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  1. Thanks for the detailed response. I agree that alphas can be extremely toxic and given the power gap between them and new players, this can definitly be an issue. Maybe I was just lucky, but I've had the benefit of meeting some great alpha tribes. To alot of players a good alpha helps the server and gives free stuff and all this other crap that i disagree with. The best alpha tribes I've ever met were the ones who didn't care about you, but they also left you alone (mostly). The best alpha tribes were territorial and if you got too close to their base you would get shot/eaten without warning. They didn't care about you even if you got big, but they wouldn't back down to any threats either. It was a mutual understanding on the server that if someone got big enough on the server they would challenge the alpha tribe and whichever tribe won would be the new alpha. The tribe that lost would get dissolved pretty quickly, as the victor would traditionally be pretty ruthless in their conquest, but it rarely extended beyond a tribe and their allies. On top of that the greatest alphas held no grudges. In fact it was pretty common to see a defeated tribe split apart and join the newer tribes, beginning the cycle all over again. This was one of the coolest things because even if a player lost their entire base and was a beach bob their name still held meaning and influence and over time we developed a sort of inner circle on the server, born out mutual respect for the veteran players who have managed to both stick around and rise up time and time again. To me that is the biggest disappointment of the loss of alpha tribes. In a way each server had an identity. Alpha tribes were respected not out of fear or generosity, but just because they managed to gain and hold their position. I don't get that feeling anymore. Alpha tribes today fall too quickly to even gain an identity and i think its due not to a lack of defenses but because the player base on pvp has decided to favor aggression and conquest over maintaining a healthy official network.
  2. I think op is talking about the massive walls made of stairs some people build. Some people build those as a form of raid defense. Turrets can shoot through the openings, and players can run through them, but it blocks larger dinos from crossing through. Can be built fairly cheaply as well, as one spiral staircase is 2 high and 2 wide. I personally think they are ugly and weak.
  3. Depends on the server that you play on. Clusters can only transfer to a server of that cluster. So for example cluster 5 has a server for each map and I can freely hop between them, but I cannot transfer to a cluster 6 server. Not all servers have a cluster attatched to them, take for instance Official Server 367. This server may transfer to literally hundreds of different servers because it is not limited to a cluster. PvP may only transfer to PvP PvE may only travel to PvE Example: PvP Official Server 367 may transfer to PvP Official Server 368, but not PvE Official Server 369 The nice thing is that you can still play separate maps, so a PvP island map may transfer to a PvP scorched map. Also you are allowed to have a base built on multiple servers and you can even bring dinos and gear from one server to the other, so if you like dragons but hate the desert you can go and tame dragons then bring them to the island with you. When choosing a server to play on its important to remember these things and find one based on your goals. If you choose PvP you will forever have to play on PvP with that character and vice versa. If you want a smaller community that you can get to know then you can choose to play on a cluster, but you will never be able to transfer out of that cluster. Think about your goals in the game from a long term perspective and try your best to choose appropriately. Lastly each server has a few other things that you should consider before playing on it. You should try to find one that has a low ping and is also your region, Such as a NA, EU server etc...You can still transfer to different regional servers if they are not part of a cluster, but anytime you do so your connection will likely be unstable. That doesn't stop players from doing it though and you will often see entire servers transferring from one server to the next as a means of waging war on each other.
