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  1. 4 times now I have lost my mission progress. Every time I have contacted support requesting my mission count be returned (also supplying photographic evidence) and every time I get the canned response that because of internal policy missions cannot be restored. This is simply not good enough. Took me nearly a year to do all the Gen 1 missions and quite a bit of time to 'nearly' do all the Gen 2 missions only to have them wiped when leaving the server. Knowing that there is an easy solution for WildCard to simply change their policy and redo the missions with the affected player the policy shou
  2. I have written to WC on numerous occasions and all I get is that they cannot assure me that my mission count will be retained. I have lost all my missions now 3 times (1 x on Gen1 and 2 x Gen2) and now recompleting them all on Gen 2 cannot leave the server (official) with fear of losing them all again. Submitted a support ticket with a request for assurance that I would not lose them again and received the reply; We are unable to say if the missions will stay since the development team is still currently looking into this issue. If you transfer, we recommend to make sure that you have sta
  3. Same thing happened to me. I had 168 missions on Genesis 1, been playing on Gen2 for some time and helping out my tribemates logged onto Gen1 to assist in base resets. As soon as I got there I noticed there were glitches around me. Checking my mission count the lot was reset back to 0 - As @ExcaliburFunk mentioned, it was kind of soul destroying indeed. Wrote to WildCard via a support ticket and basically was told that 'Due to internal policy' nothing that they can do. Kind of a bit rough in my opinion as spending nearly a year working on the missions and loosing countless dino's during t
  4. Not to sure if this has also happened to anyone, but after the last patch I lost all my hexagons> I had around 1.5M and now 0. Very frustrating indeed.
  5. Good morning everyone, Seems that the Ice Fishing mission on Geneses seems to be broken (Steam/PC). When you start the mission and go to sit on the bench you cannot throw your rod into the ice hole. This is happening on Official (& single player) Client v325.10 - Server: v325.13. Any update when this will be resolved ? Cheers
  6. Same here on Steam PC, cannot throw the line in once sitting down. Same on single player as well
  7. Good Evening Greenlightx, I am in the same boat as well. All my hexagons are gone as well. In addition, I was able to unlock the beta master controller and now I am missing half of my mission count. I have submitted a support ticket and am waiting to see what happens. I am not expecting that I will be able to get these back. Kind of fed up putting all these hours into Ark only to have them robbed from me. Cheers
  8. @7RobFrostIt does indeed - thanks, currently on my 1440p monitor the video card and screen both run at 165Hz with G-Sync On
  9. Thanks everyone for the valued insight - far more information received here than was received from a support ticket raised, I am on a 1 Gbps internet connection and as you have suggested, doesn't make a difference. What I am seeing however is with a RTX 3090 playing at 1440 is challenging and base render times are very poor. I went out and purchased a 3840 x 2160 monitor today that runs at 144Hz and what I have noticed it made a very noticeable improvement. It seems that running at 4K with a RTX 3090 really hits the sweet spot. I then swapped out the RTX 3090 with a 2080 Ti OC using the s
  10. Then why is it faster when using DSR and emulating 4K? I would have thought that would have been more resource intensive.
  11. Good Evening people, I have 32GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM and all my storage in the computer is M.2 NvME and SATA SSD. What I have discovered if I set the card to Dynamic Super Resolution to 4K rendering is quite a lot better. I am putting this down to either CPU or Monitor upgrades now
  12. Wend around and did base resets, filled fertilize and fed up troughs
  13. I actually would support this. I keep telling everyone, Wildcard does not make any money from the existing player base, they only make money from new sales (new player base). A complete wipe would bring back a playing level of some sort I feel. Cheers
  14. I have recently purchased an RTX 3090 (as an upgrade from an RTX 2080ti) graphics card with the intention to improve my experience play Ark (love the game!). Coupled with this is an Intel 7700k CPU at 5Ghz. My monitor is 2560 x 1440 @ 150Hz. Really happy with the GPU so far, however I have a question on base and scenery render times. I have used the NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool to set my graphics optimization and on single player this looks absolutely amazing. A real credit to the team for such wonderful Ark experience. I have uploaded my NVIDIA GeForce Experience settings to this ticke
  15. There are some people out there that just do not consider anyone else. Unfortunately the world is becoming full of these kind of people with the 'all about me' attitude.
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