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  1. I think when they said solo they meant single player.
  2. Small tribes official pvp is not built for casual players. That was the concept but in reality it is designed for ×elite× (eyeroll) gamers who have way more time to play than you do. You and your tribe should try your hand at the regular officials and find a good alpha that you can eventually become allied with. Until that happens building up will be damn neat impossible unless you have 5+ members and/or a ton of time.
  3. Yep, it's sort of a sad reality. Still, there is at least 2 more years of support for the game so you never know. Always room for improvement.
  4. Yes! It would make it so much easier for casual players to gather and organize tribes. This would be great. (This is why I make these pointless topics @wildbill)
  5. Im not too sure about this one. We already have so much upkeep in game already. Keeping dinos fed, keeping generators going, filling auto turrets. I do like the idea of a auto repair structure, as long as it repaired structures at a slower rate. It would also force raiders to be a little more aggressive even when offline raiding otherwise the base would start repairing itself. Yep I think that part is a damn good idea.
  6. That would actually be really cool. Instead of taking a initiative to remove communication they focused on improving it, that way there would be no need for external tools.
  7. This is true. My question is more of a what if scenario though. How would mega tribes operate if you couldn't simply shoot the admins a message for a status update. How would people behave if they knew that someone couldn't call for help in global. That sort of thing.
  8. This sort of behavior is actually allowed on PvP. Many tribes do it to make it Harder for raiders to get their gear but it doesn't really stop much. Just makes them a target.
  9. What if there was no discord/global? Self explanatory title. Imagine if players could only communicate in game, and only in tribe chat or locally. How much different would the game look? Unfortunately every effective tribe is forced to use some external source for communication but sometimes I wish there was a use for that in game radio, or that there was a need to fly out to an ally for the sake of checking on them.
  10. Probably, I hate when tribes do this. If they are for sure all blocked you're either going to need to blow one, parachute or tame a pt to get on top of the barrier or ask them for assistance as politely and kindly as you can, before returning to the server and foundation wiping them.
  11. Ive always thought that a slight buff to base health wouldn't be a bad thing, but in ark current state ithat doesn't really matter if you have 10k or 50k health walls, they are getting in. I like your idea, although I would also like to see more automated defences that are actually effective.
  12. Some really good points here. Let's not forget either that most people raid for server control or entertainment these days. Seeing certain materials increase in price might get more players raiding for actual loot again. For all the talk about how PvE game play gets ruined by the PvP meta, you sure take a hypocritical stance when it's the other way around. Edit: Also I think slowing down the game progression and making quality of life improvements on early and mid game would benefit both types of players.
  13. Oops maybe you're right. I remember having wild Dino instances where my stone bases would take a little damage (like one out of ten thousand). But maybe I'm getting it mixed up with a different dino.
  14. Cyropods aren't too bad. My largest issue with them is that tribes no longer need to march a giga to the front lines but the good they produce outweigh the cons. Solo players can now have a 2x2 hidden base and still own powerful tames.
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