  4. I assume you are referring to the island map? To start out, id like to refer you to the wiki. It's an invaluable survival tool that contains information on anything you may have questions about. (But still feel free to ask your questions here). As for general tips: Thatch is really only good to protect you from the cold, upgrade to at least wood as soon as you can, to get some proper protection. Don't procrastinate taming. Start with a parasaur then keep taming harder and harder dinos. Almost all of them have hidden traits that will help you grow. The further you move inland the greater the threats you will find. Start out on the beaches, but don't stay there too long, especially if you are on a pvp server. Speaking of servers, make sure to remember the one you play on. I often see new players who are really friendly disappear from the server the moment they log off and I think it's because they forgot which server they chose to play on. Resources: For resources at the beginning you will need a lot of stone and wood. Metal is on top of mountains, but not all of them. Same with crystal. Oil can be found in the ocean. Those are the main resources, but literally everything you come across in the game is useful so save it all...even poop. Also If it seems like there should be a better way to gather something, there probably is, so don't waste too much time trying to gather everything by hand. The wiki is a great tool for figuring out good ways to gather resources. Last but not least: This game builds upon itself like stepping stones, so the early game may come across as shallow, but keep building , crafting and taming, new goals will present themselves as you progress. I followed this post so if you have other questions feel free to ask. Welcome to the Ark!
  5. Spawn in ridiculously over leveled titans as a separate tribe and set them to aggressive/wander on the map before making your character.
  6. I agree with the OP in the sense that PvP has become largely focused on offensive capabilities. In my opinion the greatest pleasure of PvP is not the actual attack/raid but the tension and preparation before it, so I am also concerned about this. Back In the day alpha status meant something, but now alpha tribes come and go almost every other day on my server and there is no longer a sense of identity or comradery amongst those who stay. I don't believe more defenses will help though. A tribe base needs to anticipate all methods of attack while the attackers need to only find one weakness in the base to bring it down. Therefore the attackers even on a level playing field will always have the advantage. Add to this, the fact that most tribes that are defending have all of their eggs in one basket. If their base falls they go back to square zero and must regain not just their gear and tames, but also their production capabilities. Last but not least attackers tend to focus on tribes that are far weaker than them to heighten their advantage even more. You simply cannot win under some odds and that is the harsh reality that ark pvp brings to the table. As a side note consider this: What if you manage to drive the raiders back? Are they going to just give up and leave you alone? Of course not, they are going to go resupply and come back with twice as much gear because at they end of the day they have the power and you don't. Extra turrets or new defenses will not change that. I'm not saying I like it, but this is the reality of the situation. Advantage will always favor the attacker in this game. Defending is a thing of the past. Bases exist to get crushed and reveal the attacker so that you may attack them back twice as hard. That's the only way to survive these days. Edit: Just wanted to add that i'm not against new base defense ideas. I actually made a recent suggestion of my own to add a few. I believe new defenses would be good to mix things up and keep the game interesting, but i simply don't believe that they are a viable alternative to playing offensively.
  7. Three New Defences Now that the new genesis creatures have been balanced out a bit, one element of raiding still seems very consistent. No matter if its an online or offline raid most raiders at some point are forced to maintain a distance and do some form of soaking before moving into an enemy base. These three base defense ideas are intended to shake things up and keep raiders on their toes. They also enhance all aspects of base defense, from active defending, offline defending and even retaliation. Hope you guys agree! 1. Grapples for ballista (non platform only, rafts ok)-I've seen this suggested a couple times on steam and reddit. The idea is that a ballista could shoot a larger grappling hook that could pull in larger dinos from beyond turret range. The grapples should be extremely expensive and deteriorate fairly quickly once attached, as this can be a death sentence under the right circumstances. While the grapple should be able to fire beyond turret range it should not be able to pull that same distance with one grapple, giving the raider ample time to retrieve/whistle their dino to safety. Personally I would like to see ballista and catapults used more frequently in both raids and base designs. 2. Cyropod Turrets-One of my own ideas that I think could be really interesting. These turrets would increase fuel consumption and have a far smaller range than that of regular turrets, as well as a cooldown in between shots and a limited storage capacity of say 10-20 slots, but it can be loaded with your own frozen tames. The idea is that as raiders are moving in to a base and soaking they could occasionally trigger one of these turrets and now must deal with an aggressive tame nipping at their heels. This would be useful as it would allow dinos to be implemented as base defense tools, without making them sitting ducks for the raiders to pick off. 3. Tracer Ammunition-A very expensive round that can be loaded into turrets. The round would require electronics and perhaps a few other materials. Once fired into a tame or player the round will imbed itself into the target for 36 hours and report the targets server location to the tribe log without notifying the raider(s) that they are being tracked. This means that if a tribe is offline raided they can still track the attackers to their home server and plan a retaliation via their own attack or by seeking help from an allied tribe. Those are my three ideas. Let me know what guys think, whether they are good ideas or horrible, I wont mind. Cheers!
