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  1. I experience the same on pc na servers. Not every five minutes, i mainly just have it when i do a lot of building.
  2. Tek Skiff So... the skiff is super fast, it can even follow a mana, and then it grabs you and theres nothing you can do. Is there any efficient counter to the grab or the skiff itself? And is it against coc to build a box around the skiff? I know the building is damn glitchy on those things and you cant fully enclose them, but it is not too hard to cover about 90% of its hitbox with structures. Seems kinda unbalanced to me
  3. It has been fixed. I am not sure when but it was long ago.
  4. Yes it seems to only be an issue on the official pvp orp cluster. When the owner of the dedi is not on it blocks building in a big big area. And every time a base decays because a tribe left, the spot is dead for 80 days.
  5. What @Joebl0w13? Of course i wont do that but that is the consequence from how wildcard handles the topic. It is just a very frustrating situation for my whole tribe and others that face the same problem. And i can already see dedicated storage spamming be the new meta on the orp clusters, they block building efficiently, basically dont need to be refreshed and obviously you are not punished for using them like that.
  6. Two game moderators have told me now that there is nothing they can do about it and i have to wait another month for the dedies to decay so i can build where i want. So i assume if i was to go and place dedies on every important spot on the cluster with an alt tribe i cant be punished for it. All i have to do is refresh six times a year and the whole cluster cant build anymore. Great
  7. The cluster wide tribe would be bound to the character i guess, not steam profile. So you can still have a character in your friends tribe, since alliances are not allowed.
  8. @Cedric the ORP clusters have some of your most popular servers. There is a row of issues that are unique to that game mode or that only matter there. The dedicated storage decay timer is one of the most annoying ones but also one of the easiest to fix. It would be great if we could get some attention for the issue
  9. I died twice yesterday when i dismounted my griffin on extinction. Different locations, both times i had the griffin landed close to mesh. Heard the same from friends, so i assume its a general issue, not bound to special places.
  10. No it was not changed recently. It just works differently on pve than on the pvp orp clusters i think.
  11. The vaults are gone as well now, the dedies on 47 days timer. But i still cant build close to the orp dedies. They block building in a 10-15 foundation radius. There is no other enemy structure anywhere nearby, not in the floor or anything else. The issue really seems to be limited to the orp servers, but its annoying as hell.
  12. Thanks, yea this seems to be an issue that is special to orp servers. Orp structures, foundation/pillar or not, block enemy structure placement. Thier whole base has decayed, only the dedies are left and some vaults. Those decay in one day. I will test again when that happens, but a friend said he had the same issue with a dedi, so the vaults probably dont make any difference.
  13. On orp servers? Because i can not build around them in a huge radius.
  14. Dedicated Storage Decay Timer The Dedicated Tek storage has a decay timer of 80 days. Tek transmitters just have 40, tek gates 20. Why is the decay timer for dedies so high? It is a real issue on the official orp clusters, because every time a base decays, the dedies are left behind floating in the air. They block the entire area for other people to build there. And if the owning tribe wants to be idiots, like in my case, they just refresh the dedicated storage boxes 6 times a year and have the location blocked forever with minimal effort. It would be great if the decay timer of dedies could be brought in line with other tek structures @Cedric
  15. No it cant. The wiki also tells you what an argy can carry (https://ark.gamepedia.com/Argentavis) but you could just cryo the bear and have it in your inventory while you travel on the argy.
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