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  1. Ohhhhh look at that a new excuse to let ark die! GG devs
  2. rip off after being ripped off with SE these "animals" will be free to everyone by Friday and all the server will be farmed like usual
  3. Its all too little too late they ain't gunna get many more new people as they will not see they point or if they do they never stay for long or turn into trolls And then there the farce with SE why the feck was I charged for this when not long afterwards all these animals are put on ragnorock I feel ripped off and the fact there releasing aberration on the 12 there's no point in buying that because soon the stuff from it will be free anyway
  4. Thank you guys for giving us a copy for PC and Xbox one x too for free you are legends
  5. Fix the damn game whats the point in trying to get more new players if they cannot even do anything in any official servers it needs sorting
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