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  1. Can you elaborate on what your situation is? Did your tribe leader lose his character? does anyone have admin access? PvP or PVE? Official or unofficial?
  2. Sorry buddy You hit the map ceiling everything you were carrying got deleted. I'd recommend installing a mod called awesome teleporters.
  3. Are you looking for PVP or PVE on PC?
  4. Backspace is the default key for HUD on and off
  5. Me and my tribe mate have just rented a private server from Ark servers.IO. it's a 60 slot server we're paying $16 a month for Island map. we're still in beta testing should be ready in a week. It's PVE with Quality of Life mods. Wild Dino level cap is 200 2X Xp 5X harvesting 8X breeding. Tired of GM's destroying whole bases over someone's ticket. if you're interested let me know. Discord tag: Overwatch#6045
  6. I had one glitched inside our base so I used honey in my hot bar as a lure. I threw one out about every 30 seconds he turned completely around and followed me away from the base.
  7. Tribe of GOON hasn't responded in a while. I was wondering if you can answer a few questions might help you find a tribe. Platform? PVP or PVE? age? lvl? Timezone? what are you good at? what are you looking for in a tribe?activity? What do you enjoy doing most in Ark? It makes it hard to communicate without Discord and a mic. Discord link https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://discord.com/download&ved=2ahUKEwjK0u6R8vbqAhXEJt8KHY1jBIoQFjABegQIAhAC&usg=AOvVaw2ZIfaX5WBi3Tb_g8Y7wf1D&cshid=1596177955215 M
  8. millwight


    The problem with pin coding everything is someone with autohotkey which is free. Uses a scrip that can input the 10,000 combinations. I'd recommend not pin coding the structure and leave a thatch hatchframe somewhere to get in. So you just wait for the 3-day Decay timer on the thatch and then get your stuff. That is if you got a lot to lose.
  9. millwight


    It lags because of.the server save. official server saves about every 15 minutes. They have a transfer timer to slow down duping. Be careful transferring servers. If the server rolls back while transferring your character gets deleted. and if you do not have another admit to let you back in. You watch all your dinos and structures decay. You then have to log a ticket wait a month a GM will set up an appointment. Give your levels back but it's a new character. I would suggest making a new character on every map. Until you have a tribemate you trust with admin. Oh I would also suggest when loggi
  10. Below is it link for the island resource map. I would plan a farming route 1st .https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map_(The_Island)
  11. After I do a mind wipe I go to valguero it has all the scorched and aberration engrams then to Extinction.
  12. Element shards can be converted to element in a Tek replicator. it cost one element to turn it on. Element shards are commonly used in Tek generators, cloning and Tek skiff. dust is the only thing that can be transferred tween servers. 1000 element dust equals one element 1000 element shards equals 10 element
  13. !!!!!!!! It is a glitches I mean feature. !!!!!!! It happen to me several times logging in after a server update. First thing I see is I'm falling from the top of the world and smack into the ground. When I go back to retrieve my stuff I go to k camp in my body is under the map. Sometimes all you see is a green light under the map where your body should be. Any time I log off or their server maintenance I take everything out of my inventory. I'd recommend you do the same.
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