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  1. Normal para did what tek could too. just you could breed them for scrap metal and element dust. Owls I mainly used for healing but their vision I see being an issue. Otherwise it is a Daeodon with cryotherapy healing and flies.
  2. Though I don't like the idea of taking someone's money and then banning them from the game... I can see the issue here too, don't ban and they just keep finding ways to do it. Kinda like the raptor's testing the fences in Jurassic park, "that's fixed and won't work so let's see what will." But what of those who came across it by accident? If you ban then would that mean everyone to come across it or just those who purposefully use it? Because imagine you just bought the game and accidentally mesh through a rock... suddenly you can't play anymore. Or am I misinterpreting banning?
  3. Then allow me to apologize for the attitude. I have been jaded over the years with wildcard so I am sorry that my first reactions is accusatory and negative. I enjoy Ark, I even want to make my own server. But when enough things go wrong you start questioning things.
  4. What sort of DLC though? We got some free ones like Rag then we got paid like Scorch and co. Adding tek via DLC like that makes it sorta pay to win depending on what they do with DLCs. Also how do we go from Sci-fi people in space pods and a biome ring to unga bunga time? Did they preserve technicians, scientists, farmers, and builders... or a bunch of cave people? who were in those pods that went to the planet? Also Santiago is a brilliant mind that made the stryders and the mechs... why is he living like a tribal instead of making walkers or something to aid his people? I feel
  5. OK OK no need to get hostile. I was wondering why we didn't get more transparency and if the reason is so it can't be repeated if its broken again then that's that. Sorry for asking, if any further curiosities come up I will simply ask a few friends rather than go here again.
  6. I don't. I understand wanting to avoid exploits but at the same time it looks really sketchy to be vague like that. Hell whole updates are dedicated to one exploit fix sometimes so why force everyone to update their servers and all this other stuff for just "Fixed an exploit probably only two people knew about." two is a unrealistic number here but hopefully my point is still made. If we're getting updates would like to hear about the whole update.
  7. What exploits exactly? Why be detailed on other things but not those? If we are getting public Patch notes then shouldn't we get all the details of those notes? Perhaps some people don't see the things as exploits? Perhaps they legit are, who knows? Making it sound vague and not detailed makes it look like you're hiding something we don't know or may not want. A little more transparency would be appreciated.
  8. I still want my issues addressed... this isn't just a bunch of people on a thatch raft going to a new island. We're on a new planet, we needed tek to get there. The remains of that tek will still be there and possibly used. We the player survived too and tamed things and utilized the exo-mek. Who is gonna abandon a harvest stryder for unga bunga stone hatchet? If you crash a plane do you use what is on the plane or do you go "Oh well, time to rip my cloths off and go find animal hide."
  9. Lore wise, how did we get to the planet ark two is on? What would we see? Stryders, Exo-suits, The vessels that brought us to the planet the ring that was the gen 2 map. I fail to see, story wise, how they would go from all that technology to "Unga bunga how can we possibly defeat these new Orc looking things?" especially Santiago given his tech genius, the inventor of the Mech and the stryders. unless everyone in those vessels are legit cavemen who can't comprehend the technology, there should be no excuse for why tek is excluded. At the very least like break down broken
  10. InB4 we end up with another morrellotops. Carcharapithecus "We couldn't decide which to choose so we chose both."
  11. The fact we may vote for abilities proposed only to get something different seems weird to me too. We're voting for something advertised to us yet Wildcard will likely do something else. Like, when everyone voted acro a while back they thought it was going to be the Ark additions acro, but even if it won we would get a different acro. We're basically voting for a foundation to be worked on and currently the templates are either big monkey or giga Lite. So I feel bad if people see the dossiers and discussions and are expecting those things.
  12. I actually agree here. They area leading a lot and left the others in the dust. Doing one or the other rather than both is likely to tick off a lot of people.
  13. I personally fail to see how this would make sense... That ring in Gen 2 landed on that planet along with all those ships bringing people and animals to the planet. Where's the ring? What happened to the ships? If some crashed why not salvage them? Tek dinos, Voidwyrms, Stryders, enforcers, meks. Why have all that coming with you but only use a hatchet? Do your best with what you have with you when you get on the planet rather than go straight on unga bunga. I get it, I don't mind the early stages either, I personally like that middle area where you aren't on tek easy street but yo
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