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  1. Since when do structures take 6x damage underwater? I would never build underwater, its a pain to live there and the vacuum compartments from the tek tier are hard to get and hard to maintain for smaller tribes. (There are underwater bubbles with air on the center map @Kharneth). Underwater the enemy can move around all sides of your base without using squshy fliers. They can use platform saddled mosas or with squids or the tanky dunkleosteus and also land dinos, to drain any side of your base. Arthroplueras can even breathe underwater. The only advantage is that the enemy cant rocket run your turrets. But you cant even respawn in your base if you die and some crafting stations dont work underwater as well. Its really not good to live underwater, for pvp reasons and for qol reasons. Even with the tek poop i wouldnt do it. A little hidden storage might work out well tho.
  2. acat

    Server reset after update

    Nono i only play official. But the devs have restored it apparently, so thanks for that wildcard 👍
  3. After the update a few minutes ago the scorched earth server i was playing on came back online at day 1 and with everything wiped. Does anybody else have this problem on their server? This is on PC, if @lilpanda or anybody else sees this, pls contact me to know what specific server it is, i dont want to say it here as i play pvp and am paranoid I have also sent in a bug report...
  4. acat

    New kibble system Y or N

    Megalania only produces eggs for superior kibble according to the patch notes. Youd have to go with hesperornis if you only have island creatures available. Breeding your thylas will give you better results than just taming
  5. acat

    Good recipes

    The recipes are absolutely worth it as food for your character! Super easy recipes already give you a lot of hp/food/stam. Its true that their effect happens over time and stops when your stat is full, but for daily life its great, for emergencies you use soups and med brews. If you are in the snow biome and freeze for example, the 1 point increase per second is enough to keep you alive. Also custom recipes have a ridiculously good spoilage timer and weigh very little, and they are not harder to make than cooked meat.
  6. acat

    Good recipes

    I have finally managed to test if focal chili improves the recipe you create. It does! With 100 points in crafting (crafting skill 9.90), 10 raw meat recipe gives: Food: 126.39064 Stamina: 9.359375 Health: 93.95314 With 100 points in crafting plus focal chili (crafting skill 10.90), 10 raw meat recipe gives: Food: 138.10939 Stamina: 10.140625 Health: 101.54689 @AngrySaltire Edit: just saw that you said your burger gives 334 hp. Do you play official rates?
  7. You could get wyvern eggs from the f2p dlc ragnarok, but its still stupid...
  8. acat

    New kibble system Y or N

    A new kibble system is the right step. The only thing i am not sure about is the extraordinary kibble. Wyvern and rock drake eggs are fine, but golden eggs? I have never tamed a hesperornis, how often do they poop them? And maybe we need an increased spoil timer for the golden eggs...
  9. acat

    Official Offline raid protection servers.

    What platform do you play on and when was your last visit on an orp cluster? As i said above, i play on a pc orp cluster, and we have a stupid alpha tribe, but they dont lock anything. We fight them and have a lot of fun doing so. Orp abuse is not common. In fact, the orp helps to fight bigger tribes becaue they are always on to fight them, while your stuff is safe from them when youre not there.
  10. acat

    View base stats

    Ive never missed it, but it would definitely be nice to have.
  11. I hate aberration and tek, so i have no clue about the topic, but maybe this thread helps you.
  12. acat

    Good recipes

    Hum, i am not 100% sure to be honest, will test later
  13. acat

    Good recipes

    I also do 10 raw meat as my standard recipe. I keep an alt char with all points in crafting. Remember to eat a focal chilli before you make a new recipe
  14. acat

    PVP Bases

    Its never really been viable to build aesthetically on pvp. It will probably be offline raided, and especially with the titans from extinction there is no point to build big and beautiful (except you lead a huge tribe that has many ppl online 24/7)
  15. Terrible terrible ideas. I want to control my creatures and not have them do stupid things on their own. I also want to keep playing with my mates that ive met in ark about 2 years ago, many of them from na while im from eu. Not sure if i understand the structure limit correctly, but i dont want to be limited on the bunber of structures i can build. The pods in drops is good tho and turning resource blocking on/off on pillars/foundations is very cool as well. If this happens we need a heavy nerf to creatures like wyverns, reapers, griffins... first. But i prefer it the way it is now, mixes up the system a little bit.