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The Fluffy Jumping-Spider Tranq Bola - Maevia Eureka!

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                                                                                                                  [Artwork done by myself.]


🕸️Hello allies of the Ark! My submission here is a jumping spider species that is said to have lived once between 23 and 15 million years ago, and the excitement of that discovery led to its last name, eureka! I genuinely hope to see Maevia eureka find its way to Ark some day, any support for it is infinitely appreciated, please take a moment to toss it a vote if you would like to see it around in Ark!



These are my thoughts on how Maevia eureka could fit into the world we play in, in a way that reflects real life jumping spiders combined with genetic modifications from other spiders, and how they might fit into Ark in a fun and meaningful way that reflects other creatures of Ark and how important each and every one of these creatures is. I felt that, as Maevia is more of a taming companion, this gives us a different way to tame creatures using a non-harmful method! As it is in Aberration, there are many risks you take while engaging with your targets due to the fact that aberration can be quite chaotic so having to be weary of your surroundings at all times is one thing, but the larger the creature, the weaker the bola... You may find yourself having to maneuver around an area and keep your targets attention while allowing for your jumper to gather enough venom to ensnare it once again.





This is a creature that is capable of being added to any map in the game due to its likeliness of living in caves, but also as jumping spiders can be found in so many different environments, there particularly are no limits to where they could be found!


🕷️Ability - Prey Lure

You're out roaming around on your two equus when one of them begins to pick up an irresistible scent coming from a nearby cave wall. Your equus is nibbling on a suspended droplet when you notice the faint glinting coming off the web it's attached to, within an instant a jumper has lunged at your equus covering it with its bola and is quickly wrapping it up in its webbing, but in order to free your companion you need to tear at the webbing, as a few good hits will send that jumper scurrying up the wall to hide!

🕷️Ability - Tranq Bola

The thought is that jumpers could take the droplets they store and work them into their webbing to create venom-coated webs that could be thrown like a bola. The webs would have a tranquilizing effect whenever touched, thus causing their target to build up torpor and eventually go unconscious.

🕷️Ability - Latching

As a jumping spider, they have outstanding agility and the ability to crawl on walls, but at a more rapid pace, maybe even with the cost of stamina drain for balance! An optional thing I had given thought to was the ability to fully latch onto its target in order to accurately cover them with their readied net.

🕷️Ability - Locking On

This is the single feature that would make this creature so invaluable, and even possibly make it require a very difficult feat for taming it due to that power, as with the spiders extreme accuracy, it has the ability to lock its attention onto its prey, much like our real world jumping spiders who wait for the right moment to pounce, and this could also be useful for when using its projectile web net, or if grappling with a single web possibly! This is a pretty big part of what makes them 'jumping' spiders after all!

🕷️Trait - Scary Face

This spider was designed in thought with evolving to be able to terrify larger than normal predators, making it an incredibly useful tame for bases, keeping your creatures better protected when having to move them around the map, I imagined it could come with an extra ability to raise its back legs with its abdomen to stay in this stance on the ground, or you could enable an option within the radial menu allowing it to find and hang down from a nearby pole, perhaps even a new item for the spiders and flyers alike, akin to a perch?

🕷️Trait/Ability - Dance!

Jumping spiders in the real world have very little differentiation on sizes between male and female. The idea was that the males would be the ones that allow you to get close enough to tame them, while females will try to kill you if you do this, and when you find a male companion, he has the ability to dance when you find a female, you can engage in this dance, maybe a left/right/up/down type of button combination you have to get right in order for her to find your boy worthy of her prescence, and in the meantime you can shower her with presents of food until she wants your boy to dance for her again, gradually gaining her trust. When a movement is not corrected quickly enough, she would become hostile and attack, and you may have to wait for her to cool off before you can attempt this ritual again!

There is a last minute really nice alternative way of taming these and obtaining females specifically that I would like to add, suggested by an ally of maevia!

