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How to get Wildcard developers to respond to Tickets

It would be good to hear people’s ideas about how we can get the Wildcard developers to take Tickets seriously. That is, to even respond to them. At the moment you are lucky if they even sent you one of those pretend “hi we’re here to help” emails.

The game is so laggy and has so many bugs that the developers needs to be doing more to help players recover from the hugely damaging effects of e.g. losing a character etc.

What could we do to make Wildcard care enough to take them seriously. Here some ideas:

1.       Best idea is to demand a refund. For example, I lost a character, so could not access the solo bases on other dlcs I paid for. The bases decayed. Totally ruined my game. I therefore have requested a refund for these dlcs. Obviously I haven’t received any response, to the ticket about lost character or to the refund request.

2.       Refund via steam: I therefore am going to request the refund via steam. They take things more seriously, and will have to go to Wildcard on my behalf. Wildcard will listen more to them than to me.

3.       Bombard them with tickets: Other option is to raise a new ticket every few hours. Bombarding them in this way will have to make them take some kind of action. Though no guarantees. They clearly don’t care about their gamers, so maybe they won’t even notice.

4.       Generate negative PR: this is harder to do, but I think spamming reviews / gamer mags / letters / this forum might help, slowly. If they realise that their reputation is going to accurately reflect the contempt they have for their gamer customers, they might eventually act.

5.       Have the game designated a ‘beta release’: this would mean they could only charge a lower fee. And it is fair, because the game currently has more bugs, lags and problems even than most beta releases. Lobbying Steam to re-designate the game as beta will also help.

Anyone have any other ideas?

These ideas are designed to hit them where they might take notice: in their pocket by getting a refund.

You can even just download the dlcs again later, but they won’t know that. They will just see a large increase in refunds, and presumably somebody at Wildcard will investigate.  

Maybe then they will start to show some kind of regard for the people buying their games.

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1 and 2. There are refund policies for each storefront. But you're likely outside that window.

3. This doesn't hurt WC, just other players with legitimate tickets.

3 and 4. The reviews and PR have always been mixed. Good luck staging a walkout from official servers. Having official servers population drop is probably the only way to get their attention.

5. Ark went through early access on steam, so its technically a released game now.

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4 minutes ago, donk426 said:


Any helpful suggestions then? 

Or do we all just accept being treated like absolute poop when the bugs destroy the game? 

As for refunds, the might have a policy of course. But my policy is to get a refund when they prevent me from getting what i paid for. It was mis-sold. 


My choice is to play unofficial and single player mode with mods and not rely on WC official servers.


As for getting what you paid for, you bought a game not access to official servers or any kind of guaranteed support on official servers.

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For 1 and 2, as a consumer, you have the right to request a refund from the distributor from whom you purchased the game and/or DLCs.   Each will have a policy and process in place, which you should make sure you familiarize yourself with before making any purchase.  So your ability to receive a refund will obviously be predicated on those policies and processes.

For 3, I would highly advise against doing this as you might find you can no longer create support tickets due to abusing the system.   Also, you would only slow down any response/resolution you might receive.and will likely cause similar for other players.

As for 4, you as a consumer have a right to voice your opinion.  Good luck.

And, lastly, for 5, uh...yeah?  Good luck.

From the last Community Crunch:


One of our biggest priorities at the moment is the ongoing investigating and work done on server reliability. Over the last few weeks we have seen an uptick in player reports regarding their servers not listing, not being able to join them, high ping, being unable to transfer, “ghosting”, or offline. While the cause of this downtime may vary, sometimes it is the result of a malicious attack. Our engineers are working with our partners on technical implementations to further improve stability and mitigate these attacks. We will be rolling out changes to all platforms in the near future which will have a serious impact on resolving these issues.

Recently we’ve addressed issues that include fixes to various exploits including: invulnerability related to characters and dinos, pincode bypassing, further checks between server and client in relation to shooting, and abuse of dino mechanics. We’ve also implemented Level Design changes across varied maps with the purpose of filling in holes that may have allowed players to gain entry into unintended playable areas of the map. A fair environment is important to us and to the health of the game, we’ll continue to address these issues as they arise. 

They actually do pay attention and do take action.  Sadly, the solution is not always a simple as pushing a reset button.

Official servers are provided at 0 costs to players, in addition to being able to play single player, hosting your own dedicated server on your own/rented equipment, non-dedicated, and/or shared session.

Full disclosure,  I play on an unofficial server I admin myself, and play with just a few friends.  We rarely have an issue, and, if we do, I can usually resolve them one way or another;  sometimes, the player that had an issue doesn't even want me to fix it, as they just play through it.  

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This post just reeks of terrible ideas.

Demanding refunds won't work here. If you've played the game for thousands of hours, asking for a refund after one mishap won't work.

Bombarding them with tickets is one reason why they don't respond.

Negative reviews could help, but saying "I don't like the game because *insert mishap here* ruined my experience" isn't enough to discourage many.

My suggestion would be to not buy their products. If they don't sell, they have to change. Complaining but throwing money at them, will only make them shut their ears and carry on.

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4 and 5 are your only recourses.

1 and 2. They only need to provide a single player game which they do. You do not pay a monthly subscription cost for official servers so they are under no obligation to monitor them,  police them, or even provide them. Look at them as advertising only.

3. They will block your ability to submit tickets and have justification since they state not to spam the ticket system.


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