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  1. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    I know 30-40 players who will buy Ark that used to play CA5 that won't play until Orp comes here, including me.
  2. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    You are welcome to your opinions about Orp and some of your thoughts are valid, still this is a thread for those of us that want our Orp cluster back (warts n all), Seems you played a lot of orp yourself even though you disliked it but noone is forcing you to play on any future Orp servers, yet we are forced not to play on an Orp cluster. I bought the game again as I presumed I would be getting new things rather than my content taken away.
  3. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    Well i'm done, uninstalled the game, won't be back until I hear there are orp servers, if that's never then that's also cool. Seeya around all that posted here
  4. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    Perfectly put, I actualy feel like WC has long lost it's customer focus and actually despise the playerbase, ya know the paying customer? Sounds like an entitled view? Well yes I feel entitled to have a server choice I was enjoying in a game I paid for, which I have now re-paid for and not getting the service I paid for.
  5. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    He's the guy over performance, i'm hoping its just a guess on his part!
  6. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    Could we get any real official answer on whether we can get an Orp cluster please?
  7. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    They took our Orp and so far are not giving it back
  8. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    Has anyone seen any news on this in the last day or two? Do you think ORP will be added when console is released?
  9. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    played on an orp cluster since they opened, mostly great community for a long time and a way for solo/duo's to actually have a chance of playing with some pvp, please make an Orp server
  10. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    Unsure if they read the forums but I would really appreciate them
  11. Shadow135

    ORP Servers

    As the title suggests are we getting anything like the old ORP servers?
  12. Gotta love reading all this QQ, it's like global chat after some scrub got raided. WC knows that 99% of it's customers WILL purchase the new game no matter what is said here. They see how many people get banned for abuse/cheating etc who go on to buy a new copy etc, we have money to burn and everyone loves a fresh start. Roll on August, take ma monies!
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