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  1. Maybe if change the ammount of element crafting in the nodes,like 10 or 15 or make the stryder a new charge node,can charge batteries why no make element? Not all can get element dust gachas and make a platform / farm
  2. Red and purple osds in ext,have lots of asc and mastercraft bps
  3. In official?king titan have a cooldown of 6 hours,can try alpha with 2-4 megameks
  4. What dinos have?Stryders count for 20 tame slots
  5. Patch broke the boss dossier I get megaphitecus,broodmother,dragon,overseer,manticore,desert titan.My notes reset for a crash and wait 6 patch to get again,3 patch later cant get forest titan dossier.
  6. Greedy guy with a weigth otter,that is the problem
  7. Next time stay front the structure and press H,can see decay timer
  8. Just island dinos,check the dossiers and can see what dinos are tameables
  9. Gacha no give bps just resourses or stuff like armor or structures. Osds in extinction or buy red loot crates in genesis
  10. 4 hours for a sail?you check all spino spawns?i play in official server and get 4-5 sails in that time,with luck in events 6-7@,now have 148. In scorched just need talons,not rare,build a trap,get a ptera,take a egg,fly really fast to the trap,put a rex/giga o use a xbow. In extinction need some tributes to summon titans,just no need thyla claw or rockdrake feather. GG
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