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  1. Step 1: Open notepad Step 2: Type in: net stop LicenseManager Step 3: Save file and make sure to replace the .txt with name.bat Step 4: Right click file and hit create shortcut (IMPORTANT) Step 5: Open up shortcut properties and under advanced select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR (IMPORTANT) Step 6: Place shortcut wherever is convenient for you
  2. If your interested, using c# I've programmed an application that gives you a graphical interface specifically for backing up Ark files. It supports backing up cluster files and save files at seperate intervals, supports setting custom intervals and custom max number of saves as well as support for manual saves and marking things as milestones. I'm working on a feature to automatically through just a few clicks rollback to any specified save file. It even automatically updates your servers message of the day with a custom message that can include things like the current date/time when the last backup was and when the last change to the servers ini files was (Whether or not it's stable) It even minimizes to the system tray and is built specifically to use the least amount of RAM/cpu as possible and the code only runs for a few milliseconds every given autosave. It also has a built in event log which you can click to copy, this includes every action from backups to message of the day updates to any errors encountered. On my computer even with it open (unminimized) it uses no cpu and just 16.1 mb of ram. I had only used it for myself but if your interested I can package it up and put it somewhere for download :) Also if anybody is interested I've managed to get a cluster server working pretty much beautifully via a little thing called syncthing.
  3. Hey there! Any idea on whether or not there is a way to disable that infuriating 2 pressure plate limit without using mods? Ini configs? Thanks, have a great day!
  4. This is something I would love to see added in even as an ini option for singleplayer and unofficial!
  5. Honestly that would be awesome, but it's not up to WildCard, go complain to Microsoft. Why? Microsoft requires every bit of content put on their consoles to be certified by them, so mods made by random people would not be certified and that's why they can't do it. Every single ark update has to be certified by Microsoft even though Arks been around for 5 years. I could be wrong here, this is what I've been told.
  6. Now, I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that just because they announced a new map doesn't mean they've stopped all work on Genesis. I'm sure WC is working to fix these issues but they just don't really have any news to share. I myself am patiently awaiting a client update for my Win10 servers so I can get the bug fixes and balancing changes Steam currently has. I strongly believe that just because they announced this they have not stopped working on the issues personal to me and you. Although this is just my opinion.
  7. Absolutely agreed. It was childish and inappropriate to include that especially when it was not required to get the point across. It is also important to note this map is not being developed by just a single person, but rather a full team. Alas this is my personal opinion. I could talk all day attempting to change your opinion but I don't care about what you think, rather that your comment was rude and has no place in this comment section.
  8. You say: "By purchasing the ARK: Genesis Season Pass, you'll get immediate access to the HLN-A cosmetic pet on PC, Xbox and PS4!" I am on PC but to play with my friends I use the Microsoft store version. So I go out to the Microsoft store and buy the Season pass, but it turns out it's not like all the other DLCS and on the play anywhere program. Basically I thought it was play anywhere, bought it, but now I own the Genesis Xbox edition but don't own an Xbox. Will this be changed or will I have to buy again?
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