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  1. 5 are genesis 2 chronicles,need hlna equipped,are invisibles (like the others in island caves for example)
  2. No. Singleplayer is good when lost you character in online servers and need recover the notes(save my life 3 times in aberration)
  3. Yep,i have a gacha platform with 12 gachas and 24 owls and work good,20 stone 1 pellet per crystal with the max resourse(180 element dust in this case),trying in aberration,without pellet,eat 100-120 stone to give a crystal (around 60-120 element dust)
  4. With pellets,in aberration arrows and raw metal work
  5. With that stats,i use 12-14 with asc saddles 124 armor,to kill alpha megapithecus,broodmother, manticore and gamma rockwell prime
  6. So,you want the 2 season pass for free?
  7. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/624449-all-the-notes-for-10-levels-have-anyone-ate-this-crab/
  8. All island notes/dossiers is for steam achievement(no extinction,gen1,gen2 chronicles)
  9. So,another of your posts,i play official and not have time to breed without events?
  10. https://www.extra-life.org/ Its a event in other games too,maybe next year in both
  11. You try in cooking pot/ industrial cooker or campfire?put canteen with water?use wood to fire?
  12. Sometimes if you lose the progres in a server,just go and collect in singleplayer.Have a problem and lose all notes i collect the last 30 days in aberration, try in sp and the notes appear unlocked again. or change the server if cant collect dossier/notes
  13. I find the solution this year,when kill the titan wait 10 -15 seconds,no harvest the body and the note appear in the screen.
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