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December 10th announcement

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18 minutes ago, Nastula said:

When exactly is this announcement scheduled? Or does it not have a particular hour... I apologize beforehand if I was blind to some post that explained it. 

Nothing's been announced.

The video of last year's stream up on Youtube was 3:31:xx. So it probably lasts 3-4 hours?

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Hopes: Adding new dinos and content to old maps (Scorched ascension? Could it happen???). Crossplay between platforms. Adding mod content to the base game.   Fears: ARK 2

I mean cmon not that its hard to search twitter or anything but the OFFICIAL FORUM should be first and foremost the place to go for information. If they want to put things on twitter or game awards or

I dont understand why so many want ark 2. Why? I have so much on this game and id be happy with just a few thing improved in the current game, the biggest for me being physics, floating bags etc are r

4 minutes ago, DodoRaptor said:

Nope. We'll just have to watch through every shooter-game trailer until it eventually comes.

Yup. I've never watched this show before. Is it always a big long ad for every upcoming game? You can guarantee more than half of these games will flop, no matter how cool the trailers look.

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Ärk 2 bring some new things.

Like matting between avatars as we have seen children in trailer

Then new roleplaying as second-rate film actor also in trailer

Then PvP in PvE as there were some kind of monster or zombie humanoids attacking survivors  with probably implemented more AI then our tames on follow. 

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