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  1. You're going to release these "beginner servers" for who the whole 10 new players a week your getting? Fix What s broke how many times have people got to say stop releasing things and fix the game!
  2. Ohhhhh look at that a new excuse to let ark die! GG devs
  3. rip off after being ripped off with SE these "animals" will be free to everyone by Friday and all the server will be farmed like usual
  4. Its all too little too late they ain't gunna get many more new people as they will not see they point or if they do they never stay for long or turn into trolls And then there the farce with SE why the feck was I charged for this when not long afterwards all these animals are put on ragnorock I feel ripped off and the fact there releasing aberration on the 12 there's no point in buying that because soon the stuff from it will be free anyway
  5. I'm guessing the Xbox will never see these saves?
  6. I tamed my first giga solo was breeding etc but I merged with another tribe and been playing with them since. Only because playing solo there almost no way you can do bosses or even afford the upkeep solo (unless your on SE maybe.....)
  7. I've been hit many a times and still don't care its a damn game the people who have literally thousands of tek behemoths on the other hand are pretty obvious dupers. You can't play for 2 years then moan that you got Raided every time it happens and I'm HOPING they have fixed duping for the new servers otherwise IMO WC are crap at what they do as these new servers are just a second life for ten so they don't get into trouble ( hence why there's no customer support for legacy servers!)
  8. The people who are pissed are the ones that duped " oh no we will lose all our stacks of C4 and behemoth gates and countless other duped items!" Its actually gunna be nice and even the PvP playing field and these guys just can't hack it
  9. Thank you guys for giving us a copy for PC and Xbox one x too for free you are legends
  10. I'd still have a bear any day over a sabertooth very underrated
  11. I first saw ark many years ago on YouTube and thought "this game looks top!". Then a while went by I never had a PC (a complete rip off if you ask me) then it came out on the Xbox and since then it is literally the only game I play. I have 3 kids and a missus (as well as the odd job here and there self employed) I try and find whatever time I can to play though! The missus hates it " is it that stupid Rex game again " but even still I cannot put it down! If ark was a drug it really would be illegal the most addictive game you can play full stop!
  12. Jay89

    ARK Official Mod: Ragnarok

    Fix the damn game whats the point in trying to get more new players if they cannot even do anything in any official servers it needs sorting
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