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  1. I think the reason was that tribes transferred quality crystals to raid on other servers. I saw a video where the crystals contained overcapped weapons, and somehow always just fab snipers or shotguns.
  2. Snow owls get a boost from imprinting. 0% imprint equals 100% ms, 100% imprint makes for 120% ms.
  3. Gives good amount of food or water, health and stam.
  4. You can make custom recipes when you put a note in a cooking pot. You also add the ingredients you want for that recipe. If the person that does it has increased crafting speed that improves the product. Once the recipe is created everybody can cook it with same quality. Consuming a vocal chili before making the recipe also improves the quality. I guess what your friend means is to have a character with all points in crafting skill. You can either create an alt char (you can use the same steam profile or whatever platform you use) or you mindwipe you main character for a day to do it. I like to use 10 raw meat for an easy burger that heals and refills food quite good. Element dust is also a nice ingredient Check out this link for more info https://ark.gamepedia.com/Custom_Consumable
  5. It is a known bug that manas just disappear. I am not sure if you will ever receive any help. It is also known that wildcards support is unreliable and slow. I have reported a row of mesh holes on valguero when the map launched on pc and they are still there...
  6. generator ranking/delay cable My whole base is powered by one generator in the main base. Connected to that, i have a backup generator right next to it. Then i have generators in each turret tower and seperate building, in case the unprotected wires that connect them get destroyed. Now if the main generator runs out of gas or gets destroyed (the base is on scorched earth), each and every single generator connected to it will turn on. It would be way more convenient if only my backup generator next to it would turn on. So i would like to either rank my backup genny higher so that it is the only one to turn on, or i would like a new type of cable that delays the info that the main genny turned off. I would place it behind the backup genny, so that the backup genny would turn on before all the others have noticed the power loss.
  7. Next to the regular demolish option, it would be great to have an option to destroy all connected cables or pipes at once. And if you just want to demolish a special part of an existing network, you just use the normal demolish option at the point where you want to start and at the point where you want to end, and the whole part in between is demolished via the new option. Would safe a lot of work and frustration
  8. On pc valguero was added, so i am pretty sure the same happens on consoles. Not sure about the transfer thing you mention.
  9. Turrets shoot down rpgs like they do everywhere else. 6x cave damage applies like it does everywhere else. You can not tame quetzals. For any further info i recommend this awesome thread i created back when classic was released
  10. Defensive building is my favorite part of the whole game finding good spots, thinking of ways to use the possibilities the terrain gives you, coming up with new ideas or combining existing ones. Playing through raid scenarios to see where i have a weak point...
  11. My / doesnt work either, i assume it is because i have a german keyboard. I always have to use enter and then tab to get into tribe chat. Lon long ago there was simply an option to rebind the key for tribe chat, but that was removed. Local chat can still be bound for some reason. Also my mute key has some unknown whistle bound to it, and i cant do anything about that. Give us all the options wildcard, so we can decide ourselves what keys do what!
  12. During the 15 minutes after your tribe logs out everything can be accessed, because offline raid protection takes 15 minutes to kick in. After that, they can access players bodies, they can turn generators (probably any structure that is powered by something in its inventory) on and off and they can use doors/gates/windows/hatchframes, if they are pincoded and they know the right code. After the 15 minutes they can not access fridges or any other structures inventory tho, so i assume that they made use of the 15 minute time window in your case.
  13. I sometimes have it in window full screen mode, when i click a lot without moving the mouse too much. I dont have a second monitor connected. Moving the mouse and clicking again fixes it.
  14. This is what i miss^^ that kind of gameplay was the most fun. I have actually watched the hours long video of the complete defense back then, it is worth it if you have the time It also shows the island map before redwood biome, like@AngrySaltire mentioned.
  15. Good point. But he shouldnt go too far back, he already has a good distance to the narrow spot and a little moat on top of that. Anybody who wants to reach the wall has to use the path at the left side. And he has to make sure that people that manage to rush into the moat get shot as well and cant hide there. When i did a quick test build in that cave in singleplayer i did not build a wall at all, i used cliff platforms to create hanging turret towers. Those are harder to rush with shield and rocket launcher. Maybe combine that with a wall further back that allows you to hide behind.
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