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  1. Awesome, could you send a screen shot? I looked at the settings and could only find pve settings, not pve/pvp switching.
  2. Hello, So I have been playing ARK on Xbox single player and transferring dinos with Cryopods takes way too long due to Cryo Sickness. I was wondering if I could spawn in Soul balls using Admin commands. If that isnt possible could I disable cryo sickness? Thanks in advance
  3. For red drops just use 2 pairs of mateboosted rexes with mastercraft saddle, rexes have 20k health and 1k mele and you will be good to go
  4. PVE, to prevent peeps from building in your base just place beds everywere. also turrets set on wild to kill wild dinos that peeps drop inside.
  5. Yes I know its old, I have played all the DLC over and over, getting kinda borring so I wanted to play Primitive plus since mods have'nt come to Xbox yet
  6. okay thanks yall, do you have any video for the how to turn on primitive plus??
  7. So yesterday I was watching Some Syntac videos and i found out about S+, (still a bit new to ARK) I wanted to get that on my xbox but couldnt find out how, i know there was an update to Console, so S+ is on Xbox. But I dont know how to get it. Any info???
  8. So today i tamed a pair of Hyaenas and i did some breeding and now i have a pack of 5 lil doggos, i wanted to know something though, does the ammount of hyaenadons in a pack affect the pack bonus or is it just if you have a pack you have the bonus no change with more members, I also was wondering at which generation would i start getting mutations?
  9. So a few days ago i got my old PC runnin and i wanted to try emulating ARK mobile onto it. I tried to use Blustacks but it wouldnt launch the game, The game dowloaded but it would not launch. Im wondering if theres another emulater that can run it. My PC has an 8 gb ram and 500 gb drive. Thanks in Advance.
  10. I made an army of mutated gorrilas. The babies look halarious. I killed a couple brontos with my army of 30 gorrilas
  11. I ended up building in the redwoods cave near the highlands. I accidentally stumbled upon it. Great base location. fended off two raids so far and managed to tame four gorrilas. two pts. one bronto. two wyverns. well not tame more like steal eggs from.
  12. Using a kentro the kentro will take dmg without giving when the wyvern use the breath attach so no dont use Kentro.
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