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  1. Megalodon vs mosa I was wondering what stats on Megalodon would be needed to take on low level Mosasaurus (under 20). Thanks for the help!
  2. Fly around really close to the ground on your favourite quetz. It will find you.
  3. Wiped when transpires open Can I expect my tribe to be foundation wiped on October 5th when transpires open? Will big tribes come and with tons of C4, rockets, and gigas and destroy all my tribe’s work? Is there anyway to prevent this? Thank you.
  4. They need to make a. Building cheaper b. Explosives more expensive c. Explosives deal less damage d. Basses take less damage
  5. I read somewhere that the S plus tekgrams could only be unlock on the island. Might be true, might not be.
  6. This is good information. The other thing is these are the stats right after taming. This does not include leveled stats.
  7. Harvesting tek dinosaurs With a regular dinosaur, a pick will get more meat than hide and an axe will get more hide then meat. On a tek dinosaur, what tool will get the most electronics, oil, scrap metal, or element dust?
  8. I personally believe that the people on the ark are clones of people in the past. After all, Diana had heard of Santiago before coming on the ark.
  9. 1. What is the point to not have multiple of the same arks. Ever heard of the invention of interchange parts? 2. I never said that the survivors were homo-deus colones. 3. The island has an area of 49km. It would be unlivable with a certain amount of people on it. Each human needs to meet their own needs of shelter, food, water.
  10. It is also the most accurate answer. The arks would also have a limit of how many humans it could support at once. By having multiple arks it would speed up the process. There is still enough variety of arks. That would be like saying that each individual wildcard server should be a different ark.
  11. +1 On that same note, why would the creators of the arks bother designing even more versions than they need. It less expensive to create 2 “the island arks” than two unique arks.
  12. The one issue with this is there are multiple “the island” arks.
  13. For unofficial, they can edit the game ini.
  14. We are in a valley. We might relocate as stone structures aren’t unlocked until level 24. I am thinking of making a raft base. Thanks for the advise!
  15. Allo trouble I recently started on valguero (Xbox) and I am in a tribe or 4 people. I am the highest level at 14 and we are living near the chalk hills. We are a fair distance from most creature spawns, but an all pack has wandered down. We have pretty much nothing and will probably wake up raided to the point that we have nothing. Do you have any ideas of how we could kill/tame all the allos in 1 day? Thanks in advance.
  16. In a 6 man tribe, it takes 4 hours per person (assuming there is no overlapping) to cover 24 hours. Herbivore island can also be turned into a massive island fortress.
  17. Shortening artifact respawn time I was wondering if there is a way to shorten the amount of time it takes for an artifact to re-spawn. I play single player on Xbox. Thanks for the help.
  18. Where are the dodos? As the title says, I can’t find any dodos on valguero. I played for 90 minutes on valg for the first time today and I saw 1 Dilo and 0 dodos. I need a way to get hide to craft bolas to kill paras and phiomias. I also struggled with leveling up. On the island I would just do an explorer note run, but on valguero there aren’t any. I am still level 9 so I can’t craft rafts yet. Xbox currently has all transpires disabled so I can’t bring in my other high level guy. I have also had trouble finding sand to craft a boomerang. I also heard that there were dead dolphins and turtles to harvest, but I haven’t found them either. Thanks in advance with all the help!
  19. What type of base are you wanting pve or pvp? Big tribe or small tribe? As for cementing paste, just raid beaver dams. You can get keratin from dead turtles on valguero.
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