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  1. Wait... My topic had to do with making it more transparent and accessible. What is it doing in a "can we do mythical beasts" topic? No wonder I couldn't find it earlier to see if anyone replied or not.
  2. I love the colors on this guy. Definitely can see it in the center swamps and coastal areas like the starter island.
  3. I am noticing back when Dinopithecus was voted for. We could see the results and the votes were like... past 500? By the way the first ever vote went, where we could see the votes and there was no restriction where you needed a number of posts under your belt, By the standards of the first way we submitted and voted, the jumping spider in the last session would have won with over 300 votes in the forum... We got a cool gliding dragon dino which I am happy with.... until they made it into a dodo with wyvern wings. Given what has happened in conquest servers and other shady things that have occurred, should we really trust any poll result that was made behind closed doors? Yeah WE still make the ballot as we move the tiles around but what electoral body gets the final say? who decides behind closed doors which tile in what spot mattered? Because when I think Ragnarok, I think giant snakes like jormungandr or ravens like huginn and muninn... giant mother hen never comes to mind. When I think of Aberration, creepy crawling things like spiders or glowing beasts haunt the darkness... not something out of the dodo wyvern's baby pictures. Scorched earth... Fasola kinda makes sense given its mechanics... or at least the ones proposed in the submission. Giant Monkey in a lost island full of jungles? Dinopithecus makes sense for where it is... and its vote didn't have the scrambled tiles method. And the member restriction is hurting votes as well. We have to advertise our creatures to have them be voted for and that becomes harder when people who may have played the game for years but never used for forum cannot vote... they may have valuable input but can't or may be turned off to give it because there is a post limit. Dinopithecus had over 500 votes... jumping spider last round had 300 in the forum... 300 is a lot still but a drop from 500 to 300 is nothing to sneeze at. Doesn't hurt the top 10s much but it does hurt the other submissions when 80 something votes turns into 6. Next round of submissions I wanna see a less choked, less restricted, and more visual polling system... A system where we can walk away happy with the results because we saw the whole process, every vote counting, everything in the open as we see the numbers rise and fall in real time. After the conquest server mess and lack of transparency on things, throw us a bone. Let us see what is going on as the buyers of your products and those investing their time to add something to your game. Because IDK if it is just how political votes have been treated in recent years or what but it feels like things don't add up.
  4. Laminacaris L. sonusrex "Thin bladed shrimp sound king" Cambrian Diet: Durophagous Temperament: docile Within the oceans and beaches are piles of empty trilobite and Sea scorpion shells and this is the culprit, a vicious predator to anything with a chitinous shell, these bottom dwelling creatures seem docile near humans as they'll even swim around survivors to snatch up a bottom feeder and break its shell open with their facial appendages. Not even the beach is safe as these creatures can scuttle onto land in pursuit of their prey where they run them down and break their shells with deadly efficiency. Though they can be tamed, some tribes do hunt them as their bodies build up large amounts of oil and pearls that they ingest from their meals and thus brings an instant bounty of rare resources to some less fortunate tribes. Taming: To those who have passed out from Sea Scorpion venom, worry no more. These things hunt the stinging buggers from a distance, clicking and snapping their appendages like a pistol shrimp would its claws, stunning or killing anything it sees as prey. If tamed, these are perfect mounts to bring to the bottom of the sea to gather resources be it from animals or the environment. They can even be trained as their strikes are able to break stone and with consistent use they can become a menace to anything with an exoskeleton and potentially more. Some tribes who have tamed these animals have even been seen harassing Dunkleosteus away from their fishing grounds so to better gather materials in relative safety. Human blood has an interesting effect on these animals as it binds the individual animal to a master so to tame them, one must have scarlet pearls, Silica mixed with blood to lure them in and pacify them. (edited) [8:53 PM] Details Mountable tame though carried similarly to the Bloodstalker. Though can't be mounted on land but can in water like Diplocaulus Has a weaker stunning sonic snap.... a projectile of sound like a pistol shrimp Has a closer mele attack like a mantis shrimp that kills Sea Scorpions and Trilobites Can go on land and in water. has a harness that holds oil to allow for an ink cloud for quick getaways. Harvests and has a carry weight reduction for Black pearls, Silica pearls, and Oil. Has an ability to get better and better at harvesting one item depending on the item constantly harvested. Kill a lot of Sea Scorpions? Then it is gonna be great at getting Chitin and both pearls hitting oil? It is now the Oil baron.
