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  1. Yup Yup Why? Terrible idea that goes against the founders vision of wildcard. again, why? Again, absolutely awful idea that the founders would not do to us. The entire vision of wildcard was to bring fair, non predatory AAA quality to the indie/ small game studio front. who the hell are you anyway, some scumbag investor type? You do realize that these are the types of things that cause controversy for games right? these are also the kind of things that ruin games.
  2. this has been a big problem for a long time. The gap in power between attackers and defenders. Ive been around since day 1 early acess so i have seen the game shift to it's current state over the years, and I can say definitivly that the ease of raiding vs the difficulty of defending is entirely due to WC continuously giving raiders new, better, and more efficient tools to raid people while doing very little at all to help people who are on the defensive. I saw the decisions that caused the meta to shift and force people into rat holes and caves. That specifically is due to 2 major reaso
  3. the Astrodelphis is just...... honestly i dont have any words that appropriately describe the level to which this thing is game breakingly overpowered. It is easily the most overpowered thing wildcard have put into the game period. Insane damage: Check. Projectile range seems to be an entire render distance so they outrange guns, turrets and anything else you might have: Check. Projectile damage scales with melee damage : check. Extremly small size allowing them to squeeze into many of the small spaces people have relied on thus far for base building: Cheeeeck. Super speed: check.
  4. Considering that wildcards goal with this map seems to be to destroy any longevety the game has by handing players everything they need with minimal work, this item seems to be designed to make breeding completely obsolete. So, assuming the worst here, it probably traansfers to the offspring. Why am i unhappy about this? Because ark 2 is still a ways off, and genesis 2 is going to rapidly destroy the longevity of the game possibly well before ark 2 is ready for Early access if they choose to go that rout (hopefully they will because the wait time for the full release of ark 2 is
  5. You have absolutely no idea man. This has been a thing for a very long time. Wildcard has added more servers over the years because oddly enough ark has gained in popularity as it has aged in an industry where games typically become less popular with age. Believe me when i tell you it used to be a lot, lot, lot worse. The Center was the very first DLC map that made it onto the official network (it came before scorched earth by a number of months), and back then, the center official servers were insanely popular. Every single official center server was full except late at night when people we
  6. No. that's definitely a bug. Usually they only take damage after descending past a certain depth. I wonder if the reason that this is happening has something to do with the elevation of the water you are throwing the basi into? Imagine the map is on an x y axis. the center of it is basically sea level and after you descend past a certain point on the Y axis it triggers the basi to take damage. The bodies of water might just exist lower than that point on genesis 2. It's really hard to say though what could be causing it. Thats just me speculating though. But for sure, it is a bug, and you are
  7. honestly its been kinda crazy watching how progressivly easier and easier its gotten to raid people over the years while the act of building a base and farming all the resources to defend it properly hasent changed much. In the very beginning, it was wood tier bases that was the preferred building material because stone tier and metal tier cost Cementing paste which was VERY time consuming to get back then. Then it was stone tier after WC removed cementing paste from stone tier building pieces recipes. Because of how hard it was to get cementing paste explosives were also an extra
  8. The tek armor you spawn with on genesis 2 is not only free, but has no durability value. Meaning it has infinite durability. So you get an armor set for free that has 100 armor total and infinite durability. For PvP this is really not okay.
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