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Yeah, schould be easy. Just watch for enraged trikes. When u see them leave drop and go for him, u don't want him to come close to drop.  U can always heal between waves, just leave 2 or 3 artos running arround. Don't leave only 1, because it will start next wave. 

Just don't start purple ones and u will be OK, solo for sure. Without imprint giga goes pretty fast in rage mode wheb u are solo, with mateboost is much better. 

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Get a descent saddle, and you will be fine..


Most Red drops only damage me around 3k (fully imprinted to me, 120 saddle), but sometimes ark throws a doozy at you. The wyvern can do some dmg if you let them hit you with more then 1 breath, but FFS stay alert for those raptoring trikes - and do not let multiple gang Unicorn you.  I remember taking around 20k dmage from 1 red drop. Both waves 4 and 5 were loaded with trikes and wyvs. I was rushed  by 3-4 trikes and tossed UP into the air,  and I couldn't reduce the dmg by jumping off because wyvern were on me as soon as I was close to the ground. 

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