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  1. Use a wyvern,press C, work in stuck dinos before cryopods
  2. I use to farm keratine in aberrarion,surface entrance,5 minutes to get 300 stacks
  3. Try fast travel to another bed?
  4. Read this? With the major update on Tuesday, August 25th, we'll be doubling the fun by doubling the Official Rates across PC, Xbox and PS4 as standard, along with some changes to our specialty servers. From the next major version, Official Server rates will now have increased default rates for Harvesting, Taming, and XP. What was previously ‘2x rates’ prior to today, will now become the new base rate (1x). The increased 2x rates will be implemented directly in the game build itself. This means that Non-Dedicated Servers, Single Player Sessions and of course Unofficial Servers will a
  5. Nop,dedicated storage have 72-75 day timer,a single structures have 12 hours(pillars,dedicated storages,foundations)
  6. Google: Structures have a Decay Timer since v180.0, by default: 4 days for thatch/small utility structures, 8 days for wood, 12 days for stone, 16 days for metal, and since v255.0 tek for 35 days.
  7. I tame 4 the last event,in the lake of fishing mission in official server
  8. No remember if was in a phlinger phoo video can see that with the timer in the arena
  9. Always left in 2-5 minutes but i hear when reach 00:00 appear -00:01(in negative) Only can confirm if you disconect no die like other bosses arenas,happen 4 times the last weekend
  10. This year,anniversary and turkey trial,craft lot of chibis,fear evolve was fun untill dodorex no give loot.
  11. People with griffin,manas,freezing with owls and this year the skiff,damn more toxic every year.
  12. Mmmm ark 2 sequel of the animated serie....... Is that helena with the parasaur and bow in the rocks?only mei yin still alive in genesis part 2 to remember or was santiago who made that, because in the serie appear in island? Serie trailer Nerva fighting a really big titanoboa or basilisk Element ore when rockwell talk Wooden elevator bp Please no ignore scorched earth
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