  8. Do you have a quetzal? One option is to shoot it from above, just be wary of your surroundings so the giga cant escape and run into deep water. Oh and make sure you keep an eye on your stamina and have some backup longnecks. Another option is to lure the giga into a canyon or tundra with large cliffs. You would still need to block the exits but it wouldn't be as expensive as a full trap. You can also pull off stone traps but you need multiple layers to fall back to as the giga breaks through them. Lastly id ultimately suggest just using biting the bullet and making the metal trap. it only takes 4 metal gates and a large bear trap in the middle to fully trap the giga and you can get half of that material back once its down. Id suggest bringing an extra dino gate just in case you mess up the last one. Just leave two dino gates side by side with one in front and a large trap in the middle. Run through it with the giga behind you, then once it gets stuck circle around and place the fifth one. Don't make it too skinny or the giga wont fit, but definitely don't make it too wide!!!! All methods will take some preparation and be dangerous so just go for the one that is easiest and most practical for you. Good Luck!
  9. Sloped walls depend 3 things. One: Whether its a left or right sloped wall. Two: The direction the wall underneath it is facing, or foundation. The panels of the walls should be facing inward. Three: The ceiling above it. Sloped walls don't like being wedged into position. With the above points my builds usually go: foundations first, walls next (ensuring that all walls are facing the correct way), sloped walls on top, then finally add your ceilings. Building in ark really isn't bad as long as you are planning ahead and understand the mechanics.
  10. Lame... One time on official pvp a raider broke into the bottom level of our base so me and my tribe started spamming him with cyro pods. We had a lot of useless tames built up so every time he killed one we would just throw another one out. He got on his mic and started raging telling us to face him or else!!!! The next day we blew a hole in his base and filled it with raptors, kentros and all the other pointless tames we had lying around. I'm sure he had as much fun as we did. ;P
  11. The bosses are fought at obelisks except for a few. They are not roaming around, you will need to summon them. Most are summoned by gathering artifacts which are usually found in caves, except the last boss which is done by defeating all the other bosses. Honestly just start playing on the island and spend plenty of time exploring and reading the notes, the rest will fall into place. Rushing to the bosses is not exactly story mode. Also his order is not correct, scorched is a part of the story as well and takes place right before aberration. If you skip that map you will miss a gap in the storyline.
  12. You skipped scorched earth and spoiled the boss on abbertion*, please edit your post before they see it! edit: Changed extinction to abberation
  13. I would say that there is more lore than story. Throughout the maps you will find hidden explorer chests. These give your character a small bit of experience but also contain lore about the dinos and story. Some of the notes are simply information about dinosaurs but other notes you find will be pages from journals of the survivors before you. By collecting these notes you will learn their story before you, as well as answers to things that don't make sense, such as why the maps have barriers that prevent you from escaping. The maps go in order of release date so to play them in order play: -The island, Scorched, Abberation, Extinction and then Genesis. There is a lot of cool lore that you can link to locations in the game, but remember to go into your settings and turn on subtitles, because much of the explorer notes are written in different languages.
