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  1. So a few days ago i got my old PC runnin and i wanted to try emulating ARK mobile onto it. I tried to use Blustacks but it wouldnt launch the game, The game dowloaded but it would not launch. Im wondering if theres another emulater that can run it. My PC has an 8 gb ram and 500 gb drive. Thanks in Advance.
  2. I made an army of mutated gorrilas. The babies look halarious. I killed a couple brontos with my army of 30 gorrilas
  3. I ended up building in the redwoods cave near the highlands. I accidentally stumbled upon it. Great base location. fended off two raids so far and managed to tame four gorrilas. two pts. one bronto. two wyverns. well not tame more like steal eggs from.
  4. Using a kentro the kentro will take dmg without giving when the wyvern use the breath attach so no dont use Kentro.
  5. If you boost the growth rates to max you wont need milk at all. I recently got a 155 and 100 lighting and poisen using a pteranedon. The pt had 5k health and did about 500 dmg. It was mutated and fully imprinted and mate boosted with another pt with simmaler stats. I killed the wyver by aggroing one then going in circles so it cant hit me with breath and at the same time i can bite his butt. After a couple of twirls it was dead. The other pt might get in the way so make sur both of you are circling right beside each other so the wyvern does not switch target. DONT fight multiple wyverns at onc
  6. So In my opinion For tanking just damage and not turrets, rexes are great because their health goes up 1200 each time you lvl their health. Brontos are great but their health does not lvl up well. Gigas are kinda trash. Waste of darts. a well bred rex will have more health and melee then a tamed giga. My best rex is fully mutated and imprinted with 70k hp and does 2.5k dmg. 7th gen. Turtles are good too. I really want to know though what the BEST tanker is. I already know that stegos have resestance to bullets making them ideal for tanking turrets. (Forgive my terrible spelling)
  7. So the first one is that where should i spawn in rag. I have not played it yet cause i dont know how to start it. Rag is not in the Xbox store im on Xbox one btw and have ark game disk from Amazon
  8. Some times the eggs dont spawn so if on single player than wait near the trench for a bit then go in, If that does not work then there is a bug in ure game and maybe resetting or deleting data will work. also i have a question i have not played rag yet so i need to know were the trench coordinate is on the map and how to start it up on xboxone. I think it has something to do with admin cheats .
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