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  1. I'd rather have the options than not. You have the option to play on official servers or vanilla unofficial servers. I enjoy somewhat boosted servers but im not into the crazy 50-100x tek heavy servers. Im still glad the sweaty kids have a place to go. Go harvest advanced rifle bullets off of trees if you're into that. It doesn't affect me at all. The devs direction is whatever keeps the population higher and the DLC moving. I'd love to see more emphasis on primitive stuff with buffs for base defense. I'd lose all the tek tier stuff if we could get a more robust part list for maki
  2. They don't have to be groundbreaking to make the game more enjoyable. Also i've seen plenty of full/nearly full servers running 10+ mods so many people seem to disagree about the value of workshop mods. The extra turrets aren't supposed to be some wild idea. Its more like an easy layup that Wildcard missed. The same goes with classic flyers with an adjustable max speed option. Still, I hope the initial release focuses on primitive survival.
  3. As much as it sucks to accept, Ark is a house built on sand. The big issues that we've dealt with for years wont be fixed because the amount of work it would take to fix doesn't make sense when compared to a new game built with UE5 also all the extra performance based issues related to the constraints of Jaguar cpus, 8 gb ram, and roughly 7870 gpus. Ark exploded and the team was ill-equipped to handle it at first. As the team grew, the scope grew, content kept releasing. Its a mess now. Look at how much time people have spent with it despite the issues. We need a clean slate. Its
  4. They should look to some of the Steam workshop mods for ideas. One mod has several new types of turrets, tranq/Cannon/rocket/sniper/etc.. Ideally each turret type has a limit per zone based on damage. Other mods tweak things to be less OP or roll back changes that a ton of people didnt agree with like flyer speed modifier. The flyer mod topped out at 180% speed which I thought was a great compromise over removing it altogether. One major way to shift gameplay from turret spam cubes to actual strategy based defense would be to add a redstone style system. Its kinda hilarious that
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