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  1. There's like 20 servers per actual player Can't the unofficial clusters get together and make a massive cluster it's like 20 servers per players atm and 99% have zero players all the time
  2. Maybe don't mass breed and you won't have this problem of maybe committing mass genocide ? Also i would be pissed af if someone was mass breeding like that and lagging the server like the special people do
  3. Looking for players for official PvP EU crystal isles We're a tribe of around 4 looking for more players we have an extremely easy to defend base spot and need farmers to get built up ASAP.
  4. I assumed you might of used some common sense after all these years as I've not played in a while on official. no transfers means it should be no transfers it's just half assed and makes no sense
  5. Why the FUDGE do you let transfers into CRYSTAL ISLES there's level 120+ players on less that 24 hours of Xbox Crystal Isles which must of transferred into the server. Why disable transfers if you can transfer characters that's the stupidest crap I've ever known. We want fresh servers fresh starts not half a job Harry transfer wise
  6. Atlas is where everyone has gone new map being dropped tonight too so fresh wipe!
  7. It's still broke mine keeps crashing every time I go somewhere so it's probs gonna be another week of this crap
  8. They just couldn't be assed testing it before sending the version off to Microsoft. I mean if they DID test it they would of seen the issue I've never known lazy people to stay in a job this long and make as many mistakes as they all do all the time.
  9. There all down nobody can join anything till Monday they should just give everyone a refund imo the game does not do as advertised any more as you can't play it so that's grounds for a refund as law states
  10. Pcmr lmao your dinosaurs. I mean most of your have a subpar PC that runs games at 10fps it's been proven that 90% of pc owners have crap PCs which is funny af Console is the master game race 100% of them can run any game any time smoothly RIP PC you just never caught on with the times
  11. Your all morons I mean "just put down 100000000000 preserving bins" seriously though are you guys the dev team you must be your as bout as numb
  12. Not being funny but for 5 years this game has been a mess there's no excuse for the crap you put through patches. I mean look at the last one most people on xbox couldn't even play ffs all you guys had to do was revert the patch to the previous version but of course none of you could think of that simple idea. but not WC you all hide then ask on Twitter why everyone is giving you all crap and you guys ask "what there problem is"
  13. I really hope so I'm not paying another £30 for DLC when the base game isn't playable when crap updates come up that are not checked on consoles clearly before release
  14. Been the end of official a couple of years ago nobody plays it
  15. All night the games been broke FIX IT Why do you guys like to bring out game breaking patches??? STOP TRYING TO ADD NEW STUFF AND FIX THE OLD STUFF THE game is literally unplayable right now crashes every 2 mins and in abb your pretty much dead so I've lost loads of crap. NICE ONE WILDCARD FOR ANOTHER DODGY AF UPDATE
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