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  1. Didnt you guys say something about.. "the biggest Winter Wonderland Event ever" ? All I read is, same stuff as every year and ONE new item? The way you announced the upcoming event in the last few community crunchs, it sounded like its gonna change and be special... Well.. guess not.
  2. So... anyone bothers to explain what actually happened? Unofficial server user here so no clue what this is all about :'D We didnt have a problem it seems.
  3. Indeed. Single player works, Official Servers work, Dedicated servers work... If they dont intend non dedicated servers to work, why give us the option then?
  4. Tried that and as you can read everyone whos hosting a non dedicated session and is the actual host of said session cannot do it. As I said we also host a cluster with no issues since we arent the host on those and can climb and jump just fine but this bug is solely for people who host non dedicated sessions. Youre not supposed to latch onto small dinos the smallest is a Trike or Stego.
  5. Recorded the issue so its clearly shown... no icon, no climbing. Seriously I love the Deino and on our cluster its fine but you really cant use it on a non dedicated session
  6. The thing is I cant even climb to the top haha. When I latch to a wall and press jump/space again it just does a small bounce on the spot. Im litereally stuck. On the cluster server we have this is no issue since the Deinos work totally fine on there.. its just the non dedicated servers for people who dont want to host or play on a 24/7 server that suffer from this issue.
  7. Being the Host of a non dedicated session makes the Deinonychus useless while everyone else on my little short time server can jump, climb and latch onto things I, as the Host, cant do anything and wont get the prompt to do so. Why on earth did Wildcard break/remove that for Hosts of those sessions? We dont want to have a 24/7 Server we just want to play for a few hours and close the server after... This bug makes ZERO sense!
  8. Well atleast we are not alone with this issue... Didnt feel like setting up a dedicated for just me and a friend but now she can use the Deinos properly and I cant climb nor jump on anything. How is that even possible to be a bug and for what reason!? Everyone can just the host of a non dedicated cannot...
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