Alternative method for obtaining females! This would make it to where you would need to take your male that you tamed into the wild, and challenge it with a female! If you win the dance, the female will allow breeding and allow you to stick around, defending her in her vulnerable moment, giving you an egg (or web-wrapped little gift sac with a jumper in it or an egg or two)! This egg sac could provide a male or female you could have!



If there's one thing I can say about Maevia eureka, you do not want to be caught in its sights! I once witnessed a jumper locking onto its prey with the most incredible accuracy, lunging at it with lightning speed and within the blink of an eye, its prey was being saved as a snack for later.

They seem to have the genes of a few other spiders like that of the ogre spider, as it can cast a gathering of its webbing along with a little dab of the venom droplet it keeps stored on its head, working that into its web to create paralytic bolas that seem to render its prey unconscious. I have reason to believe the hairs that grow on its back legs came from the peacock spider, but due to its need for protection, it also uses these 'feathers' as a menacing face that can scare off large predators, I've seen some tribes set up posts that they can hang from around the fronts of their bases.

I will say one thing is for certain, though they are nearly the size of a dire bear, they are quite the cuties, especially for being a spider, there is a certain intelligence you can see when you look into their eyes, I just can't place it, but they truly make remarkable companions with the ability to rapidly scale walls, caves, cliffsides and such. By no means are they a beast of burden, however they make up for this with their abilities to constrict or assassinate their targets. Maevia eureka can take down much larger prey with its torpor inducing bola, the net cast, and this makes them remarkable allies for taming other creatures. Though I haven't been able to get close enough to befriend one of the females, the males don't seem to mind me being in a remote vicinity with them as much.


I wanted to add some other suggestions in a simplified form, key points from what Ark allies have mentioned before!

- Droplets could be used as a nameless venom alternative, slower to produce but useful in situations or great when you have a plethora of jumpers.

- Alternative where the male is small, female is massive, male used as a shoulder buddy that has major utility such as making ziplines, grapple, and large bola, where female is the tamer albeit slow with a few things to keep the balance.

- Gacha coccoons, small creatures could be snatched and turned into coccoons, hung up and could produce goodies or other useful materials.

- Radial menu where the production, torpor, and other things could be enhanced, as well as weight of creatures depending on torpor percentage, for how small/medium/large the taming capability could be for jumpers.

- Torpor resistance due to thick fur/hairs.

- Potentially immunity to radiation, which would help a tremendous amount when seeking rockdrake eggs.

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12 minutes ago, Avisrex said:

If this doesn't win, it better get the Sinomacrops or Carchara treatment...

I can't think of anything else better fitting for ab than this thing.


If something else does end up winning but they decide to add Maevia alongside it, I'd kill for it to become a multi-map critter with a few variants. Vanilla, Scorched, Ab etc... oh my God imagine a Lunar one for Gen1, I NEED IT

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Let's go! I finally got my account out of early bird a week or so ago just to be able to upvote when this 1st round of voting began. Here's to hoping lots of other people were also able to do the same if in a similar situation to be able to vote this time around. Hopefully the Maevia can come out on this top after falling just short in the Scorched Earth vote.

IIRC, Gigantoraptor placed 2nd in Scorched in the last 2-3 rounds over Maevia, and it just recently won Ragnarok vote. Hopefully this results in a big boost for Maevia for people who also liked it, but voted it lower than those other two creatures for those map's respective creature votes.

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14 minutes ago, Arkentia said:

why i cant vote?


At first I thought it was due to the "Early Bird" status, but it says you're a member and not an Early Bird according to your forum nametag. (Even though you only have 7 total posts.)

I lost the "Early Bird" status when I got to 12 total forum posts. I was also able to upvote the Maevia in this first round unlike the previous map's first round since I was an Early Bird then. Idk if it'll fix anything, but you could try finding some other topics to comment on to get to 12 and see if that will allow you to vote then.

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