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  1. Why is RAG suddenly more taxing on a device than the current map. It would take a lot of work to port it to mobile, but getting it to run on mobile isn't exactly the problem I see.
  2. Well I mean Valgeuro was finished in one month is my point, so why did'nt the same happen for Crystal Isles? My guess is they spent that time making ark support Epic Games instead.
  3. Crystal isles was only 50% done as a mod, it's not that it needed testing it needed content that they had to work on. I'm not sure I get your point at the top, could you clarify? Agree with your last point....
  4. I know there will be delays but Valguero was able to release one month after. Also yes I have tried making a game, I've actually published a few games.
  5. Yeah I hadn't thought of that, they were finished with Val in July and had all the time to December to work on Genesis and still delayed an extra two months, now they won't be able to start full work on Genesis until after September, no way they are releasing pt 2 by December. If they do I'm buying a lottery ticket.
  6. A: I do play on pc and own the xbox and pc version, my friends however don't (In response to @TiTmellais666) And they were able to bring val to console in one month whcihc was the same size as rag right? Anwyay I think I know what happened, ark launched on the epic games store right? It probably took them a bit to port ark to epic games and get crospplay running, so for the three or so months since genesis instead of working on crystal isles for console, they had that team port ark to the epic games version so now they have to do console.
  7. CI Not coming to console til september? Why will Crystal Isles take 3 almost 4 months when all it took for valguero was 1 month? Me and my friends were so looking forward to playing CI this summer, just like val last summer. Guess not. Could't they release it like Rag and leave parts of the map unfinished for the time being? I just really want to play it with my friends this summer, that its not coming til fall sucks. Any chance of it coming sooner?
  8. Sorry but I have never heard of an ini that allow you to do this, this article on the ark gamepedia has every ini config ever, take a look through it if you want. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  9. Honestly that would be awesome, but it's not up to WildCard, go complain to Microsoft. Why? Microsoft requires every bit of content put on their consoles to be certified by them, so mods made by random people would not be certified and that's why they can't do it. Every single ark update has to be certified by Microsoft even though Arks been around for 5 years. I could be wrong here, this is what I've been told.
  10. Have you tried going to his profile on Xbox and hitting join game? Or having the host go to the pause menu and hit invite players? Non-Dedicated servers WILL NOT show up in the server list.
  11. Now, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that just because they announced a new map doesn't mean they've stopped all work on Genesis. I'm sure WC is working to fix these issues but they just don't really have any news to share. I myself am patiently awaiting a client update for my Win10 servers so I can get the bug fixes and balancing changes Steam currently has. I strongly believe that just because they announced this they have not stopped working on the issues personal to me and you. Although this is just my opinion.
  12. Absolutely agreed. It was childish and inappropriate to include that especially when it was not required to get the point across. It is also important to note this map is not being developed by just a single person, but rather a full team. Alas this is my personal opinion. I could talk all day attempting to change your opinion but I don't care about what you think, rather that your comment was rude and has no place in this comment section.
  13. Yes, was about to report this then found the thread, also on Win10 version HLNA almost never talks for me. I do not get battle music (Only map I've had battle music on was SE and it was amazing!) I do hope they get this fixed.
  14. Same issue here, except I am hosting on Win 10 and the launch options to enable flyer riding are not working!
  15. Awesome! If you don't mind me asking what settings did you use for those vm's? And that is the Microsoft store version not the steam one right?
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