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  1. There is no such setting on official servers. And neither is there a choice if i want to use it or not on pvp servers. Wyverns maybe, the original ones are more or less alright (and griffins). But nobody needs poop like managarmas or flying dolphins. Absolutely horrible game design choices. Among the original creatures, ichty was a fast swimmer, kangaroo a good jumper, ptera the fastest way to get around and rex a dps monster. Mana is better than all of them at all of that… the game simply doesnt need that, i really hope they keep it reasonable in ark2
  2. You got a point with the caves, but i still think 90 days is just too long. Hope you‘re right tho Edit: and yea, i hope this time certain ppl dont make use of special connections…
  3. The net (and other gen2 engrams) have been available on lost island this classic season. But i agree with most others, no gen and no extinction are great choices for this format. 90 days for only fjordur might be a bit much tho. Most tribes will be wiped after 90 days, especially if server transfers are open from the start.
  4. 1. The devs have not said anything about character transfers afaik, but i am 100% sure it will not be a thing, since it doesnt make any sense. 2. Ark 1 will not shut down. The official servers will stay online and might only get taken off step by step over time when they are empty, much like wildcard handled the legacy servers (some of those are even still up). Unofficial servers will stay as long as the owners support them and singleplayer will always be available if you have bought the game. Regarding support for official servers or in form of updates to ark 1 i am not sure what they plan after ark 2 release, but i can imagine it goes on for a while but on a reduced scale.
  5. Gigas definitely dont belong into classic. Quetz platform saddles arent needed either imo. The high rates and cryo pods i dont know, they do have their advantages. I agree tho that the season is pretty much over, the fights have been fought, only one big tribe is left and no new ppl will start on a now dead cluster where the servers will wipe in a few weeks. Part of why the pop was lower or dropped quicker this season was the insane cheating that was going on. And not only this season, all snail game hosted seasons (classic and conquest) have had huge issues with cheaters in the past, leading to player loss.
  6. That is an interesting idea, it goes way further than an offline raid protection. But i dont see why people would build any proper bases on the actual map anymore then. If you can bring items and creatures to the unraidable room and build whatever you want inside that room, thats all you need. And then there is no base raiding, no defensive base building and everything around that anymore, i imagine that would be pretty boring. An item upload like we have in ARK 1 but without the decay would be better in my opinion, but i dont really need any of that, a good offline raid protection is all i´d want personally.
  7. I completely agree with GP. I doubt it is possible anyways due to differences in how the old and new game work. And it wouldnt make sense allowing to transfer character in any way imo. For wildcard it doesnt make sense, because allowing players to take over a high level character is completely unfair for new customers, leading to less sells. And the number of old customers that are too lazy to level a new char in an entirely new game and make the decision to buy ark 2 dependent on being able to transfer their old char is probably tiny. For me as a player it doesnt make sense either. I would definitely not want to start that new game with a max level character, skipping big parts of the content, missing out on the fun. I dont understand why people think or hope any transfers would be possible.
  8. 1. Yep, better AI would be nice and i am sure we will see that in ARK II. A good AI could already change the pve balance a lot. 4. I guess you are just talking about tames for fighting. What i dislike in that regard is how the giga made rex, spino and theri useless. Those three are very similar in strength, it would give players a choice based on situation and personal preference. But the giga just makes all of them useless (except for bossfights or narrow caves). Other than that, I am fine with dino utility in ARK 1 personally. There is a variety of transportation and farming creatures giving the player enough options to choose from. And that there are many creatures without a use is fine as well to me. Its good to have many creatures to create a rich environment, but you cant and dont need to give every one of them an important utility. 5. I think this is the biggest point. Removing bonus levels from taming and keeping it a bit challenging by allowing to even lose levels is a good idea imo. The main factor tho is the breeding. You simply cant have breeding with unlimited mutations and keep pve a challenge at the same time. I would like to see mutations removed from breeding entirely, so you can only combine stats into one creature. Would keep taming more important late game. But i guess breeding became the main thing to bind players to the game, so maybe an actually working 20 mutations limit would be better, i dont know. In that case, a mechanic could be added in ARK II, to slow down the process to get to those 20 mutations. Making male breeders only accept a limited amount of females in their group for example, some creatures could be monogamous, others can mate with up to 8 females or whatever. And then only one breeder per certain area or something along those lines. Such a mechanic would work against all the negative aspects of breeding as it is in ARK 1. No hundreds of females making the server lag, requiring huge amounts of space and therefore supporting the cave meta, no stupidly op tames as you already said, that just shouldnt be a thing and are neither fun to play with nor against. And less of a time sink that almost feels like a second job with completely boring mechanics if you do it to stay competitive on pvp servers. Edit: Ark was a lot more fun when wild creature level was a lot lower and breeding wasnt implemented yet. People on foot could actually do something against your tame, but it was still a big threat to roll up with a rex. It was simply well balanced. Also, because it took a lot of effort to tame a higher level creature. I hope ARK II makes is somehow like that, but instead of making the tame process take ages (boring), make the preparation take the main amount of time. Preparing includes a variety of tasks and can be done i steps, while sitting next to an unconscious dino for 7 hours is boring, cant be paused and can be super frustrating if an enemy comes along and ruins it. Back in the earlier days, wild vs tamed creatures were also more even. Levelling, imprinting and buffs are all percent based, so the higher level wild dinos you have and tame, the faster you get a misbalance between wild and tamed.
