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  1. Here I was thinking I was having a logical debate about game balance. Did I push a button? Why are you getting personal with me now? Relax, my point was never to discuss rafts anyways. I didn't mind it but now your getting touchy.
  2. We aren't talking about a battle taking place a few meters above the ocean floor. These are floating foundations on an ocean map. And I'm talking about the main turret rafts being made of metal, the rest are expensive wooden ones to set off the mines. Expecting someone do fully defend a base with mines and hovering meks is ridiculous.
  3. Mosas can't damage metal rafts and meks sink...
  4. Story wise the maps go island--scorched-aberration-extinction, so for PVE I would do them in order. I used to play ark on both console and pc, honestly console runs just fine so you could always play the island map and later on when you get a pc play the other maps, that way you won't need to buy the expansion's twice. Good luck and welcome to this amazing game!
  5. Brontos aren't sopposed to damage anything stronger than stone so if things on the inside of your base are getting damaged it's not an issue of what material you are using but rather it's a clipping issue. Make sure that all windows are closed and if you have your items placed against or near walls try to have a second layer on the other side. If you copy your base but in tek the same thing will happen.
  6. Instead of selecting transfer, search for the button labeled upload survivor and upload tames. After uploading everything you want to take select the new map, don't make a new character. Instead select download survivor. Then respawn into one of the zones. After that make your way to an obelisk and search for your uploaded dinos, then download them and they should appear next to you.
  7. Except as soon as you go outside to replace that mine a turret raft from the opposition that was free to move up without taking turret fire will blow your brains out. They can go on the offensive with cover. It's a mobile fob that can park it's butt right in your backyard.
  8. I use to be guilty of looking down on PvE myself. Mainly because many of my friends switched to PvE after being raided a few times. Later on when they would talk about their super cool rexes I was still struggling to get out of my metal 2x2 and they started treating me like a noob because I'd never ridden a wyvern, or fought a boss, or because I didn't know a lot about breeding etc... What changed my perspective was when I finally got out of that 2x2 and needed advice on how to breed correctly because guess who had the best information? The PvE guys who had been doing it since the day it was introduced. I think that if a lot of players from the pvp community accepted that their is a wealth of information from the other side then we could all start getting along but for now..."You play PvE therefore your advice is useless to me". (Looking at you @ForzaProiettile)
  9. Mine are cool but their cost outweighs the basic raft, so it's too easy to deploy cheap decoy rafts and pave the way for your warship. As an offence weapon they work great but as a defensive one I doubt they will be very effective.
  10. Concerns regarding oceanic map The concept of a ocean based map is really cool but I'm worried about how this will affect pvp. We already know how powerful rafts can be as they can bypass almost every defense untouched. With rumors of floating foundations I'm expecting to see new defences set into motion to make ocean building viable. On smaller maps such as the island these defences could change the map in a very dangerous manner, as many smaller tribes depend on using rafts to navigate the island. This is just one of many concerns I have for an ocean map. I'm glad to see it being expanded but I just want to urge caution, as the ocean is such a critical component to tribe development.
  11. 5. Kentros, not so much since the nerf but still a supercool defensive Dino that you can throw out once some raiders enter your base. 4. Barys, I started using these guys about 6 months ago and man they are good. Quick healing in water, and land capabilities are too good to pass up. Not to mention the ability to dismount riders that are foolish enough to follow you in the water is very nice. 3.Argentavis, as much as I like the look and feel of pteras, argents take their place due to versatility. In my opinion getting a decent argy is sort of the divider between early game and mid game. 2.Mosas, ever since the inclusion of tusos I feel like mosas have sort of been forgotten but in my opinion these guys are still the kings of the depths and one of the coolest super dinosaur's to own. 1. Finally my favorite is...megalosaurs! These guys are absolute monsters come night time. I think they have the second highest base damage for land dinos, rivaled by only the giga. Considering their size and speed you can shred enemy soaker's signicantly faster than any Rex and is those pesky flyers try to pick you, your mega can actually grab their bird out of mid air and chew it up in seconds. Last but not least, they are super rare outside of aberration and I've always been a sucker for the rare ones.
  12. No I was going to suggest loading a quetzal and rock elemental up with thatch then set the quetzal on follow. The rock elemental gathers both wood and stone at a decent rate so you could just keep gathering and crafting without needing to dismount, then transfer the walls and gates into the quetzal. Once you are full you could fly the golem back to base, unload/restock on thatch and do another run.
  13. Sorry I assumed you meant behemoth gates which are done in the smithy/argy. Do you have access to a quetzal?
  14. I personally play on one server at the moment but I typically start out on the island and try to get a decent variety of kibble and dinos going then I'll either hop servers if I feel like I'm drawing too much attention or I'll start expanding if the server feels welcoming. Edit: Official pvp (offline raid protection) always
  15. What if you used a beaver instead then you wouldn't need to mount to harvest anything. Fill your argy and your own inventory with thatch then hover over rocks with your doed to auto harvest then drop your doed and do the same with your beaver, then transfer all into your argent and craft all. Harvest more while they are crafting in your argy. Not sure if it will actually be faster but maybe.
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