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  1. Why block a cave in pve?cant build Some notes like one who wait or hlna are bugged,give the xp buff but appear locked in the notes/dossiers colection
  2. He play in singleplayer To tame astrocetus or titanosaur primitive is good To use in the gauntlet missions in gen 1 mindwipe and asc/mc mek bp
  3. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Mek
  4. He try in pve server no singleplayer,that why you can do a purple osd with 2 gigas with primitive saddles
  5. That only happen when extinction was release,when bases get destroyed for dinos from osds/veins or the same veins.
  6. So,tame basilisk with drake,magmasaur or voydwyrm eggs to get large eggs to make kibbles next time sativa420 read entire post,nihigami mention aberration and MMaas say the other large eggs dinos,basilisk its the only in aberration.
  7. Eh if he want the eggs in aberration?can transfer the oviraptor but no rexes,gigas,brontos,quetz or theris,thats why try extraordinary kibbles
  8. Who wait to get basilisk egg to make kibble?go to red zone and farm drake eggs or transfer deinos
  9. Extraordinary kibble replace other kibbles,thats why now use yuty/deinos/wyverns egg farms
  10. Ah i forget that,and i transfer mantis and bloodstalker eggs XD
  11. Use a gacha to pick up tuso eggs,just fill the inventory with fiber or seeds
  12. Yes,eat like other dino untill get 10% put food in inventory,is easy,i raise tusos in drayo cove(island)
  13. In aberration,use both,chainsaw to farm org poly from karkinos and drill to get lot of keratin in surface entrances
  14. Because is a pain,travel to each map,bugged notes and reach the xp points per lvl
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