  5. The fact this lost and something from 4th place won boggles my mind. At least we could see the process when we did the Dinopithecus vote... the fact we can't see the process of the second part of the vote makes it look shady to me. What do they just let us move the tiles for show and they just pick them out of a hat? If you move a dino's name to 4th place... it should stay at 4th place. Not come out of an closed off pole as the winner.
  6. Posting again since I saw the Pangolin recently. There is no better pairing for Ab. They should be what Sinomacrops and Dinopithecus are for lost island. If one wins then the other should be added too. Hell the spider was in the polls before, give it the carcharadontosaurus treatment if it loses. It needs to be in.
  7. I want this and the Jumping spider to be to Ab what Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops is to Lost island. If one wins, I want the other included. They're too perfect for Ab to not be added.
  8. If this doesn't win, it better get the Sinomacrops or Carchara treatment... I can't think of anything else better fitting for ab than this thing.
  9. Any other voters? Given three people have had their own twist on this species, I thought we would have more people voting.
  10. Good to know Better's the chance of the creature we want getting in. I'm surprised so many of us made concepts for this bird. I honestly hope it gets in. I honestly did not expect some of the earlier winners and given my current feelings on ASA, I'd likely want to actually get the game if our bird wins. ... That sounded like "If I win, then I'll buy your content" but honestly given recent events with wildcard and snail, I want a good reason to get it. and having a crow on my shoulder would be a pretty good reason.
  11. Given you and I both have made this species and in the past entries I made a confusiusornis similar. And someone else entered a Confusiusornis that is similar, a collector of the shiny things. I say the three of us combine our efforts. Your four votes and my five means C. moriorum has Nine already, throw in Confusiusornis and we get ten. What say you? As for the spawns, I'd say they'd more commonly be found with direwolves but also have a rarer chance of being on beaches, to reflect the real animal's coastal life... and I'd have them hate Ichthyornis and pegos and steal from them, karma for thieves XD.
  12. Chatham Raven or The Giant Raven Corvus moriorum Holocene period Diet: Omnivore temperament: Docile, cautious A shoulder pet with extra weight reduction for Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal and a lover of shiny things, it can be found flying near these resources, slowly pecking away at them to try and bring them to its nest. These nests can be raided similar to Beaver dams but this would make the normally docile birds go into a fit of "Hitchcock fury", rapidly pecking and mobbing players until they leave. Taming: To gain the trust of a Corvus, you need shiny things. Metal ingots are much more appealing to these birds than the normal raw metal they collect and so they will want to have it. Bring enough Metal ingots to them and they will trust you and may even give you resources back. Once you give it enough shiny things, it will follow you around and want food from you as well, feed it Mejoberries or Mutton and it will love you forever. Utility: Gather enough Corvids and they will gain the "Hitchcock fury" buff. They will believe your base to be their nest and protect it with their lives. They give bleed as they rush in and peck their enemies and the more crows tamed means the buff is stronger. If not defensive, they will leave for long periods of time only to return with full inventories of metal, crystal, and obsidian. If on a player's shoulder, these smart birds give you a crafting skill buff, allowing you to make better weapons and tools. Poster's note: Given the Viking theme and name of Ragnarok, a large raven felt like it fit the theme. Huginn and Muninn, the Raven duo of Odin here for Ragnarok and ready to guide you to Valhalla after the bosses are defeated.
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