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  1. Red drops in dunes in scorched or buy red loot boxes in genesis
  2. Just need the lvl to get cryofridge,no matter the map,untill get that put the pods in a normal fridge and can see the charge durability is double.
  3. Is near the element geisers?
  4. Lenguage pack and if you play in steam,click the option to see the steam name,and send a ticket
  5. Prior to Patch 288.113, Gacha Crystals may be produced in Journeyman, Mastercraft and Ascendant grade. After the patch they only drop up to Apprentice grade crystals.
  6. Put the bp in the 0 slot,find a glowbug and take charge.
  7. Or manticore in scorched earth
  8. Ufff i have some rexes 70-80k hp 2500 melee with asc saddle 124 armor,so good for alpha brood,but in genesis missions?like sarco or spino on bog
  9. I get 2 bps in surface but lose when my base decay,this week find 1 in a yellow drop in blue zone,charge the bp with a glowbug and craft lots of batteries without charge nodes.
  10. Nop,WC remove corrupted deathworms and patch cave because can tame mantis and wolves from caves when the map was release
  11. Go to santuary in ext,use a doed in benchs and lamp posts,farm ele dust and lot of electronics and crystal In gen,use a theri,rex or giga in the lunar biome,kill the tek dinos.
  12. Use a wyvern,press C, work in stuck dinos before cryopods
  13. I use to farm keratine in aberrarion,surface entrance,5 minutes to get 300 stacks
  14. Try fast travel to another bed?
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