  9. I did look at the bigger picture and still think my suggestion is a good one, the benefits outweigh the negatives you describe in my opinion. But its just my opinion, and your point is a very valid one nonetheless. Thats a very good idea, i have used such a mod long long ago and did think about spheric ORP systems before making the topic. I saw a few issues with it tho: A sphere is a limited space, it might not be enough for bigger tribes. First thing that happens if they run out of space is building a base that follwos the form of the sphere to get as much inside as possible. If that is not enough either anymore, then they will create alt tribes to have another sphere worth of protected space, which creates new perma orp structures. A way around that would be a sphere that adjusts its size to the size of the tribe, but how would you do that? Based on amount of structures? Based on number of tribemembers? - Both could be abused, it is easy to spam structures or alt chars to maximize the spheres radius. If cave building is a thing in ARK II it will also encourage the cave meta even more, since it allows you to have a big base inside and the bubble protects all the important defenses around the entrance. To tackle the entire alt char and alt tribe stuff you could only allow one character per cluster and account, but the hardcore players would not like that idea at all, and people who have the money to buy multiple copies of the game wouldnt care about that limitation. The idea is definitely worth to consider tho, maybe other people have ideas that could make it work well. A friend of mine, who also spent lots of time on the official orp clusters, always argues for an orp system, that calculates a time of protection based on how long the tribe has been online before logging out. I dont know how that could work exactly but thought id throw it out here...
  10. It is ORP. A reduction of damage is a form of protection against offline raiders. And as i said, the numbers are just an example to explain the idea of a protection that runs out after a while instead of being permanent. Cheaters always find a way is a lazy argument imo, if there are options to fight known problems they should be taken, otherwise its absolutely pointless. I have also never heard of anybody using a bot to refresh their bases. And i dont think it would even work, because a bot doesnt know where to go to render in all structures, it is hard to program it to refill generators, it cant react if an enemy shows up during refreshing and it would most likely cost money. Who the hell would want that? For an active tribe it is no problem to log in often enough to always have full protection. For solo players it shouldnt be an issue either, especially since they dont have such big bases, but as i said, the numbers are just an idea.
  11. Yes, please do something about that for ARK II @wildcard. People bought second copies of the game in the epic store becasue those accounts cant be tracked like the steam accounts. Every big tribe pays real money to use a bot that tracks players and alerts you in discord when enemies join your server. Its really stupid and ridiculous.
  12. Absolutely agree to every single point! Especially the unlimited mutation breeding is a very very bad mechanic. Definitely would be nice to have orp servers again, i made a little topic regarding that myself. Lets see how they deal with meshing in ARK II, the trailer they released does already show us the first (tiny) mesh hole
  13. First of all, im looking forward to a more primitive experience in ARK II and hope the release doesnt get pushed out of 2022. But onto the topic: The ORP system we have in ARK 1 provides permanent and complete prevention of any damage to creatures and structures. This leads to several kinds of exploits or unpleasant gameplay. For example, people place spam with an alt tribe to block others from fobbing up or claiming a cartain base spot. I have also experienced people who stopped playing, but kept their bases up by logging in once a week, doing that for years without ever playing and progressing, denying any other tribe to use that base location. All these things are hard to deal with, since it is very unlikely to be online and notice when the owner of those perma orp structures comes online to refresh the decay timer. It could be at any time within a 7-20 days window (depending on the type of stuff) and only takes 5 minutes plus the 15 minute timer until orp kicks back in. And it is not only annoying for the players, it is also time consuming for the support to deal with all the tickets about those things and to investigate which structures are legit and which are not. Suggestion: In the first five (or maybe less) days after a tribe logs out, the ORP system provides full protection, like the current system works. In the following five days, creatures and structures take 1/20th of the normal damage. In the five days after that, they take 1/10th of regular damage. After those 15 days, everything takes normal damage, as if the tribe was online. Those numbers are just an idea and might have to be adjusted to ARK 2 mechanics of course. After 20 days even structures of the highest building tier should decay, basically as it is with tek in ARK 1. Such a system could make it way harder for abusing tribes to maintain parma orp structures, and at the same time it gets easier for other tribes to catch them refreshing or to deal with the issue themselves as soon as stuff can take damage again. The 15 minute timer until orp kicks in might also have to be adjusted, in ARK 1 it is a bit too short in my opinion, it is still viable for bigger tribes to just log out instead of defending their base. Additionally, pin codes should stop working on orp structures, or be removed alltogether in the orp mode, and personal ownership should not be allowed at all (both open up easy methods for living in invincible bases and serve little to no purpose). I really hope wildcard includes an ORP mode in ARK II (and considers my ideas of course :D). The smaller clusters with an ORP mode in ARK 1 provide a surrounding where smaller groups have a chance to survive in pvp, and large groups like we know them from regular official dont even exist, because there is no need. Tribes dont need to have ppl online 24/7 and on the small cluster it doesnt require a huge group to become alpha.
  14. Every stage until adult. That was fixed, the imprint timer should not reset anymore, it pauses while in the pod.
  15. So the devs made a broken game. They brought that broken game to every possible platform and made spin offs. They kept releasing content that was broken regarding balance and bugs. They broke most of their promises throughout the years. Latest example is the extinction dlc. It was released late (as anything else), it is full of bugs, it is incredibly unbalanced. And on top of all that the devs lied when they said it was late because they wanted to ensure they bring us the best experience possible. It was late because they worked on atlas at the same time. Now they split up their dev team and move on to the next project leaving the old broken mess behind.
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