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  1. Don’t know how long you’ve played ark , from day one ? Then you know it’s never gonna happen. If you like to explore without the confines of official then host or single player. Official performance has always been like this but tbf far worse pre launch and wc have tried to mitigate issues but such is the nature of the beast and how vanilla it is , so late in its life span with ark2 announced . Don’t hold your breath. Great game , great concept , maybe poorly executed but who am I to moan . 5 yrs and loving it
  2. PS4 official servers pve , crystal isles. My main account character . Not duped. I can transfer to all servers . Had character day one pre launch. I can transfer at will , any time , multiple times a day . Yet crystal isles is the only map where when transferring in I get my base and bed spawn yet when I download I’m dumped in the middle of nowhere and kicked from tribe . I get invited back in , but as soon as I leave then return another time , same thing. The maps a pain in the rear. I’ve tried to leave , get kicked , create and merge a tribe . Everything, but I just get kicked . I’ve a perma
  3. I only reply to the giga teleport on genesis , but it doesn’t happen to me or tribe mates. Thing is touch wood . Most things don’t affect me . There’s so many horror stories on forums , I thank my lucky stars I’ve not been affected . I play official pve. Since ark hit console pre launch and still have my original character . I can travel server to server all day long . No issues. Whilst knowing of a problem affecting someone on ark , doesnt always necessarily mean it’s going to affect everyone. The game would be unplayable if you applied every issue , everyone was having . Problem with ark is
  4. Topic to notify players of bugs etc...... sorry , but the topic should then read . Welcome to ark. That’s it lol
  5. PS4 official legacy . Since dlc launched blue screens have occurred arctic biome . Definitely a problem , guaranteed when you travel in . Or even doing nothing and just standing there . Easily get min 5 a session and tbh has created a no go zone for tribe . Very frustrating esp when settings aren’t saving since launch . These 2 issues would go a long way to helping us on what is becoming a most enjoyable map
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