Raid Protection servers.

The thing is that I, as well as many other players, have been playing ARK: Survival Evolved for years on the official PVP-ORP cluster.
At some point, the developers closed all the official servers with the words that all the same official servers will soon appear in the remaster of the game - ARK: Survival Ascended. It is for this reason that I and many other fans of this mode bought ARK: ASA, hoping that they will be able to return to their favorite servers and enjoy our favorite game again. But what was my surprise that this mode is simply absent in ASA.
From the first day the game appeared in my library, I tried to get in touch with the developers to get the word out. I created discussions in Steam, wrote repeatedly in the official ARK Discord and even participated in discussions here on this forum. But never got any clear answer.
I realize that the game is still in development and the developers have a lot of things to do to improve ARK ASA. I'm not asking or in any way demanding to open an official ORP cluster immediately, I just want to know some information about future plans, since again, I and many other players can't find a place in the remaster. Their home and comfort was taken away from ARK: Survival Evolved, but they didn't get it back in ARK: Survival Ascended. 

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Everyone please go here and post the following request to ceds wisshlist.


Please bring our PvP ORP servers back to the official network and redo/re-add these tweaks that never worked when you applied them.  v245.0 * Offline Raid Protection mode now disables PIN Locking, and Structures in Caves no longer get ORP




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