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  1. It’s all a balancing act. I absolutely disagree with you about the “hours” of soaking. In my experience most soaking is about drawing Aggro from the turrets so that someone else can rush them, taking at most an hour to bypass. Turrets are not an effective defense. Ironically turrets seem to be more of an offensive tool to protect raid bases from counter attacks. I’d like better Ai for sure but how do you stop ai from being kited!
  2. I would personally welcome tek game from the beginning rather than end game, which is what I believe the next step will be. In fact one theory I have is that the devs have merely made a poor choice of words in regards to Ark 2. This theory is based on the fact that we can see tek teleporters at the end of ark 2’s trailer. I think that the proper choice of words should have been tribal themed, rather than primitive themed . Sort of how like Wakonda is imagined within the avengers storyline/ marvel universe. Spears, shields and lasers, but no guns along with dinosaurs. This is how I predict the
  3. It would definitely be nice to not have to spend as much time grinding for turrets, however I don’t really think that forcing raiders to soak defenses is a bad thing. It ensures that some random bob can’t just craft up c4 and bum rush a well defended base. Either way the next game is primitive so we may not need to worry about turrets at all. Rathole meta sucks and is borderline meshing in my opinion. Buildings and defenses should be significantly buffed up and raiders should have more ways to enter a base than by just blowing in to it. No stupid do it all Dinos that can fly, swim, shoot
  4. Watched the entire video. I don't know about you guys, but I plan on paying my 60 bucks for the game and ignoring anything else, with the exception of dlc. I don't really understand what this guy is on on about and I really really doubt that they are an experienced ark player. As someone who has played exclusively on official pvp i can only laugh at the idea of someone buying a dino through micro transactions. That is not how the game works and it will not keep you safe from us. PvE players are a different breed and i doubt that they would make these types of purchases, but even if they did, s
  5. That would definitely be something. Especially when looking into the trailer for Ark 2. They really emphasized the combat between humanoids, so I would not be surprised if your wish was granted in the next game. It would be a welcomed addition that can even fit the lore (corrupted humans). It may even give those "toxic" players something to deal with to help prevent all of the grieving, even in PvP lol.
  6. I do agree some major changes need to be made. Destroying bases should be costly and time consuming. Turrets should be cheaper to maintain and fill with ammo. Meshing, exploits and third party software definitely need to be cracked down on. PvE should be separate from PvP. Lastly we need a way to report tribes/players/bugs In game. Submitting a ticket on a forum is a little outdated.
  7. Very true, I’ve only ever played official PvP and the majority of my time has definitely been spent on rebuilding or relocating due to being constantly wiped and I believe as time went on the mega tribes were only gaining players and growing stronger. That being said, there was something so satisfying about finding a server without the presence of a mega tribe and building an alliance on it. It has sort of a “winter is coming” feel to it, where all the strong tribes are working together to prepare for the apocalypse. New players would come in and be completely oblivious to the larger
  8. Now that you mention it, a sub folder on each tame containing stats before and after tames would be a great addition to the game! Admittedly I didn’t think about PvE players performing server transfers. That would definitely create issues for balancing invasions. I suppose at the very least I would like the devs to keep server transfers. I’m a little concerned that the devs could end up destroying large scale wars.
  9. Didn’t even realize playing from a different launcher was a thing
  10. Only way to really know for sure is to to watch for dev blogs and maintenance notes. Everything else is really just speculation. My rhetorical question for you is why does it matter? Since it’s a cluster it’s not like you would be able to transfer out anyways and if you are trying to decide whether to stay or start new on some other server, I’d make the argument that all servers will eventually become legacy with ark 2 in the works. Just play where you would like and enjoy the time you have left, rather than trying to count your remaining days.
  11. Allright so I love some of your ideas and hate a few others. This is one of the ones i dislike. I agree that alpha tribe dominance can be a problem with PvP, but for myself and others the struggle of building up and taking down these alphas is the one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. In addition i think barring certain dinos behind progress or servers would break the flow of progression and hurt my immersion in the game itself...similar to the way that genesis feels with its teleport mechanics. I prefer a seamless world with the possibility of running into anything unexpected.
  12. On that note do you feel like PvE threats should ever challenge a players home base/progress? The reason I bring this up is because I play PvP but I don’t actually enjoy raiding, but I love the tower defense aspect of the game. There is something just so cool to me about defending my base and tames from a true threat. The feeling of safety I have in a PvE server is what drives me away from that play style. We play for different reasons, I totally understand that, but if PvE had more threats I’d probably find myself playing both game modes. In short: How would PvE players feel if ther
  13. Well in PvE it wouldn’t be a PvP area.
  14. As for my own ark 2 suggestions...besides the tutorial island: 1. A better mod system for weapons and armor and a revamped smithing system. If the game is going to be primitive themed then this will help keep things interesting. Barbed spear tips for fishing, spiked knuckles for punching, insulation for armor etc... 2. I would like specialized engrams to be available/unlocked for players who specialized in certain skills. For example a player that puts 25 points or so into movement speed will unlock the ability to craft shoe mods that reduce fall damage. These specialized engrams can
  15. You still don’t understand me. On PvE servers when the player leaves the island the area they are traveling to will still be PvE only. On PvP servers that same island is still only PvE since no other players can come to your island, but when traveling to the mainland you are entering the world inhabited by others, thus exposing yourself to PvP. I am not suggesting that we merge PvP servers with PvE ones.
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