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  1. Anniversary ,duration 1 week,no have party dodos and cakes slices,so no need jerky in summer bash?
  2. Always breed before the boss fights,i have like 100 rexes to kill megapithecus,broodmother or manticore and 200 deinonichus to kill the dragon(just use 1) All in the tribe have the lvl necesary?
  3. Singleplayer,official,unofficial,using mods?
  4. Check drops,arthropleura saddles in grinder give obsidian.Tame achatina(produce org poly and help to preserve more time) and moschop to harvest org poly
  5. Is the last year of events,thats why anniversary just take a week without party dodos and slices cakes (Summer bash stuff is in Hlna store)
  6. You cant go to gen 2 and learn all the engrams?
  7. Equip hlna,are in the caves,gen 1 and gen 2 chronicles
  8. Damn,anniversary no have party dodos,now the summer bash stuff sale on hlna store,i craft lot of jerky waiting the event
  9. Discord We're looking into some issues with transfers - they seem to be resolving but please use caution for now. @Verified
  10. You again with you life time problem?leave official servers
  11. Yes can,take more time but is hard with traps.
  12. Any solutions to the 28/30 glitches?i collect all from the ocean but no count.
  13. But,all know that,the tek cave door when is closed insta kill you if you are close or pass when ride a dino
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