  14. Small tribes PvP isn't designed for casual small tribes. It's played by people who have all day to play but may lack a larger tribe. Because of this if you and your friend stay on small tribe servers you're going to have a very hard time building up. If you want to stay as a duo with your friend but still get into breeding and PvP you should consider switching to a regular PvP server. I can offer you way more advice to build up on servers like those, but back to small tribes. You're not going to be able to out farm your opponents, so grinding for turrets and defences is pointless. Instead you need to grind for weapons and explosives. Limit your tames to petras, argys, frogs and ankys for now. Anything else will only slow you down in your objective. Your goal is to hit your enemies on the server fast and hard. Loot the ruins for leftover charcoal. Make gunpowder with it so you don't need to give away your position with fires. Leave everything uploaded at night unless you can get back online in time to retrieve it. After you get full flak, c4 and an argy you are ready to go on the offensive. Start on smaller bases, but don't be afraid of a few turrets. Generally everything in the base has value to you. Craft parachutes, bolas and saddles with the general resources. Craft ammo, weapons and explosives with the other resources. Lastly take any remaining low weight resources with you like gunpowder, thatch, fiber etc... You and your friend can start building hidden 1x2 bases with a smithy and some storage and a bed. don't store any gear here, only the things like hide, thatch, fiver and so on. These will be fallback points to quickly repair gear and temporarily hide stolen loot. Eventually you will come across cyropoded dinos, these are absolutely vital to your growth so take all of them. Continue this course of endless raiding on the server and every opportunity you get upload more gear. At some point you have too much loot and uploaded dinos to continue managing them through the upload terminal. When this happens its time to settle down. Find a good server and quickly put up a metal base with your friend. You can start grinding materials and such at this point, but as a small tribes server and with only one other person you will never truly be able to rest. You will always need to have some raiding gear and dinos uploaded, so that if someone attacks, you can immediately retaliate. In this game mode its not about defending off your attackers, but attacking them 5 times harder. Someday you will have enough respect from the others on the server and they will leave you and your friend alone, but you will always be looking over your shoulder at the enemies you've made and future challengers. Its a very fast paced and stressful life on small tribes.
  15. Here's a full rundown of what you need to know to create strong bloodlines. Getting Solid Foundation: All wild dinos have their own set of stats. Knock out a few dinos that are around the same level and you will see that some have higher health, while others have higher food etc... Start your bloodlines by deciding what you want your dinosaurs to be good in. Whether its health, melee, or speed. Maybe a combination of those. Start knocking out wild dinosaurs and keep the ones with the best stats. Also keep the ones with the worst stats in things you don't care about, like the food or oxygen stat. Now when you tame these dinos they get a stat boost, but these stats are random, but these stats also go directly into their offspring, so you will need to tame a lot of them to get the stats you want. After you get a few high level tames, not counting the levels that you put into them, then you want to breed them together and the babies will have a chance of inheriting the highest stats of the parents. You may need to breed a brother and sister together in order to combine the high stats into one dinosaur. After you get that one dinosaur that has all of the good stats inherited into it, breed it with the dino that has bad food, or whatever else you don't want. This will produce an offspring that has high stats in only the areas you care about. Get a few more offspring that are like this, ideally you want many females. Mutations: Once you have multiple females don't level them up, the extra levels don't apply to the offspring and the unaltered stats will allow you to compare them with future offspring. Occasionally you will have a mutated baby, which gains a random stat boost and color change. This genetic altercation will carry on to future generations, so save them and breed it back to the females. All of the offspring should come out with that one mutation as well. The next generation of offspring will have a chance of mutating a second time, retaining the first mutation as well. This process can be done up to 20 times, which means that you can have a powerfull all rounded dinosaur with mutations in different stats or you can specialize in breeding dinosaurs that are super strong in one specific stat. Other Random Info: Mutations take a very long time to stack in the right stats, so I suggest you focus on creating a solid bloodline first and never assume that your mutated bloodline is maxed out. There will always be a wild level 150 dino out there that may have one super insane stat and if you end up finding it you will need to start from the ground up, to fully incorporate the new genetics into your bloodlines. Have fun with breeding and experiment, getting stable base stats for a foundation for breeding can be done in a week if your lucky. Getting a powerful mutated bloodline will take years.
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