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When is Crystal Isles coming to Xbox?

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1 hour ago, Jay89 said:

When is Crystal Isles coming to Xbox?

Any more news yet I don't see why you can't release it now on the xbox

Coming in September as per the trailer.

It can't come to console yet because it needs more work on it to function properly on consoles.

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11 hours ago, Jay89 said:

Cba watching the trailer a lot of effort surely it shouldn't take that long.

what happened to you wanting to keep all updates across pc and Xbox close together?

Well there's a big difference between updates and an entire new map that was already developed to work on PC Steam.

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18 minutes ago, FluffyBunny1322 said:

It said it was supposed to be released today on xbox again 25th at 4pm and it's not showing up at all

From the pinned announcement from yesterday:

Deployment Times

Deployments are set to begin at the estimated time below. We’ll inform you of any changes to the schedule proposed below:


Due to player congestion on console, we’ve been advised specific times to do these releases tomorrow to ensure optimal download speeds for our users, hence the staggered launch times between PS4 and Xbox. 


So, for Xbox, it is 8 PM PDT, which you will need to convert to your local time.

See the full announcement here:


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