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Character Lost - Mega Thread

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Dear everyone,
As a lover who has played 11228 hours of Ark games, I want to share my opinion with you. It would be great if every player had their own cloud driver to save the character. You can limit an account to upload only one character.
To prevent the role from disappearing, I will create other roles as backup roles. When the character disappears, it takes a lot of time to complete the Genesis task of Tektronix skill again. I believe that if we have this solution, then most participants will only play a role. This can solve the problem of missing characters and reduce the manpower burden for solving the problem.
What do you think of my proposal?
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This is also because my character is lost, and my friend is also lost. This problem caused many players to worry

best wishes,

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I had lost my character, and because I did not have any photo evidence there was nothing they could do to help. I think it would be a great idea to be able to clone yourself however your character cannot do anything and is purely there as a backup - kind of like putting yourself in a Cryo pod. Then the problem of backing up your character is the responsibility of the player.

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My tribemate transferred from our Aberration server (739) to our Ragnarok server (91) on official and as he was going about his business (ie putting ingots away, grabbing hazard suits, unpodding his spino, etc.) we hit a lag spike that disconnected both myself and him. We both got the "connection timeout" error message at the main menu, I tried to log back in and got in just fine. However, when he logged back in it wants him to create a new character as if his main character had just gotten erased. But the weird part is that EVERYTHING  he had done since getting back on Ragnarok had been reset. All of his gear he was wearing was back in the vault, his spino was podded up and back in the cryo fridge and the ingots he put in the dedi box were gone.


We're worried that his character may be gone for good, has anyone heard anything like this before? Any possible fixes? We've checked both servers and it's not there. He's put a ticket into Wildcard but we have little hope in that, especially this close to the event. 

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1 hour ago, jayespi92 said:

Was running around Ab when the server lagged hard. Got d/c and when I logged back in I was the character creation screen :| i guess rip?

I am sorry that happened to you jayespi.  Some people have had luck trying to log into other servers they have been on before and finding their characters, some of us have not.  Among those of us who lost our characters permanently, a few have reported success in recovering some of their progress with the help of support, but many of us were left to lose everything because the tickets were not responded to in time before all bases, tames and gear decays.  I hope it works out for you - put in a ticket right away and hope you get a responsive GM.  Let us know how it turns out.  Hopefully you will get something back - there are some of us who lost years worth of progress.

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Does anyone else lose there character about every 2 weeks or so? 

I do. I have been playing Ark for 8 months now. I love rhis game. The dinos. The building(although electrical lines are the bane of my existence) The game play in general. I love it all. But through it all I can only experience 50% of the game. 

I keep losing my character. A few where antimeshed. Most of the time its after dying. I get the respawn screen. Choose my bed or random respawn. Depending what I need. I go through the revive screen. Only to be put back in as a lvl 1 character. Kicked from my tribe. I lose all engrams, all imprints, all everything. Its like it makes me a random person. There is no character creation screen. It just spawns me in as a new person.

My daughter and I love to play ark together. Its just a shame I can't do alot of the stuff she likes to do. I can't do purple drips on extinction with her. We try and I can't without an imprinted giga. I cant do the Alpha fights that require lvl 100 with her. Most of the time I dont make it there. Its not fun watching her have to do it with other people and not me. She does not like it either. 

So, at this point. Im just her crafting character. No boss fights, no raising dinos. Just gathering what she needs and that's it. You would thing wild card would care. They don't. Put in a few tickets no answer back. I spent over 100 dollars on this game. Something I have never done for a game. I thought it was worth it. Then turned around and bought the game and all maps for my daughter.  So I bought the game twice. I feel like she gets the full version. While I get a free to play beta testing version. 

Thank you wildcard. I will still play your game. Only cause my daughter loves to play with me. She has begged me to keep playing after losing everything so many times. You made an amazing game for the most part. To bad you can't make it a game for everyone.


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Game became worse and worse. Now instantly killing characters that never occurred before. Since April it destroyed 4 characters 102lvl + due to multiple bugs. Ever often server crushes or simply during transfer from server to server. It is terrible. Like on screenshot.


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Sorry to hear about your predicament just wondering what platform and is this official server? Do you have a screenshot of your tribe governance showing that you are the admin? And do you have a screenshot of your characters specimen implant? I've heard tell of GM's using steam achievements as verification for boss fights.

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Hello, I play on the server ragnarok 
official pve 72, 
the name of my character is 
unga - unga ¡¡, 
I was playing in my base and the 
server restarted, 
when he returned I tried to 
connect and I only got 
the option to make a new character 
could someone solve this please
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So a couple of days ago I transferred from genesis to aberration and got that lovely error code 007, pooooof character gone, i mean this day and age with games how's that even possible, I've never come across ANY online game with this kind of issue..

But i still had a sparkle of hope, apparently ark has a ticket system to get a new character.. I was surprised to get a fairly quick response, i think it was a three day wait? 

Now the real kicker, assuming you actually knew that you have to have screenshots of your character and stuff so you can actually prove that what you say is true, you are then able to arrange an appointment for a lovely GM to come make everything alright, awesome right? Except.. there is like over a month waiting time i think the first available slot was like 1st December for me. At best you have what 16 days before everything completely decays?

I am a solo player, no way of getting back in to my tribe, not only have I lost my character I've also lost months of hard work. 

If you too are a solo player who has lost their character I'm going to do you a favour. I am going to dash out your hope, because you have lost everything and if you do manage to get a responsive GM they will not come to help you before that decay timer is up. Sure you can wait a month or so to get your levels back but seriously, it doesn't take long to level up.

I am truly gutted, I love ark and sadly there is no other game that's quite like it, unfortunately this great concept of a game was published by a very poor company who really couldn't care less about its fans and dedicated players.  


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