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  1. HigherFlyer

    Styder Bugs

    Errors with radial menu should have been fixed in a patch, " Fixed some bugs with the Stryder which affected transferring items to and from the dedicated storage, as well as accessing some aspects of its pinwheel"
  2. HigherFlyer

    Styder Bugs

    Stryders movable by tek skiff is possibly a bug in itself.
  3. HigherFlyer

    Styder Bugs

    This is fixed in a patch.
  4. Step 1: Open notepad Step 2: Type in: net stop LicenseManager Step 3: Save file and make sure to replace the .txt with name.bat Step 4: Right click file and hit create shortcut (IMPORTANT) Step 5: Open up shortcut properties and under advanced select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (IMPORTANT) Step 6: Place shortcut wherever is convenient for you
  5. If your interested, using c# I've programmed an application that gives you a graphical interface specifically for backing up Ark files. It supports backing up cluster files and save files at seperate intervals, supports setting custom intervals and custom max number of saves as well as support for manual saves and marking things as milestones. I'm working on a feature to automatically through just a few clicks rollback to any specified save file. It even automatically updates your servers message of the day with a custom message that can include things like the current date/time when the las
  6. Hey! Sure! When I have time probably this weekend I can do a full write up, if I forget don't be afraid to dm me to remind me. For now all you need to know is the following: I haven't figured out how to get multiple servers running on one computer because of the whole licensing stuff but for multiple computers I'm using a software called "syncthing" https://syncthing.net/ to synchronise the 'cluster' folder in the server files. And In the command prompt after starting the servers I use net stop licensemanager to make sure the servers don't randomly die and I use a application I created mysel
  7. This is for Crystal Isles. If you want the dinos to spawn on other maps you have to modify the spawn zones in the codes. Check the useful links I posted in the main post.
  8. There are some irregularities in that things like commas and some newline indicator that my computer doesn't understand but I'm going to chock up to rtf (I'm assuming you don't have \par at the end of every line) Are you sure it's going in the right place under your ini? It should be under the [ServerSettings] header if I remember correctly.
  9. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to lore but I thought that Genesis 1 and 2 were a prologue that came before aberration and scorched etc? Hence why they show up that way in the 'story arks' list.
  10. What is a .rtf file (Not in the sense of what is the extension but in the sense of why is it being used for ark config)? Is that just survivetheark forums messing up?
  11. Thanks for pointing that out, I've added a warning in the original post. I've also added ini codes from THETRILLOBSTER and a few others Sorry for not responding for some reason I stopped getting notifs on this thread!
  12. Sorry for the late reply! I don't actually know whether or not it makes a difference, I'll run some tests and see if it does in fact make a difference. For now use the one listed in the wiki. If it doesn't work then try _C! Good luck and if you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer!
  13. Hmn, not sure I'll see if I can get a code for that soon. Where would you want them to spawn?
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