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  1. Yes the primitive servers are very cool, i have played those as well until ark left early access. They would need some rebalance and other tweaks (especially with the 100 turret limit now) but they can really be fun to play. Sadly wildcard abandoned those and just tells you to join prim plus if you like the primitive gameplay. But prim plus is no real alternative.
  2. You should improve your orp system and implement it on the existing orp cluster and on the new servers. Many people ask for solo or 10 man servers. I would say do both and remove 6 man servers for it. The current small tribe servers are kind of in a bad spot, tribes are too small for many groups or too big for small groups. Both, 10 man and solo servers would have the improved orp system. Its just too hard to cover all time zones without a big tribe. And both would have alliances disabled but unofficial alliances are allowed. Then some balance tweaks as you did for classic servers and it should be good. A revival of the notek notame servers with improved balance would be awesome as well. Or do sotf servers, but that would require a lot more work i guess.
  3. If you go to a drop/obelisk/transmitter and click on travel to another server, you will see all servers you can transfer to. When a new map gets released it is simply added to that list. Really easy
  4. All 3 dlcs wildcard released were handled as aylana said. You can only transfer your naked character into the new map, but anything out of it. After several weeks these limitations were always removed and you could transfer anything in and anything out (except aberration special rules)
  5. It wont work. That was a common tactic when wildcard first introduced their own orp mode. Then wildcard added a timer (i think 5 seconds) that starts when u log in. Your turrets shoot in that time but your base and dinos are still invulnerable during those few seconds. So your dodos will just explode when he logs in but it wont cause any damage. You have to get a bit more creative
  6. Very good post @HoboNation! If people dont enjoy the process of building up, there is no point to play this game imo. Playing in a small tribe on the normal official pvp servers is possible as you describe, but it is still very hard. You need to know the game really well, you have to be a bit lucky and you have to like to play hidden. Overall the concept is as jpcab says. I always recommend the special game modes (small tribes, classic pvp, orp, no tek, normal servers but small cluster...). It is easier for small tribes to survive there and if meshing happens you usually know the people who did it, because there arent hundreds of servers they could come from.
  7. Yes if you have items on your character that is in the cloud they are still deleted after 24 hours, just like it is when you upload them individually.
  8. They remove the no tame servers from the new cluster if i read that correctly, this is not legacy servers being shut down. I have played no tame myself for a while and i really liked it. That mode is indeed unique and very cool, but it could use some care. Instead they just remove it now.... very sad.
  9. Spawn both in in singlepayer and decide what you prefer. The fire wyvern can have more hp, has the ranged attack with damage over time, can carry big creatures up to theri size. But it also has a large turn radius, is a pain to land, needs a bigger pen and has to be raised. The griffin is very agile, faster than wyvern if you know how to use it, it can deal a lot of damage per strike, you can shoot while flying. It is a hit and run creature, rather squishy, not too much weight, can only grab small creatures. These are a few pros and cons, in my opinion none of the two creatures is objectively better than the other. It all comes down to what you feel more comfortable with, the pilot is the important factor in a fight.
  10. Maybe he means his play time is 1152 hours (48 days) ? Would be something but still not thaaat much for ark.
  11. Calm down mate, i read everything you said and i think you are either new to ark or to pvp. If it is once per tribe, i just make a new tribe with an alt char, keep my main tribe with my main char and abuse the invincible base of my alt. If it is once per player, it would have to be bound to the steam profile (on pc at least). In that case you could never start new on another server, at least not with the protection. Once a noob joins an official pvp server he wastes his bubble, before he even knows how the game works. Could he then join the tribe of his mates later on if they are currently having an active bubble? Could a new player, who joins an old tribe, before he made an own tribe and used up his bubble, have an own bubble if he leaves said tribe again? There are many problems with a personal right for a bubble in correlation with arks tribe gameplay. On top of that the one time use mechanic would have to be explained to new players so that they dont „waste“ it without knowing the game. Big tribes could just buy a few copies of ark when its on sale and could still abuse it whenever they want. You cant stop items from other tribes being taken into the bubble, the game doesnt know if an item was owned by somebody else before. I dont want to fight with you, i think it is good if people have ideas and suggestions and share them. I just dont see your idea working out on official pvp, there are too many questions unanswered.
  12. I have bought a second copy of ark for my crafting char. I run it on my old laptop while i use my main char on my computer. So i have two steam accounts and two copies and can have them both online on the same server at the same time. That way the crafter just has to stand there and click while i organize everything else with my main char. On my main account i do have many characters tho, for different tasks. When i want to switch those, i go to a drop/obelisk and press travel to another server. Once the server is loaded and i get to see the spawn screen, i press esc and exit to main menu. Then this char is in the cloud and can be downloaded on any server of that cluster. Then i rejoin the server i was in originally and download the char i want from the cloud. All my chars could be in the same tribe if i wanted. But when i download a char to a server i have to make sure that i dont have another char sleeping on that server, because that one would be deleted upon downloading the new char. The game usually warns you in that case, but if your char is dead on a server, and u download another char to that server, it does not warn you. Thats why i always have all chars in the cloud and not laying around on servers.
  13. I can make a new alt char on the same steam profile whenever i want. I can switch between the new char and my main char as i please (just cant have them both on the same map, that would delete one). So i can keep everything and the tribe of my main char and still have an alt char with invincible base. It is enough if one person per tribe does that and the whole tribe benefits.
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