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  1. There's a lot of free flat land in the deserts of scorched Earth close to the wyvern Trench. The windmill operates at 100% there.
  2. On PVE official Extinction I completed a 50k vein 20 minutes ago and got 1300+ element with 1 giga.
  3. I agree with this I lost so much do to bugs. Have they got the blue screen fixed yet.
  4. Sorry to hear about your predicament just wondering what platform and is this official server? Do you have a screenshot of your tribe governance showing that you are the admin? And do you have a screenshot of your characters specimen implant? I've heard tell of GM's using steam achievements as verification for boss fights.
  5. I would say Extinction I enjoyed Genesis but they Nerf the element Again by 40%.
  6. Like I said they're bugged they have to be constantly refilled. Forget the canteens and go straight to a crafting drink recipe. they expression in two Days in your inventory they do not evaporate and stack to 20. You can get better recipes by mine wiping and putting all your points into crafting skill. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Custom_Consumable
  7. Sorry to hear about the Lost characters if you would like help and leveling up a new character. I would be willing to help On Extinction PC PVE Discord tag. Overwatch#6045
  8. It's one of the bugs I mean features for scorched-earth. you just have to learn to live with it. Even canteens lose their water. I would recommend crafting custom drink recipes to get around the evaporating canteens.
  9. I've got ascended therizino BP on extinction doing purple drops.
  10. What do you mean you couldn't play again? I was going to offer to help you craft up some replacement base parts. Discord tag Overwatch#6045
  11. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate circumstance.I think dinos Auto decayed after 7 days just wondering what's your base built with? What level is your character? go ahead and start a new tribe start placing boxes around it so when it auto Decay you can get your stuff back. You can try and log a ticket but I fear. it will be long decayed before they actually are able to get to you. And they need a screenshot of the tribe governance showing ownership.
  12. Below is it link for the island resource map. I would plan a farming route 1st .https://ark.gamepedia.com/Resource_Map_(The_Island)
  13. Sorry for your loss be sure to check the original server sometimes it'll be in the download file. this happens too much. first step is to log a ticket. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/217178337-My-character-was-erased-? On PC it usually takes a month. I hope someone in you tribe has admin access that can let you back in. I have heard tell of a GM refreshing a guy's base till their appointment. I would recommend leveling up a new character. let them give you the New 101 character. the imprint you have to creatures are gone and cannot be giving back. go to th
  14. This is the first post I've ever seen for someone looking tribemates for primitive Plus. I looked into it and seen there was a bunch of engrams to this mod. It was designed by Cedric the community manager for art. But I can't bring myself To give up electricity. I just don't see how it fits him with the storyline. If you interested in playing PVE send me a message on Discord. Discord tag. Overwatch#6045 Oh and I found these narrated Explorer notes to be very entertaining. Learning The Lure of Ark and the island.
  15. On PC it usually takes a month. I hope someone in you tribe has admin access that can let you back in. I would recommend leveling up a new character and let them give you the old character. Explorer note run on extinction is pretty quick. A friend of mine used 8 Grinders and Explorer notes to Max's he character out. Within an hour Because he wanted to change his name. Oh and when you get to level 32 use a toilet.When defecating on a Toilet, you will also get a +33% experience buff that lasts 120 seconds
  16. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000784588-How-to-Submit-a-Ticket?mobile_site=true
  17. Hello fellow survivors Sounds like you have a bad case of Cabin Fever If you could answer these questions it may help a tribe find you. interview Age? Platform? PVE or PVP? lvl? Timezone? what are you good at? what are you looking for in a tribe? activity? what can bring to the tribe that no one has better? Don't forget to leave a Discord tag most tribes require Discord & mic.
  18. If you guys are looking a tribe you need to have a way for someone to contact you. Discord tag would probably be the easiest.
  19. If they would just take the time to add a tab in an obelisk or transmitters so you can back up your characters. So if you don't backup your character it's your own fault. It would take a lot of weight off the GM's.
  20. Sign me up one for every map ?
  21. Sorry to hear that it'll take about a month for a GM to get to you. You need to file a ticket first here's the link below. I would go ahead and start leveling up a new character .I hope you have a tribemate with admin access that can let you back in. if you're a solo player you'll need to start another tribe. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/categories/202563177-Report-Abuse
  22. Sorry to say From what I understand wild card no longer supports the switch platform. This is a great game with some bugs. I mean features? I have thousands of hours on official and still enjoy it. The PC platform receives the most updates and support. I would recommend going that route.
  23. I too have a dude character and consider it a gift from Wild Card. stick the duped on a obscure server. so when not if your main character gets deleted you have a backup. Always have an up-to-date screenshot of your implant. So a GM can replace your character after it has been deleted. I would recommend having tribe ownership on an ALT account that never transfer servers.
  24. I'm sorry buddy if you were on PC I could help you get to level 105 in few hours. If you're going to play solo I would recommend getting a second account and have the second account be the tribe owner. And they don't transfer servers.
  25. I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you. It actually happens a lot more than you would think. After logging the ticket it will take Wild Card about a month to get back to you. They will want a snapshot of of your Ingram with survival levels or boss steam achievements they won't go past level 105 and maybe give you one or two dinos they spawned in. Please answer these questions maybe I can help you level up a new character. What platform do you play? and do you have any of the DLCs? What was your survival level?
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