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  1. No, unlike conquest these servers dont have an official discord. But they have stated that they might do some special interaction with the big tribes/leaders some time (cc 175)
  2. acat

    Classic PVP servers

    Community crunch 175
  3. Last time i painted a flag with a downloaded motive i got the disconnect as well. That was on the steam version. This has been a bug since at least a year...
  4. acat

    Classic PvP - Open Clusters questions

    This is what they said and where they said it: Over time, as the game mode receives its adjustments and tweaks, we will be connecting the isolated clusters to each other so that they form a more extensive network. I think connecting the clusters is the right step as 4 maps is a bit too small in the long run, but i hope they dont just do the usual unlimited transfer from a server to any other server. Would be cool if there would be some kind of cluster feeling remaining.
  5. acat

    Door frames and doors

    Same issue with sloped ceilings, their model is does not allow you to walk below or above them if there is only a one wall high room.
  6. acat

    Classic PVP

    Well, you want to turn it into a big tribe cluster instead of a small tribe cluster... i think its good the way it is. But i see how the player numbers are decreasing, so something about the concept is flawed.
  7. acat


    I said why more content would be a bad thing in the post you quoted. I think you misunderstood, i have experienced rag and extinction, what i mean is i havent tamed all the creatures in the game, havent done most of the bossfights or caves, didnt do much sea exploring... but i know every bit of this game via my own experience or from mates or youtube.
  8. acat


    There is a point where a game becomes overloaded with unnecessary and useless things and mechanics. Ark has passed that point quite a while ago in my opinion. It seems like they have just thrown everything in that sounds cool, but the overall picture of the game is pretty torn and undefined. I dont need more content in ark, i play since 2015 and havent even experienced a lot of the content, because i play official pvp. I also dont want them to create more content, because what we have is so unbalanced and partly broken that fixing those things is more important than anything else to me. Making more content would slow the bug fixes and qol patches down. And stay away with p2w ideas, i dont care if you could give them money for some skins, but nothing that actually affects gameplay.
  9. acat

    Classic PVP

    My cluster works just fine, is yours offline or what is the issue?
  10. acat

    Wooden cage disabled on classicpvp?

    Yes what i mean is that i think they have removed thos engrams just recently. I think they have been available at the start of classic servers
  11. acat

    Wooden cage disabled on classicpvp?

    I am pretty sure the cage and chair have been available at the beginning. Is the toilet still there? I guess you can use that for fishing or the good old pelagornis.
  12. acat

    Classic PVP

    Competitive does not equal mega tribe. The small tribe servers are competitive as well... There were no mega tribes at the time that they try to bring back with classic and the majority of players, not only the casual ones, dislike those huge tribes.
  13. acat

    Classic PVP

    I hope this is not intended, it was possible before the last patch.
  14. acat

    Classic PVP

    So that the mega tribes take over? No thanks.